Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 756: : Dungeon [Bone Mountain], Difficulty: Abyss
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 756: : Dungeon [Bone Mountain], Difficulty: Abyss

"long time no see!"
It was not the facade of Yato who spoke, but the blue silk like an ice fairy.
"long time no see!"
Qin Luosheng looked complicated, opened his mouth, but didn\'t know what to say, and finally spit out the same four words as Qingsi.
I thought.
Faced with the goddess identified in her heart, the first woman who wants to pursue her in her past and present lives will feel strong and fierce.
did not expect.
I encountered it today, and I didn\'t have that feeling at all. It was only complicated and unclearly complicated.
The mood is difficult to understand!
"Brother Weeping Soul, the last time Feixiongling happened..."
Seeing that the atmosphere was a little embarrassing, Yato immediately took a step forward, with a guilty expression on his face.
"It has nothing to do with you, I am too stupid!"
Qin Luosheng shook his head, preventing Yatu from apologizing.
This is not a polite remark, but a true inner thought.
He is so stupid!
People believe everything they say, they deserve to be cheated!
Just right.
What happened last time can be regarded as a lesson for him, don\'t trust others!
Mengwas dad was liquidated afterwards, and Yato had already told him that without a target for revenge, Qin Luosheng naturally saved a lot of trouble.
He also wanted to hunt down that servant indefinitely in the world of destiny.
Acquired by ACTO, it will never appear in this world!
Since the people are gone, can he still care about a dead person?
learn from mistakes!
With this experience, he will not be fooled like this in the future!
It can be regarded as something, you can get it!
"Well, don\'t talk about Rory here, you guys don\'t look at the occasion either!"
Little Chili Mumu was still that Chili, an atmosphere destroyer, but this time she destroyed it well.
"Cry soul, if you haven\'t contacted me for so long, is there a ghost in my heart!"
Mu Mu stared at Qin Luosheng angrily, and hummed: "I asked you to help Sister Qingsi and me with a job transfer task before, but you disappeared. I asked you to sell my suitable equipment, and you can take it to the exhibition. Auction. Huh, are you afraid that I can\'t afford to pay?"
Qin Luosheng:...
Job transfer task. I happen to be doing job transfer task by tm. It takes a week after the dark abyss is gone. What can I do if the communication is blocked?
As for equipment.
Since you said you have money, why don\'t you go to the auction by yourself, what is it that you always want to go through the back door?
"Mu Mu, all right!"
Qingsi pulled on Mu Mu who was "inquiring about sin", and relieved Qin Luosheng, and then looked at him with beautiful eyes. Even though the tone was still that cold, but there was no alienation that was thousands of miles away. "Next, please!"
"Let\'s go, what\'s the matter, enter the dungeon and talk about it!"
Scarlet Rose frowned slightly, watching Qin Luosheng and Qing Si and Mu Mu who were not inferior to her "flirting and saying love", somehow she felt annoyance in her heart, and said coldly, no matter what else, she turned and left.
The boss is gone, the four sisters of the Qiangweihui glanced at each other, and followed away!
Upon seeing this.
Yato, who wanted to have a chat with Qin Luosheng, was thoughtful, but he still greeted him and followed.
Nodded at Qingsi and Mu Mu, and greeted Feng Xing Xiaozheng Tai again, Qin Luo raised the fiery gaze of the players around him who had recognized him, and walked towards the dungeon teleporter.
"Dungeon selection, Level 40 Dungeon White Bone Mountain, difficulty: Abyss, are you sure?"
As the captain, Scarlet Rose took the decision as her part.
" it the abyss directly? Isn\'t it a bit too fierce!"
Hearing the sound in the ear, Yatos face changed slightly, and said, Or, first choose the nightmare difficulty to try? Even though I have confidence in Brother Crying Soul, but this copy of Bone Mountain has not been brushed yet, touch it first. How about getting the bottom line?"
"No need!" Scarlet Rose swept across her cold eyes, looking at Qin Luosheng who was walking with Qingsi and Mu Mu, her eyes flashed hostilely, "He can handle it!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
I rub!
What\'s wrong with me?
I was called by you temporarily!
I don\'t know the staff!
I don\'t know what to download!
I don\'t know anything, you are all arranging it.
Are you still angry now?
Are you angry with JB?
If I want to be angry, shall I be angry?
Everything is decided, without asking my opinion, I really thought that if I cooperated with you, I became your slave?
"Shoo, hoo..."
The light flashed.
Qin Luosheng was too lazy to care about Du Qiangwei\'s stupid woman, and took the lead in entering the dungeon.
Seeing that the teammates around him also sent in one by one, they ignored it, but directly opened the official website and searched for information on the copy of [Bone Mountain]!
The copy system has been open for a long time!
When the dungeon system came out, Qin Luosheng was in the middle of the [Magic Palace] mission. He hadn\'t brushed the official dungeon yet, and was later dragged down by the Battle of Jinglongtai, and there was no time to pay attention to others.
The copies are divided into official copies and field copies.
The [Magic Palace] that has been cleared has changed from a special map to a wild copy from the moment he cleared it!
The official dungeon is officially made and is open to the general public. Any player can enter it from the dungeon teleporter as long as they reach the level. There are no restrictions!
As for the wild copy, players need to explore and find by themselves!
It\'s like looking for treasure!
To find a copy in the wild is to find a treasure.
Even if you dont dig and sell, you can still sell at a high price!
It can be called, one step to the sky!
With the attraction of money, it is natural for countless players to flock to it.
This is not.
In just ten days and a half months, many wild copies have been found.
of course.
Qin Luosheng had no interest in these exploded wild copies.
Since they are all exploded, the threshold must have been crossed a long time ago.
The mechanism of the wild dungeon is completely different from that of the official dungeon. It has been so long. The high-value items of the dungeon have been drained long ago. Even if there is still value, it is estimated to be materials. As for the equipment, don\'t think about it!
There is no hope for the field copy, but the official copy is different. This is calculated based on the individual!
in short.
As long as you have not swiped the official dungeon, then no matter how many times the dungeon has been swiped by other players, it will not affect you personally. As long as it is the first time, the burst rate will be adjusted to the highest , The things that burst out are also the best.
This rule is loved by players!
The first single player and team to clear the abyss mode, and the first reward they got, then there is really only one!
Created countless players crazy challenges, just to get that reward, and-honor!
If the dungeon is successfully challenged, not only will a theater announcement be made, but the ID of the successful player will also be engraved on the honor stone for all players to admire!
Who can not be excited about this tm?
Not even a big guy!
Especially for those powerful bosses, the bigger the power, the more they value this. After all, this is the best advertisement, the best publicity, and the scope of influence is too great.
Although countless players have tried their best, but so far, no player or team has successfully cleared the abyss mode!
The difficulty and limitations are there, it\'s really too difficult!
It is precisely because of this.
As a result, because of the copy, there were a lot of fortified stones that were produced, and their prices rose sharply less than a day after the drop. Until now, the prices have remained constant for a long time, especially the high-grade fortified stones, they have been fired. Sky price!
Like Qin Luosheng, he first smashed a set of enhanced +10 equipment (the one for Jinglongtai), and then he smashed a set of many (sacred dragon suits, etc.) super local tyrants. It is estimated that the entire world of destiny, He is alone.
Other players, even Shenhao, have this financial strength and courage, but they don\'t have this capital!
Some things cant be received with money!