Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 747: : The final scene: we die together, we die together
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 747: : The final scene: we die together, we die together

"Bloodliness are the same, chain!"
Qin Luosheng\'s body became stiff as the illusory sound of iron chains sounded, and he felt a little breathless in an instant, as if his heart, and even his soul, were bound by something.
"Curse of Darkness Eat!"
The majestic power of darkness manifested, ignited from Longyuan, and the suspenseless hit Qin Luosheng, who had no ability to dodge, and wrapped him up.
"With my soul, bury your spirit!"
"With my body, curse your blood!"
"With my soul, the **** of you!"
Three consecutive curses acted on Qin Luosheng\'s body at the same time.
Bury Lingjue with Dragon Soul!
Curse the blood with the flesh!
Kill the mind with spirit!
"Ding, your level has been erased, and the current level is 0!"
"Ding, your attributes are annihilated, and all current attributes are 0!"
"Ding, your profession is deprived, and the shadow warrior disappears!"
"Ding, your skills have been eliminated, and forgotten skills: pick cut, instant cut, two-handed proficiency, snake pace, weapon proficiency, sword power, violent blood, violent blow, shadow attack, shadow cut, shadow stab, shadow Concealment, shadow escape, shadow clone, shadow trick, crazy shadow kill!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
Long Yuan laughed wildly like an evil spirit: "Follow me and go to hell!-Burst!"
"Ding, your true dragon bloodline is cursed, it has been temporarily sealed, skills: Longwei, Dragon Blood Burning, True Dragon Transformation, banned!"
Qin Luosheng: I%*&**
"Ding, congratulations on killing the 100-level half-step mythical BOSS-Long Yuan, gaining experience: 200 million experience, 50W+ reputation!"
"Ding, congratulations on completing the sss task-the trial of the dragon race, and get rewards: level +5, reputation +100W+, holy dragon set*1, skill book*2, scroll*3, treasure map*1, titleDragon King (Black), all attributes +1000, special attributes +20, total resistance +30%, life mana recovery speed +10%!"
Bathed in golden light, Qin Luosheng closed his eyes, as if soaring, so refreshed to the extreme!
"It\'s a pity, this is the decisive battle of the Jinglongtai. It is not an ordinary fight to kill the BOSS. Long Yuan didn\'t explode after hanging up. In the end, he even sacrificed his body and soul, and even had the opportunity to gather it. No."
Thinking of the equipment and props of the half-step mythical BOSS, at least it must be legendary?
The materials on the body are all treasures, dragon blood dragon scale dragon meat dragon heart dragon eye dragon horn dragon beard...
Can these.
It\'s all gone!
"Ding, you have upgraded, the current LV48, health value +200, mana value +350, strength +8, spirit +10, get 60 free attribute points!"
The golden light flashed wildly for a full 48 times before it stopped.
Up to 200 million horror experience points, plus the direct level +5 reward for completing the sss task, made Qin Luosheng originally cursed by Long Yuan to level 0, and directly soared to level 48!
The highest level is Donghuang, level 41!
It is not as high as Qin Luosheng\'s previous self-training, let alone him now!
With a full 7-level gap, even if Donghuang is practicing online 24 hours a day and night, if there is no special adventure, it will take at least half a month to go step by step.
"The shadow warrior is still too low-level. It relies on the creepy shadow ability. The magic swordsman is different. It is a special hidden job given by the emperor. This potential is really big!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the system\'s prompt messages, especially the rewards he received after the upgrade, with health +200, mana +350, strength +8, spirit +10, and 60 free attribute points, which was an explosion.
Not to mention the others, just for this free attribute point, ordinary occupations are only a level 1 plus 5 points!
At the magic swordsman, double directly! (Magic Swordsman +10 points, LV6, Lord of the Stars, six times)
This is much stronger than the original Shadow Warrior plus 7 points!
The shadow warrior is a collection of warriors and thieves. The additional additional attributes are strength and agility, the magic swordsman is the geometry of warriors and magicians, and the additional additional attributes are strength and spirit.
The amount is huge.
Far greater than the shadow warrior gave!
Qin Luosheng is satisfied!
Even though he suffered heavy losses in this battle, he won somehow and gained a lot of money, which is considered to be an extra compensation.
Forget the rest.
It is a pity that the hidden profession of Shadow Warrior is gone. This tm has greatly weakened the combat effectiveness, and a number of skills have also been looted. Except for the special skills, all other basic skills have suffered.
There are also very important special attributes such as luck. He worked so hard, did so many tasks, and appeared on World TV so many times, before he could bear it. Now, there is no more.

real world.
When Qin Luosheng opened his eyes, two days and three nights had passed since the Battle of Jinglongtai!
I slept for nearly sixty hours!
This battle.
Really tired!
Regardless of how normal fighting lasted for more than five minutes.
But it involves too much, and it consumes too much.
Even though the loss was heavy, but the final result was good, he still saved his life and was not deleted by Long Yuan.
of course.
The curse of Long Yuan\'s dying, all attributes are reduced to 0, in fact it is no different from deleting the account.
The reward for killing Longyuan, the half-step mythical BOSS, and the reward for completing the sss task, lifted him up again.
Even if the shadow warrior with the greatest combat power is gone, the replacement magic sword warrior is still there, and the potential is stronger than the shadow warrior, it is a great fortune in misfortune.
The most important thing is that the source of everything, Qin Luosheng\'s confidence-the sss super **** talented master of the stars, it, is still there!
Only the Lord of the Stars was not eliminated, even if Qin Luosheng really fell to the bottom, he would quickly get up.
Pushing the door open, clutching his hungry belly, Qin Luosheng saw the first time he was wearing a cotton sports T-shirt, with a towel around his delicate neck, and three thousand green silk entwined and tied into a ponytail, sweating all over his body. Beauty.
"you\'re awake!"
Du Qiangwei finished exercising and was about to go back to the room to take a bath. She did not expect to see Qin Luosheng pushing open the door. Liu Ye frowned slightly and said, "I asked the doctor to check your body. It was severely overdrawn. Fortunately, there was nothing serious."
Seeing Qin Luosheng\'s somewhat wilting spirit and the gesture of holding his stomach, he swallowed the question he had prepared before he flicked his ponytail, and walked towards his room. The cold voice as always came over, "Sister Mingfang Just below, you go find her first, and I have something to ask you later!"
Looking at the beautiful girl with a devil-like figure, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but remembered the memory of meeting her frankly and going to bliss. His breathing suddenly became a bit short, and he involuntarily slapped his lips, recalling the ascension Endless taste.
Qin Luosheng stood there for a long time, until Du Qiangwei\'s figure disappeared in the corridor, and then slowly recovered, "Although she has no emotions, this woman is definitely a super stunner. It\'s a pity that I only tasted her once. Its hard to have a chance to recollect."