Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 728: : "The final word", Long Yuan
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 728: : "The final word", Long Yuan

Black blood, mixed with pieces of internal organs, suddenly spurted out of Long Yuan\'s mouth.
"what\'s happening?"
Jinglongtai was in an uproar.
On the seat of the dragon clan, many dragon kings even stood up, the mighty dragons, their spiritual knowledge spread, and they explored the hidden existence of the "sneak attack" Long Yuan.
"Who? Who is it? Get out!"
The prestige is shocking and shocking.
"Stop shouting, I did it!"
Qin Luosheng fished out his ears, looked at the roaring old dragon impatiently, and said uncomfortably: "This is a decisive battle between me and Long Yuan. As an audience, just be an audience. Don\'t be embarrassed there. Or, you guys. Want to step in?"
The old dragon\'s face was stagnant, and his anger rose immediately, and his whole body was trembling with anger.
Qin Luosheng was not at all shocked, on the contrary, he had a provocative expression. Not only the old dragon, who was assigned the hardest surname, but also the other dragon kings, elders, and palace masters, their faces were as deep as water, unable to conceal their anger.
"sit down!"
The Dragon Sovereign\'s cold voice sounded abruptly, and the imposing majesty and dominance caused the angry Dragon Clan high-levels to breathe stagnantly. They gave Qin Luosheng a bitter look, endured the anger, and sat down obediently.
Qin Luosheng uttered a syllable unhappy.
"What an old fox."
He is not an idiot, wasting precious time to quarrel with a group of outsiders, but wants to anger the high-level dragon clan. If those guys can\'t bear it and end in person, then it is an opportunity.
How sacred is Jinglongtai?
This is the place to resolve disputes within the dragon clan!
Even the Dragon Emperor must not interfere.
Up here.
Basically, they are endlessly endless and can never be reconciled. They belong to the challenge of life and death.
Now this battle has attracted worldwide attention.
If the dragon clan bullies the small with the big, leans on the strong to bully the weak, and fights with more, then the consequences...
With such a situation, Qin Luosheng also stood on the word "reason" completely. This difficult battle can be declared a victory, no matter how bad it is, it will be nothing, and it will escape.
Even if this results in extremely low completion of sss-level tasks, the reward is weakened.
But is it time to care about that?
This tm ghost mission failed, it is equivalent to deleting the account!
What is the degree of completion?
Burn high incense if you can finish it.
The other party was not fooled.
I was fooled, but was stopped by the Dragon Emperor\'s LYB at the most critical moment.
He didn\'t say anything, but further offended people and wasted a few seconds.
"what have you done?"
While coughing up blood, Long Yuan roared with anger.
"Do you think what I was doing just now was a joke?"
Qin Luosheng sneered, and at the same time raised the [Panlong Lishui] in his hand, and said: "When I attacked you, I injected Lishui into your body!"
"Lishui?" Long Yuan was shocked, "Leishui of the ten most exotic waters in the world?"
"Oh! You deserve to be the Dragon King, you are indeed knowledgeable!" Qin Luosheng said, "Yes, it is the Lishui of the Ten Wonderful Waters. Lishui and the Absolute Corpse Poison just injected, the two kinds of poison are mixed. You The body of the black dragon king is indeed strong, and a dragon scale is even more difficult to break through. Unfortunately, this is just a strong appearance. Your internal organs are still the same weak. The more you exercise, the more frequently you use energy, the more it will speed up blood flow. , To speed up the heartbeat, so that the toxins spread faster.-How? Now, how does it taste?"
Long Yuan roared.
"Despicable?" Qin Luosheng sneered, "Soldiers are not deceitful, since ancient times. You have lived for so many years, but you are still a veteran on the battlefield. Why don\'t you understand such a simple truth? This is shocking the dragon platform! The loser loses everything. Cruel arena of life and death. Are you talking noble with me? Could it be that you are still a knight? Heh~"
Long Yuan: "You..."
