Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 751: : Legendary: Sacred Dragon Set
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 751: : Legendary: Sacred Dragon Set

Holy Dragon God Armor
Grade: Legend
Requirements: Warrior
Lasting: 80/80
Effect: physical defense +8000, magic defense +8000, physique +500
Special effect: [Dragon Guard] There is a real dragon body on the surface, with a defense power of +30%. After being attacked, there is an 80% chance to form a defense shield with a toughness of 30,000 points and an activation cooling for 10 seconds!
Incidental skills: [Holy Dragon Body] consumes 3000 mana points, reduces 90% physical magic damage, duration: 30 seconds, cooling time: 10 minutes!
Incidental skills: [Holy Dragon Bodyguard] consumes 5000 mana points, offsetting an upcoming physical magic damage, cooling time: 30 minutes!
Introduction: The Holy Dragon, the sacred dragon, originally belonged to the Guanglong clan, but was reduced to a blood dragon in despair because he could not save his companions. From then on, he used light to redeem, slaughter enemies with blood, and led the dragon clan to defeat countless race wars. The position of the overlord of the dragon world is the third dragon emperor of the dragon family. The artifacts condensed in the battle of his lifetime, even though the true spirit is not alive due to its fall, and its power is greatly reduced, it is a sacred item of the dragon. Wearing it is not a dragon hero or the dragon\'s supremacy!
What a high defense!
This Nima!
Much better than the legendary armor [Glass Armor]!
As for special effects and skills, each has its own merits, and some are difficult to choose from.
Even though [Holy Dragon Armor] is much stronger, [Glass Robe] has a very powerful skill-absolute defense!
This is the strongest skill to deal with powerful BOSS!
If the Battle of Jinglongtai is qualified to put on the [Lily Glazed Robe], the difficulty is not sure how easy it is!
[Liu Li Dao Robe] There is also an incidental forbidden curse!
"Forget it, watch it later!"
Qin Luosheng was in a dilemma, he wanted both of them, but after all, he only had one armor part, and he could only equip one. He was dumbfounded in an instant with choice difficulties!
Put away the [Holy Dragon Armor], Qin Luosheng read the remaining three sets in turn, they are all legendary grades, namely [Holy Dragon God Hand], [Holy Dragon God Crown], and [Holy Dragon God Boots]! (See separate attribute list for details)
"Ding, congratulations on gathering the legendary suit-Holy Dragon. The effect of activating the suit: four basic attributes +500, special attributes +3, resistance of the whole system +10%, recovery speed +5%, skill: Holy Dragon is coming !"
Worthy of being a suit, worthy of a legendary suit, the effect of this suit is almost endless.
Qin Luosheng once owned a suit, but it was the [Jungler] obtained in Novice Village. It was just four pieces. The most important weapon parts were not found, so the activated suit attributes were not complete.
Suits are very rare and difficult to collect!
Even if Qin Luosheng was forced to kill so many BOSS, he only got the [Jungler] set, the current [Sacred Dragon] set, but it was a reward for the mission.
This can be seen.
How low the production rate of suits is!
"With the holy dragon suit, the Liangyi Dao Sword, Liuli Dao Robe, Gorefiend Gauntlet, and Gorefiend Crown are all useless!"
I was still worried about not having equipment before, but now, the equipment is overflowing. "The magic palace has to go a few times anyway. The BOSS inside can explode the parts of the blood demon, and maybe it can put together the blood demon suit. Epic. Equipment, epic-level suits, after the action of my starlight miracle, they become legendary-level suits. Even if it is an extra level, it is not as strong as the [Holy Dragon] suit in terms of ability, but in terms of effect, it should be not bad! "
After slightly planning the next direction in his mind, Qin Luosheng continued to focus on the spoils!
Equipment is only the most important reward, and the following ones are the real treasures!
Mysterious StepsSpecial skills, requirement: none!
[Sky Eye] Special skills, requirement: none!
The two bonus skill books were all special skills, which made Qin Luosheng happy.
Well known.
Among the skills, special skills are the most valuable and the most prominent in certain aspects.
This time, being cursed by Longyuan before his death, he cleaned up the skills he had finally acquired. Basically, except for the special skills, the entire army was wiped out. Only a few extremely high-level epic legend skills were preserved, and the losses were heavy. .
The player\'s combat power, the most intuitive display, in addition to attributes and equipment, is the skill!
It can be said that the strength and number of skills, to some extent, determines the upper limit of the player\'s combat effectiveness.
For example, Qin Luosheng.
If it werent for many skill blessings, would you be qualified to fight against epic bosses, legendary bosses, and even higher ones?
Not at all!
I thought that this time, not only the attributes of the survey were lost, but the skills were also lost. In a short time, the combat effectiveness was greatly reduced.
did not expect.
The dog system is still a bit conscientious, and the task reward is given back.
"Ding, congratulations on learning the skills [Meanwhile]!"
"Ding, congratulations on learning the skill [Sky Eye]!"
"Ding, it is detected that your skills [Sky Eye] and [Detection Art] overlap, are you able to merge?"
Mysterious StepsSpecial skills, after activation, speed +200%, and increase the dodge rate to 90%, can produce phantoms while moving to confuse the enemy! Duration: 1 minute, cooling time: 5 minutes!
[Sky Eye] Special skills, able to see through all falsehoods, detect the existence of illusions, illusions, illusions, etc., and can detect detailed information about targets that do not exceed 10 levels of oneself!
Pace skills!
as well as--
Enhanced detection technique!
Qin Luosheng\'s face flushed.
The snake\'s pace is gone, but now there is a stronger [Misty Step], the detection technique has been integrated, and a more powerful [Sky Eye] appeared!
It is a special skill!
Even though there is no intuitive increase in combat effectiveness, these two auxiliary skills, on the contrary, can greatly enhance Qin Luosheng\'s combat ability!
Keep your life away!
Sky Eye is even more effective in information warfare!
After closing the skill bar beautifully, Qin Luosheng looked at three simple sheepskin scrolls.
first slide!
Mystery ScrollEarth Scroll
Type: Reel
grade:? ? ?
effect:? ? ?
Introduction: The mysterious scroll, which seems to contain this big secret!
Opening lightning strike!
Qin Luosheng remembered clearly that when he killed the first epic boss, he also broke out a scroll like this, but that scroll was a "human scroll" and this one was a "earth scroll"!
Epic Explosive Volume!
The legend bursts!
Follow this logic.
The higher-level myth should be the Booming Scroll!
What\'s strange is that I haven\'t killed the legendary BOSS before, why didn\'t it explode at that time?
Longyuan is not a legendary boss, but a half-step myth!
Long Yuan personally sacrificed himself, leaving nothing behind.
This scroll is still rewarded by the system!
Somewhat weird!
It seems.
This mysterious scroll shouldn\'t be like the [XX Mark] that can improve the talent rank. The first one to kill the BOSS alone will explode, but after killing the BOSS of that rank, it has a chance to explode!
Keep it!