Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 727: :...Three, two, one, burst!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 727: :...Three, two, one, burst!

The domain has once again demonstrated its capabilities!
Different from the BOSS I have encountered before, Long Yuan\'s domain does not have lethality, the only suppressing power, also because Qin Luosheng itself has a true dragon bloodline, and the level is higher than him, and it is completely ineffective.
This does not mean that Longyuan\'s domain is useless.
Say it.
The black energy rose, forming a black embroidered dragon armor with hanging barbs on the surface of Longyuan\'s body.
Black Dragon Treasure!
in the meantime.
There was a high-pitched dragon roar, and the layers of sound waves visible to the naked eye, just like water waves, revealed a dragon-shaped phantom in the sky, and quickly spread, and rushed towards Qin Luosheng.
Big Veyron is angry!
"Ding, you are impacted by the Great Dragon\'s anger, all attributes are reduced by 20%, and you are stunned for 5 seconds!"
"Ding, due to the influence of [Courage], you are not controlled by the spirit class, and the vertigo is nullified for 5 seconds!"
Two consecutive system prompts sounded in Qin Luosheng\'s ears.
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth immediately.
This Nima ability is really hard to guard against.
Who can withstand the sonic impact?
Don\'t say that you are unprepared, even if you are defensive, can your speed be faster than the speed of sound transmission?
Basically speaking, once a skill is developed, it must be hit.
Fortunately, it was Qin Luosheng, who had the [Medal of Courage] and was immune to mental control. Otherwise, he would be dizzy for five seconds, and I don\'t know how many times he would have to die.
Rao has not been controlled, but has been reduced by 20% of all attributes, which is fatal.
Originally, Qin Luosheng, as a second-ranking little rookie player, was able to fight against the half-step mythical big guys like Long Yuan, and even because this product was able to withstand a shield battle, it had a certain upper hand, relying on a dozen boosting skills. , Plus numerous pills and talisman seals, superimposed attributes of irritability.
The total attributes of the crazy superimposition have been cut by one-fifth!
Qin Luosheng\'s expression became extremely ugly, and he wanted to use "Yimu Resuscitation" to forcefully remove the DEBUFF and restore it to its peak state, but he still held back.
Now that the situation is not at its most critical, this hole card must be kept.
Long Yuan must have more than one life.
Even if he had recovered to the peak and killed Long Yuan, no one knew how treacherous abilities he would use when he resurrected after his death.
Without the BUG-level recovery capability of Otsuki Resuscitation, he might suffer elbows.
Detection technique.
Physical defense: 1,800,000
Magic defense: 1640000
Qin Luosheng:...
What the hell?
This tm has doubled the defense?
What kind of dog armor is so fierce?
If it hadnt been for Longweis effect just now, it had been weakened by 20%, now it would be two million for physical defense and 1.8 million for magic defense.
"This Nima, dry it!"
Qin Luosheng\'s face turned green.
This defense has doubled, not because the damage that was less than 400,000 just now has been weakened by half, less than 200,000, but it is not breaking the defense!
That\'s right!
Just don\'t break the defense.
When the defensive power is much higher than the offensive power, the defense cannot be broken. ,
in other words.
Now Qin Luosheng\'s damage to Long Yuan is either MISS or 1 point, which is a mandatory deduction of one point of life.
Why is the difference so great?
Just double the defense!
that is because.
The previous Souyi could cause 400,000 damage with a single sword, not how powerful Qin Luosheng\'s physical attack was, which exceeded Longyuan\'s physical defense by one million and reached nearly 1.4 million points.
It\'s that his attacks have a huge stack.
The most representative is penetration, the kind of penetration that ignores physical defenses, and restraint, the kind of restraint that [KangsuZhanlong] special suppresses the dragon.
Too much.
Now Longyuan\'s defensive power exceeds his attack power too much.
In the face of absolute strength, all conspiracies are useless.
The same is true.
In the face of absolute defense, all bells and whistles are useless.
"Fuck, if only [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] were still there!"
Qin Luosheng was incompetent and furious.
The current situation, even if it is the Mythical God Soldier\'s [Panlong Lishui], it is far inferior to the epic [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers], because attack power and skills are second, but characteristics are the most important.
It just so happens.
The characteristic of Hundred Wars Blood SoldiersBreak the ArmyBreak the Army, is the magical defensive skill!
The attack is accompanied by the breaking effect of breaking and the penetration effect of breaking, which is simply brutal.
Not to mention that Longyuan\'s defense is nearly two million, even if it is twenty million?
Penetration, but the ability to ignore defense!
The break is even more awesome. It cuts you off directly. How can your defense be high?
The last time the Feixiongling siege, the equipment exploded, the [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers] was one of the ones that was exploded. Even if the group of enemies was later killed, some were beyond hopelessly stupid, and he didnt put his equipment on it. The virtual trading platform\'s second risk avoidance exploded, but it was also killed hundreds of times by the likes of Long Xiao, and there was not a single piece of hair left.
The [Heart Mirror] of the life-saving Lingbao was picked up by Luo Li later and returned to him!
"How about it, desperate?"
Seeing that Qin Luosheng, who has always been like a mad dog, has to stop and is always on the offensive, he stood on the spot. Long Yuan sneered: "Under the absolute defense of my black dragon clan, I have spent thousands of years thinking and using all my people A piece of black dragon scale, under the black dragon treasure armor formed by refining it, your soft attack can not hurt even a single hair of this king!"
Qin Luosheng:...
Long Yuan continued to ridicule, "You are also proud of yourself. With your weak strength, it is not easy to be able to hold on for half a minute. In today\'s battle, the name of your sobbing soul will spread throughout the world, even if you die... !"
"You really boast!"
A quirky smile suddenly appeared at the corner of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth.
"What do you mean?"
Long Yuan\'s brow furrowed, and there was a sense of bad feeling in his mind.
"Meaning, based on your little ability, do you really think you have a chance to win?"
Qin Luosheng replied.
"Slightly capable?"
Long Yuan\'s expression was a little uneasy, his eyes narrowed, and he said, "I want to see how you can break my meager ability! You can be unaffected by the anger of Daweilong, although I am surprised, but It can be understood. After all, you have the true dragon blood in your body, which was bestowed by the Lord Dragon God himself and gave you the evolution of the Dragon Gods blood. However, my black dragon clan has always been known in the flesh and is known to the world. What tricks do you have? Come out, I want to see how you can break my treasure!"
"Don\'t worry!"
Qin Luo raised his hand to stop Long Yuan\'s words. Under his dazed expression, his lips moved slightly, and he counted down and said, "...Three, two, one, burst!"
"Boy, what are you playing with..."
Long Yuan condensed his eyebrows.
Before he finished speaking angrily, suddenly, a rush of blood rushed straight up from the internal organs.