"Don\'t you, you, you!" Qin Luosheng said: "Speaking of despicableness, where are you better than me? Bullying the small with the big, bullying the weak with the big, bullying the weak, making trips to the Dragon King, forcing me to go to the Jinglongtai to make a decisive battle. Even on the eve of the decisive battle, let your brother Long Zhan lead a dozen real dragons to set up traps in Feixiong Ridge to besiege me. Is there a trace of nonsense about what you did?"
"Don\'t spit people!" Long Yuan said angrily: "This matter has nothing to do with me!"
"Oh, it has nothing to do with you now?" Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were contemptuous, "You didn\'t say that when I killed your brother just now. You admitted it so happily. Why? Now that your brother is dead, you just I changed my tongue right away? Dragon King? Hahaha...I\'m!"
Long Yuan\'s face was ashen!
On the dragon seat, a group of senior dragons, including the dragon emperor, also looked ugly.
Qin Luosheng\'s "Bah" not only rubbed Long Yuan\'s morals on the ground, but also "vomited" the reputation of their dragon clan to the ground, like a disgusting sputum.
They are dragons, stinks!
Regardless of whether it was instructed by high-level officials or not, the reputation of the dragon clan has exploded anyway.
Others don\'t care so much, and they are not interested in exploring the so-called inside information!
Is it true that your dragon ambushes others?
The ambushers are not yet marginal figures, they are the nephews of the current Dragon Clan seniors, the kind of direct descendants, and will replace you as the new seniors in the future.
If it is one or two, you can also shirk one or two, but your dragon race has more than a dozen branch races, except for a few that do not participate, and all the others join, don\'t you have high-level instructions? Where\'s the fool?
"Don\'t say it, your sophistry is so pale and feeble that I can\'t even listen to it. You want to stop everyone in the world from talking, and go dream!"
Qin Luosheng directly "finished the sound."
Regardless of whether it is Long Yuan or not, first buckle down the **** basin.
in the meantime.
You can also put eye drops on the dragons.
one stone two bird!
Aren\'t you not handing over the master behind the scenes?
Then I just "find" one by himself!
Long Yuan has become a man of the pot!
As the king of the black dragon clan, carry this pot, enough weight!
Even if the real behind-the-scenes master cannot be brought out and liquidated, it is okay for the dragon clan to be disgusting.
Originally didn\'t want to do so absolutely.
after all.
As the dragon lord, and the friendship with the dragon emperor is not bad, plus the respect and gratitude to the dragon god, but also for small reasons, and as a Chinese person, a Chinese person with a dragon as a totem, for the true dragon With a special complex that other countries can\'t understand, Qin Luosheng has a great affection for the Dragon Clan in Aiwu and Wuxia.
The dragons don\'t think so.
The Battle of Jinglongtai was originally proposed by Long Yuan to evade punishment and jumped over the wall. It was an internal struggle. Everyone was their own, and the solution was to close the door.
Even if he was forced to fight, Qin Luosheng never complained. If he accepted, he would feel at ease to improve his strength and deal with the battle.
Some guys have serious racism, and they have to make trouble to make things look like they are now.
This is just great.
Internal struggles have become known to the world.
Now that you want to close the door to solve it, you cant do it. People like the golden-winged big peng bird, phoenix, kylin and other big clans unite, do you dare to save face and shut them out?
Dare not!
Then open the door.
What about after opening the door?
People just watch the battle like this, you don\'t dare to make small moves.
In addition, if you do something wrong on Feixion Ridge, every move will be magnified and seen by others wearing colored glasses. With preconceived notions, what you do, even if you frown, people will think you are thinking. trick.
How to do?
Except lying flat and mocking, what else?
"The teeth are sharp and the mouth is sharp!"
Long Yuan couldn\'t explain it, and roared with great anger, "What about it? So what about it? Today I killed you, even if you put this charge on Laozi, who can do anything to me?"
"Kill me? Then you are talking big."
Qin Luosheng flashed a strange light in his eyes, stretched out his hand, slowly brought his five fingers together, squeezed into a fist, and shouted awe-inspiringly: "Explosion!"