Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 748: : The military rank system is open, the seventh-ranking lords will be!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 748: : The military rank system is open, the seventh-ranking lords will be!

Slapped myself heavily!
Qin Luosheng rubbed his cheek, the pain on his face made him wake up, and his gaze full of desire was returned.
"The man who opened the taboo box is very greedy!"
"How can such a stunner tolerate being defiled by others?"
"Du Qiangwei, it is bound to belong to me!"
"However, I am not qualified yet!"
"Well, don\'t worry, in the future, there will be opportunities!"
"Anyway, this woman chose to cooperate with me. For this reason, even her most precious first time was taken away by me by accident."
"Goddess? Haha! The goddess is also a woman. She is absolutely unforgettable for her first man, even if it is not what she wants, but is forced!"
"What\'s more, this woman is not a simple character, she is very ambitious. How can she be reconciled if she meets a man of use value like me and doesn\'t squeeze me out?"
"This can be used!"
"It\'s just that the good swimmer drowns in the water. If you want to calculate me, you must be prepared to be calculated by me!"
"At the end, it\'s still unclear who will use who!"
"Yes, I don\'t have the capital to resist, I only have the capital to talk about conditions."
"But this is not permanent!"
"If you seek skin from a tiger, you have to be prepared to be eaten by the tiger! Du...Qiang...wei!"
Down the spiral staircase.
Qin Luosheng found Du Mingfang, that is, the bodyguard girl in a suit!
Sitting in the elegant dining room, Qin Luosheng launched a fierce attack on the table full of more than 20 delicious dishes, and gobbled it up.
While eating, he listened to news from Du Mingfang\'s mouth.
In these three days, the entire destiny world was almost messed up.
Without him.
Everything is because of him!
After completing the sss task, he went on World TV again, and his level soared from level 34 to level 48, and the feat of violently rising to level 14 completely detonated the whole world.
and so on.
After talking about the dimension of fate, Du Mingfang talked about the real world again.
His parents and family have been taken to the magic city, and through the Du family\'s relationship, they have been arranged to a high-end community not very far from Xiaoshan. His brother and sister\'s school status have also been transferred, and they have been transferred to the famous middle school of the magic city.
It\'s all so beautiful!
Qin Luosheng was not hit by Du Mingfang\'s sugar-coated shells.
He is very clear.
All these so-called beautiful things are based on him, Qin Luosheng, or Weeping Soul, obediently becoming Du Family, or Du Qiangwei\'s dog.
of course.
It is not as serious as it is said.
after all.
Weeping Soul is the only one.
As long as Du Qiangwei had no problem in his mind, he would not choose to use strong means to restrict, just cooperate.
This cooperation used Qin Luosheng\'s parents and family members as a bargaining chip to threaten him. On this premise, he was afraid that he would not be obedient.
of course.
This is exactly what Qin Luosheng meant.
Even if the family\'s trivial matters are resolved, Lin Mingzhou\'s threat is resolved, but who knows if there will be other greater threats in the future?
He is the secret of Weeping Soul, which cannot be kept seamlessly forever.
Once exposed, when the time comes, there will be countless enemies to face.
Of course he is fearless, but his predecessor\'s family can\'t.
With the power of the Du family, Qin Luosheng didn\'t need to be too distracted to worry about his parents and relatives. As long as he had useful value, as long as he was still on Du Qiangwei\'s side, Du Qiangwei would spare no effort to provide protection.
that\'s enough!
As for the back?
I\'ll talk about it later!
Now, he should not be afraid of ordinary heat weapons when summoning the Fear Demon Wheel, but he is not sure about high-precision heat weapons.
in other words.
He is not invincible now!
Everything only needs to continue to evolve, continue to develop, until it is invincible, and even the state machine can\'t deal with him, that\'s when the Qianlong comes out of the abyss and travels for nine days.
Before the wings were fully developed, with the protection of a huge force like the Du family, and the necessary resources to give, perhaps, it could speed up the progress of development, and most importantly, there was basically no worries about the future.
The only thing that made Qin Luosheng upset was--
For his predecessor\'s parents and siblings, Qin Luosheng has never been in contact with him. All his emotions are only stored in his predecessor\'s memory. The blood and instincts in the body are nothing more than that.
But .
This well-behaved person is the most important person after he enters this strange world at a loss!
She is mysterious!
Very suspicious!
But Qin Luosheng could perceive that she was not malicious towards herself, but was full of attachment and intimacy.
"I will find you, for sure!"

Destiny of the world.
After nearly three days, Qin Luosheng came back again.
The place where it appeared was not Jinglongtai, but Xingyao City.
"you\'re awake!"
Familiar words, but this time it wasn\'t from Du Qiangwei\'s ice-cube girl\'s mouth that she spit it out, but a very gentle and pretty maid.
"Where is this place?"
Qin Luo got up and looked at the antique place with a blank expression.
"This is the City Lord\'s Mansion of Star City!"
The maid replied respectfully.
"The City Lord\'s Mansion?"
Qin Luosheng was taken aback and asked: "Who sent me back?"
"This...the servant doesn\'t know it!"
The maid put down the water basin in her hand, wrung out the towel skillfully, walked over gently and wiped Qin Luosheng\'s face, and then said: "Is the son unwell?"
Qin Luosheng felt it for a while and found that he was full of energy. It seemed that he had slept in the real world for nearly three days, and all the sequelae of the battle with Long Yuan were relieved.
The maid said: "The master instructs the slave and maid. After the son wakes up, please go to the master\'s study for a description."
"okay, I get it!"
Qin Luosheng nodded and agreed.
prior to.
Lorraine invited herself, it was all the hospitality hall, or the place where the official documents were processed.
And now.
Become a study room!
The change is obvious!
The study room of ordinary people is really a study room for reading and learning.
As for the study room of a big man, only those who are approved have the opportunity to enter.
Qin Luosheng has become his own in Lorraine\'s heart!
In addition to Luo Li\'s factors, it was also a battle for the Shocking Dragon Platform, allowing him to see his abilities and potential, and he wanted to make a good deal in advance and make political investments!
"My Lord, I am here!"
The maid led by the follower, Qin Luosheng came to the backyard of the city lord\'s mansion, which belonged to the private place of the city lord Lorraine, and then followed the guidance to outside Lorraine\'s study.
"Come in!"
With permission, Qin Luosheng gently opened the wooden door.
"Come on, let me see the great hero of our human race!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s arrival, Lorraine put down the brush in his hand, stood up with a kind and smiling face, walked out of the desk personally, and came to greet him.
"big hero?"
Qin Luosheng pointed at himself with a bewildered face, "Me?"
"Yes, it\'s you!"
Lorraine smiled and said: "In this battle, you won a complete victory, extinguished the arrogance of the dragon race, and greatly increased the awe-inspiring of my human race. Moreover, the successful completion of the many deployments of your majesty is indispensable. Therefore, your majesty has issued a special decree. Spread it all over the world, grant you the title of Viscount, and give you military posts based on your past military merits!"
"Ding, congratulations on your sss quest [Trial of the Dragon Race], which triggers the rewards of the subsequent hidden quests, obtains the title of Viscount, and activates the military rank system to transform military merits. Current position: Seventh-rank Zhong Lang!"