Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 725: : Frequent means, torturing Wang Qin Luosheng
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 725: : Frequent means, torturing Wang Qin Luosheng

Just as Qin Luosheng was thinking about countermeasures to kill the enemy, he suddenly saw a string of green numbers popping up on Long Yuan\'s head, and his face was green.
Five times a second?
One hundred thousand?
This recovery ability, play J2?
Laozi couldn\'t cut half a million points of damage with a single sword, but he can recover half a million points in one second?
Fuck you!
Dog system!
Is there anyone who is so bad about you?
"No, you must stop Long Yuan\'s recovery ability, otherwise, I can\'t win 100%!"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth.
"Fortunately, at the beginning, Mengmeng was researching Juetian Corpse Poison at all costs. It was originally intended to gain favorability and please the beauties, but also to not waste Mengmeng\'s talent."
"I didn\'t think about it, but now it\'s just a coincidence in exchange for good luck!"
Qin Luosheng stretched out his arms and took out a porcelain bottle.
Extreme Corpse Poison
Type: Poison (corpse poison)
Grade: Epic
Effect: continuous deduction of blood, interruption of recovery, limitation of ability, etc.
Introduction: A very special toxin, with unspeakable strange and highly poisonous, if touched, it will die, if touched, it will die. Even if it is configured, it is not the infinite poison contained in the body of the ten thousand year zombies, but it also removes the flaw that the non ten thousand year zombies cannot be perfectly controlled. The poisoned person reduces the maximum health by 1% per second, up to 20%. ; Can not restore the health value in any way, lasts for 5 minutes; toxins accumulate in the body, destroy the blood, can greatly limit the power operation of the poisoned person!
Epic special poison!
It is definitely the strongest existence among the players, the unquestionable ceiling.
This is still corpse poison.
The most weird corpse poison.
First, reduce the health value, up to 20%!
Second, limit recovery, which is most urgently needed now!
Third, destroy the body like [Lishui]!
Three major effects.
All are strong one by one!
"Ghost face slavery!"
An energy mask that looked like an evil spirit flashed out of the [Ghost Face] on Qin Luosheng\'s face suddenly, attacking forward, caught Long Yuan caught off guard, and set it on his face.
Long Yuan\'s rushing forward stopped.
"Opportunity is here!"
Qin Luosheng\'s figure moved, the attacking skills belonging to the demon swordsman were used, like a ghost, and immediately rushed in front of Long Yuan. [Panlong Lishui]\'s stern sword edge, with a heavy flutter, cut through Long Yuan\'s body. .
"Sword suddenly cut!"
Ignoring defenses, the penetrating effect of the "Sword Sudden Slash" made a marvelous achievement in the first battle, breaking the defenses of Longyuan and shattering the scales of Longyuan.
"good chance!"
Seeing the dragon blood seeping out of the chopped dragon scales, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes flashed, and he threw the porcelain bottle in his hand toward that side, "Absolutely Heavenly Corpse Poison!"
There was a crisp sound.
How can the thick dragon scales withstand such a touch of porcelain?
The moment the lightweight porcelain bottle touched Long Yuan\'s body, it shattered without accident, and the absolute dead corpse poison contained in it flowed in along the cut wound.
"Fuck me~~~~~"
The severe pain and poison caused Long Yuan, who was not very restful, to struggle fiercely. Before Qin Luosheng made the next move, the energy goblin mask on Long Yuans face was broken by his brute force. Completely annihilated.
"How dare you use poison?"
Looking at the black blood flowing on his body, Long Yuan sniffed the disgusting and rotten smell, and roared, "Despicable and shameless!"
"Extreme curse, effect !"
Qin Luosheng, who had completely entered the fighting state, turned a deaf ear to Long Yuan\'s voice. With a move of his palm, it belonged to the curse technique of the dark animal husbandry, and was sublimated into the "extreme curse technique" by the magic swordsman, and threw it out.
The curse is present.
