Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 745: : Longyuan, die!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 745: : Longyuan, die!

Under Qin Luos hoarse roar, the mythical soldier [Panlong Lishui] also stepped into the footsteps of [Dragon Slashing Sword]. Product.
So what?
If this battle is lost, then everything will stop. At that time, the loss will not only be a [Panlong Lishui], but everything, everything!
Two-phase choice.
Qin Luosheng is very decisive!
The magic weapon is gone if it is gone, and then there will be Liangyi Dao Sword and Blood Demon Sword to replace it, but he is gone, it is completely finished.
This time.
There is no sound of metal collision, but the dull sound of sharp weapons entering the flesh.
A desperate blow, the effect is superb.
In addition to its own 300% strength attack, there are extremely terrifying extras.
If the weapon is legendary, the damage is +1600%, and the absolute critical strike effect and the 100% chance of crippling effect are added, and the 30% chance is a one-hit kill!
Mythical description, and no.
Perhaps it is the peak limit of skills.
Or maybe the system has never thought that there will be idiots who will represent the ultimate mythical weapons and use them as consumables!
The idiot did show up.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t worry about the effect of this life-relief blow.
He saw a terrifying black damage figure.
Represents death!
Black hurt numbers.
It means--
Instant kill!
At least 3800% strength damage (Legendary effect of desperate blow), and many follow-up additional effects!
The attack is the Achilles\' heel!
Activating instant kill is dreamy, but it is not incomprehensible.
The previous second was still majestic and majestic, and instantly broke free from the shackles of the dragon avatar, and let out a stern dragon roar. The energetic real dragon instantly lost its strength and slammed it heavily towards the ground.
"it\'s finally over!"
Qin Luo lifted his hands into the air, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and let out a long sigh of relief.
There is no notification sound from the system.
The prudence for a long time made Qin Luosheng immediately aware of the fault.
Even though this battle is very special, the data-based attributes are just for reference only, the battle is full of blood, and there is no cover up, that is the configuration of the real battlefield!
The system\'s prompt sound is no less.
It stands to reason.
If Long Yuan is killed, there should be at least three or five system prompts, but now, there is nothing.
Except that Long Yuan was not dead and the mission was not completed, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t think of any other reasons!
"Long Yuan, is dead?"
"The dignified Black Dragon King of the Dragon Clan, the powerhouse who fate the continent for thousands of years, has just fallen?"
"This human kid, what a wicked one!"
"Now the pattern of Destiny Continent needs to be rewritten!"
"It\'s really a terrible battle. The human race and the dragon race are guilty, and it will definitely give the demons a chance to take advantage of it. What a bastard!"
Qi machine annihilated.
Life is lost.
Dragon blood is everywhere.
The scales are broken.
These ones.
Undoubtedly, it showed that Long Yuan was dead, and the war concerning the destiny of the continent had ended.
"Why is Long Yuan?"
"How can my dragon clan lose?"
"It\'s over, it\'s over for my dragon clan now."
"My Black Dragon clan, do you really want to bow down to that Human Race Imp in the future?"
Compared to VIP seats.
The dragon seats are even more chaotic.
"Little, is Long Yuan dead?"
Qin Luosheng flapped Ying Long\'s wings and carefully fell from the air, not daring to get too close to Long Yuan\'s "corpse"!
Xiaoxiao answered in the affirmative.
Qin Luosheng frowned.
He believes in the little ones.
Long Yuan is dead, why is the system not responding at all?
The most basic experience after killing the BOSS does not give anything?
This is totally impossible!
This is not the previous Dragon Fighting and Long Xu, but just as the executioner!
This is a decisive battle that Qin Luosheng Zheng\'er won by relying on his own strength. Why didn\'t the boss beheaded?
Sure enough, Qin Luosheng\'s caution was right, and his trust in the system was also right. When he fell to the ground, Long Yuan\'s endless resentment sounded, "I will not let you go as a ghost! "
"With my soul, curse your spirit!"
The black dragon ball floated up, unleashing the power of endless darkness in front of the transparent remnant soul of Longyuan.
Terran seats.
The three humans who were still happy just now were confused by this sudden change. When they saw that Long Yuan used a dragon ball again, and it was still full of negative energy, the dark demon filled with the power of darkness. The dragon\'s dragon ball, using a curse on Qin Luosheng, the victor, the hero of the human race, and the future pillar, suddenly became furious.
Whether it represents the old religion, the big man representing the family sect, or the general representing the official dynasty, they couldn\'t sit still and stood up to defeat Long Yuan\'s soul.
At this time.
An immense dragon will be crushed down.
"The Battle of Jinglongtai, no one is allowed to intervene!"
Dragon Emperor.
It was the Dragon King who made the shot.
This is the Dragon King at the top of the world. After absorbing the blood of the Dragon God, his strength is even further. It is not the three big human races sent to represent it. What\'s more, there is a dragon high-level behind the Dragon King. In silent pressure, how can they beat the entire dragon clan?
"Very good! I took note of this matter!"
The old Daos indifferent and dusty temperament has been destroyed, his peaceful face has become sharp, and the peaceful universe in his eyes, at this moment, there are planets blown up, meteorites fall, the world is cracked, landslides and tsunamis,...
"My family took it down too!"
The brawny man with the Xingtian **** tattooed on his body also spoke indifferently. Compared to his rugged appearance, at this moment, even if he was extremely angry, he was more tolerant than the old way. On the surface, he was calm and without any emotions. It\'s just that the Xingtian tattoo on his body began to seep out a little bit of stars, as if he had come alive.
"I, Daxia, also took it down! I will report this matter to His Majesty the emperor as it was!"
The general holds the Dragon Slaying Blood Knife in his hand, his firm face is as cold as ever, his eyes glowing with red light, and a ray of blood soaring makes the dragons feel extremely uncomfortable, especially the **** light not only spreads extremely. The unpleasant smell of blood, as well as the miserable howls of countless Dragon Clan compatriots who have died tragically by the sword, made them feel unconscious and utterly guilty of howling.