Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 736: : All tastes are in my heart, the wronged Long Yuan
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 736: : All tastes are in my heart, the wronged Long Yuan

"Long Yuan, how does it taste?"
Qin Luosheng looked at the huge damage numbers flashing above Long Yuan\'s head, feeling extremely refreshed.
One attack more than 500,000!
This forbidden spell, the bombardment hits, completely falls, and it continues to explode. Even if Long Yuan circulates his body, the number of damages is reduced as much as possible, but his body is too large, and it takes at least ten per second. The next time it went up, it was extremely tragic.
in other words.
Long Yuan suffered more than five million damage in one second!
How much is his current total health at level 34? There are only 45 million in total!
Convert it down.
Nine seconds!
At most nine seconds, Long Yuan will belch!
The duration of [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance] is as long as thirty seconds, enough to kill him three times!
As for recovery?
Ha ha!
The previous burst recovery ability of 500,000 health points per second that made Qin Luosheng feel desperate was pitifully weak under the curse, especially under the bombing of the curse under Qin Luosheng\'s full-scale increase.
"Dragon Sky Curtain!"
Passively beaten, Long Yuan died without a place to bury him.
But is Long Yuan so good?
As the Black Dragon King, how could he be just as powerful as a simple physical body?
With a roar, energy gathered.
A black energy shield unfolded like a sky curtain, covering Long Yuan\'s body in, blocking the continuous bombardment of Qin Luosheng\'s Forbidden Curse energy bombs!
Qin Luosheng looked at Long Yuan condescendingly, not at all because he put the scene before him in his eyes, "Long Yuan, don\'t dying to struggle, do you think you can solve the current predicament with this thing?"
"Stop talking nonsense!"
Long Yuan, who finally got a chance to breathe, roared: "If you want to mess with this king\'s heart, you are still a little bit short of the fire! Wait, when your forbidden spell is released, this king will swallow you as soon as possible. !"
Long Yuan is already out of anger!
At the very beginning, he wanted to retaliate severely. Revenge on Qin Luosheng caused him to be punished. He was trapped and fined for a month. This was because he forcibly asked for it with the Frightening Dragon Platform. Otherwise, a month ago, he would have been punished. Disciplinary, the dignified Black Dragon King, ended in sorrow!
With such resentment and unwillingness!
Long Yuan finally waited for the battle of Jinglongtai.
The tragic facts gave him a blow!
The foolproof siege in the conspiracy plan failed!
Not only failed, but also a big failure.
Not only was my own side exposed, but I didnt reply. It was either killed on the spot or captured alive. It became an "iron proof" and a "bargaining chip". As a result, the Dragon Clan not only suffered a sharp decline in reputation and reputation, but also had to be captured by the Human Race. The handle, in order to pit a wave.
The most important thing is that his Long Yuan\'s younger brother, his own brother, the blood relative of his family, or the next king of the Black Dragon clan, Long Zhan, is also the one captured!
This hatred.
How can we not complain? How can you not be angry?
It\'s not easy.
Finally on the Jinglongtai, you can finally have grievances and revenge!
Before the battle, a big drama made him almost collapsed.
Under the strength of the human race, the six true dragons captured, including the six true dragons including the younger brother Long Zhan, will be sentenced to capital punishment.
Some evolution.
That ant dared not to put the dragon in his eyes, and he didn\'t put the dragon king in his eyes, and was straightforward.
As the party who is at a loss, even if it is in Dragon Island, even in Dragon City, even in Jinglongtai, even if this is the territory of their dragon clan, they also occupy an absolute disadvantage!
The Dragon Sovereign is partial, and the Dragon is biased!
That bastard, who didn\'t show any face, summoned the Dragon God\'s will.
This time.
Don\'t talk about the Dragon King, don\'t talk about the high-level dragon clan, even if the dragons of the whole dragon island add up, they can\'t save his brother.
His Long Yuan, a deep brother-in-law, just watched his younger brother helplessly, and was cut off his head by an ant human who wanted to lick his skin and tendon, in front of him.
That scene made him almost collapsed!
Especially the unwilling and resentful look in his younger brother\'s eyes after his death, piercing his heart, tearing it into strips, blood dripping!
He is angry!
I vowed to avenge my younger brother, to breathe a sigh of relief for myself, and to solve such a disaster for the Dragon Race!
Reality is often cruel and will not be shifted for personal will.
The fight was done without any suspense, but great changes had taken place.
The expected crush did indeed appear, but the protagonist turned back.
who I am?
where am I?
What should I do?
Long Yuan asked his soul three times.
Shouldn\'t he crush the ant human? Why is the clown myself?
This is not right!
In order to express his prudence, he also opened the domain, starting the king to explode his big move, can this tm dragon ride face lose?
Hang on!
Hang up properly!
He doesn\'t believe it!
He\'s on it!
He is dead! (The first time to hang up, Juetian Corpse Poison + Lishui, double poison)
So suddenly, so people-caught off guard!
What the hell?
I am a dignified Black Dragon King, only a half-step mythical boss who has just stepped into the myth level, actually lost to an ant human in the 1V1 duel?
I must be dreaming!
The pain in his body and the shame that was caused by being stared at by countless people all reminded him crazy, that is true, he was just killed by a human, and it took less than a minute!
Second Olympics!
He is more angry than ever.
Decided to intensify his efforts to torture that **** kid.
He is dead again!
Was instantly lost by a terrible curse! (The second time hanging, the broken long life lock)
This is tm faster than just now!
He was angry again.
The Dragon Sovereign came forward, and a group of high-level members of the clan also came forward.
He was moved and tears burst into his face.
When it is critical, you are still reliable.
I slammed once again, thinking that this one could be crushed by the general trend, and the demon clan feared and disgusted by the ten thousand races would be related to the little devil, and he would take it down without blood.
But things were turned over again!
He relied on the strongest Black Dragon Treasure Armor to destroy the enemy, and his backhand summoned the Will of Death.
Did you hear me.
Where does your special mother come from so many relationships? How can those legendary gods get involved?
too disgusting!
no doubt.
He was second again. (The third death, desperate blow + death\'s embrace)
After being killed three times in a row, his domain only provided him with three resurrection energy, and he reached the critical point and collapsed on its own.
It\'s literally.
Human form can\'t play with you, Lao Tzu regains his real body and you are just right.
This is not.
just started.
The familiar taste, the familiar recipe is here again.
A forbidden curse teaches to be a dragon.
Knock Nima! ! ! ! !
"I\'m not convinced!"
Recalling the past of less than three minutes, having experienced roller coasters time and time again, Long Yuan, who was tortured and full of humiliation, roared up to the sky, and uttered an anger enough to overthrow the world, feeling aggrieved like a child.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
The sudden situation required Qin Luosheng, who was ready to take advantage of the victory and pursued, to be full of black question marks.
This guy.

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