Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 740: : Mirage Dragon Ball, Longyuan Desperate Comeback
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 740: : Mirage Dragon Ball, Longyuan Desperate Comeback

"The Battle of Jinglongtai, I won!"
Qin Luo raised up [Panlong Lishui], even though [Panlong Lishui] was used to use [Forbidden CurseThree Dragons Play Ball], which caused the energy consumption to be exhausted, and the skills were completely unusable, but as a mythical **** Pawn, sharpness is quite strong.
The empowerment of the Lord of the Stars is still there, and the super-powerful effect of [KangsuZhanlong] is still in effect. Zhan is now nailed to the ground by the nail dragon stake and has blocked the energy of the Dragon Abyss, just as if the dragon Lord was broken before. Like dragons like dragon wars, dragon catkins, etc., which are **** by chains, one cut is enough, one sword is enough!
"Hahahaha... Sure enough, I didn\'t see this kid wrong, he won!" Over there, the laughter was extremely loud, completely ignoring the glaring glaring of the many dragon races. They were the unruly golden-winged big penguins youngsters. , A pair of eagle-like sharp eyes fell on Qin Luosheng, who was holding the sword high and trying to cut off the head of Long Yuan, and said with emotion: "Unexpectedly, he really won!"
This battle!
No one is optimistic about Qin Luosheng.
after all.
The strength gap is really too big, it\'s just a difference.
Never thought.
The ant actually overturned the elephant, and the human race actually killed the real dragon.
It\'s incredible.
That\'s not a cat or a dog!
It is the true dragon, the pinnacle of the purest blood of the dragon clan, and the king of the black dragon clan.
right now.
It was like an earthworm, nailed to the ground by a human race, struggling to death with horrified eyes, waiting for his final judgment!
"Long Yuan!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t have any thoughts of pretending to be compelling. In this kind of battle, once he had the upper hand, he should bite like a mad dog. Don\'t give the enemy a chance to breathe. All, he didn\'t hesitate, and he didn\'t delay a second. , After landing, he slashed straight towards Long Yuan\'s head with a straight sword, "Dead!"
"Blood sacrifice!"
During the life and death decision, Long Yuan made a decisive decision, and immediately sprayed out a mouthful of blood.
This is not ordinary blood, but essence and blood. A loss of one drop can cause damage to vitality. If it does not enter into a large tonic material, or it is hard for a long period of time, it will definitely not be able to replenish it. Even some of the essence and blood will still be restored. It causes a permanent decline in strength or realm, which not only can\'t be made up again, but also can no longer be diligent in the future.
"Get out of my way!"
Long Yuan shook the sky, and a huge wave of air lifted Qin Luo away and flew out.
Taking this opportunity, Long Yuans pupils were stained with blood, and he uttered a violent and terrible dragon chant. After he used his essence and blood and activated the dragon ball with the method of blood sacrifice, his whole body was like a flame, and his whole body was ignited. It\'s all included.
When Qin Luosheng flapped Yinglongs wings and stabilized his body, he was about to kill again, not letting go of this lore chance. However, the scene that caught his eye almost made his eyes burst. come out.
"This guy is so cruel!"
What did Qin Luosheng see?
He saw Long Yuan\'s life, not only depleting his origin, causing his own vitality to be severely injured, but also avoiding the beheading sword he had just now, and he simply didn\'t stop doing two things to get rid of the persecution of the nail dragon pile.
How did you get rid of it?
Dock tail for survival!
I saw Long Yuan turned around and used his four claws together. The sharp dragon fingers slammed straight into the wound of the nail dragon pile. Then, with violent force, he tore his own body in two.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
This strange scene made Qin Luosheng bewildered on the spot.
What\'s the matter?
This Nima Longyuan committed suicide?
You are a dragon, not a gecko, or an earthworm. What is the use of doing this?
The body separates from it and splits into two. Is this still alive?
Could it be.
Just because you don\'t want to die in my hands, doing it yourself can be considered the last face?
Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to believe it.
He knew exactly what Long Yuan was.
How could the hero easily die so easily?
"With my spirit, sacrifice to your soul!"
Long Yuan coughed up blood while activating energy.
Without the resistance of the nail dragon pile, he regained control of the body\'s energy.
A dragon ball flew out of his mouth, it was his dragon ball, exuding shining brilliance!
As he spouted a mouthful of blood on his dragon ball, another dragon ball that didn\'t know where it came from also appeared in a moment. The unowned thing, even though the energy emitted by the fluctuating faintly, it was radiant, such as The illusion of dreamlike energy made everyone present except Qin Luosheng take a breath.
"A Mirage Dragon Ball? Or a Dragon King-level Mirage Dragon Ball?"
On the human seat, the old Dao\'s hand stroking his beard paused, looking coldly at the two dragon **** in front of Long Yuan, the positive energy converging, and his soft eyes became stern.
"Dragons, a bit too much!"
The big man with the Xingtian tattoo on his body said lightly, seemingly expressionless, but his whole body suddenly swelled, and the shocking weather erupted, making the dragon clan high-level enemies frightened and frightened.
"It\'s really ubiquitous!"
The general looked at Long Yuan in the arena with **** eyes, his eyes narrowed slightly, one hand had been placed on his waist for some time, and he tightly held the hilt of the [Dragon Blood Knife]." Dont you lose your face?"
"Even the Dragon Balls of the Dragon King level are used as consumables. Tsk tsk, the dragons are really rich!"
The young man of the Golden-winged Rocchio clan who did not deal with the dragon clan couldn\'t help but said with a strange yin and yang aura: "Lord Dragon, congratulations, this battle is your dragon tribe\'s victory!"
The Dragon Emperor glanced at the young man indifferently, but did not respond.
For juniors like juveniles, the Dragon King will not personally come forward. The high-level Dragons behind, the younger Dragon Kings, the Hall Master, etc., are not so polite. He replied: "Dont be a disgusting person here, this battle is Long Yuan and Weeping...what does the battle between Lord Dragon Lord have to do with us? The Mirage Dragon Ball is also Long Yuan\'s own. Why not use it on the Jinglong Stage?"
The VIPs were speechless.
Even if you know that these guys are opening their eyes and talking nonsense, how can Dragon Ball, especially the Dragon Ball of the Dragon King level, be controlled by a private person?
The dragon king has fallen, and the dragon clan must be traced to the end.
Whoever dares to take the dragon ball will face the endless pursuit of the dragon clan.
Even if the dragon clan gets the dragon lord, they have to report and turn in, so that the dragon ball can be returned to the dragon tomb and rest in peace!
Long Yuans previous Green Dragon Ball was not of sufficient grade, so I can not mention it for the time being. After all, as the Black Dragon King of Long Yuan, he has made countless outstanding contributions, and the Green Dragon Ball, which can save his life, has been rewarded, which is barely justified.
But now?
The mirage dragon ball of the dragon king level, can this explain?
Even the Dragon Emperor couldn\'t open the dragon tomb, take the mirage dragon ball out of it, and reward it to Longyuan.
This one.
It must be the collective consent of the dragon clan seniors, and no matter how bad it is, the minority will obey the majority.
in other words.
This in itself is the deception of the Dragon Race!
Simply shameless!