Even if it only reduces elemental resistance by 20%, it is not defense. Without using magical attacks, it does not reflect the value at all. Qin Luosheng is extremely violent at this moment. Both [Panlong Lishui] and [Slashing Dragon Sword] are physical weapons, even if It uses the water magic that the magic swordsman has studied, and its lethality is far inferior to that of a flat slash.
This resistance is not accidental, nor is it to use magic, but to pave the way for the [Lishui] effect that has already been secretly activated!
Deal with the existence of Long Yuan.
Not only is his strength superb, but he also has a lot of hole cards.
Only by the most primitive method, it is impossible to win at all, and only with the help of foreign objects, constantly digging holes for him in seemingly normal battles, can there be a chance to kill him.
[Lishui] This is the first pit!
"Sword spirit aspect!"
The human form of Long Yuan is simply terrifying, with his hands and feet extremely flexible, Qin Luosheng categorically did not dare to fight melee with him, so he abandoned the magic swordsmans "magic sword warfare", and instead set up his old skills, using "swords". Qi is vertical and horizontal", leaning on the ten-meter-long sword energy, pulling away from it, and outputting wildly.
"Boy, die for me!"
Long Yuan holding a black broad sword, under the blessing of the domain, became like a ghost, like a teleport, flashing forward, chasing Qin Luosheng.
"Want to close the battle to suppress me? Don\'t want to succeed?"
Even in the realm of Long Yuan, he is inherently at a disadvantage. However, Qin Luosheng\'s speed is several times faster than Long Yuan. Unless this product can achieve real spatial suppression or infinite teleportation, otherwise, he can\'t help it. .
"Three-color light, deprived!"
After the three-color metal energy of bronze, silver, and gold belonging to the Lord of the Stars is assembled, the awakened magical powers and three-color magical light can suppress any enemy. The enemy who uses metal weapons deprives him of 50% of the attack of the weapon!
"Shadow clone!"
The body was divided into two, one entity and one clone, and when Long Yuan rushed over, they ran towards the left and right.
"Polar Gravity Technique!"
in the meantime.
While Long Yuan was stunned by the sudden clone, an extreme gravity technique fell, and instantly doubled the gravity, causing Long Yuan to stagger and almost knelt down.
"Polar Wind Blade Technique!"
Cut the wind blade, shatter the dragon scales, and make Long Yuan wounded and see blood again!
"Extreme Lightning Technique!"
A thunder fell from the sky, and the precision guidance blasted on Long Yuan\'s head.
The Afro was born.
The harm is not high, but it is extremely insulting.
in the meantime.
The paralysis effect caused Long Yuan\'s body to stiffen again, giving Qin Luosheng the opportunity to steal a wave of damage, and slashed five swords with a bow from left to right.
"Polar Ice Lingshu!"
"Pole Fireball!"
One ice and one fire.
Two days of ice and fire.
Even the most basic magic, but after sublimation to the extreme, it becomes the ultimate magic. The damage may be unsatisfactory, but the effect is full. Even if it is an existence like Longyuan, the cutting, paralysis, freezing and burning that should be triggered are also It is absolutely unambiguous and cannot be exempted.
This damage is not too low.
Although Qin Luosheng\'s weapons do not have magical attacks, they can rely on the attributes of many equipment, and his spiritual attributes are even higher than agility. With the addition of skills, potions, and seals at this moment, magical attacks are also quite powerful.
"Long Yuan, the torture has begun. You have entered my fighting rhythm. Enjoy the infinite combos I carefully arranged for you!"
Seeing half of the icicles, half of the black coals, and the embarrassed Long Yuan, Qin Luosheng waved his right hand, and a dragon-shaped shock wave entwined with gold, blue and red burst out, as fast as thunder lightning.
"Dragon Soul Impact!"

PS1: [Ghost Face Slavery] consumes nothing, differentiates a ghost face mask, puts it on the target face, can control it, for your use, duration: 5 minutes, cooling time: 24 hours!
PS2: Tri-color light: the magical power that absorbs the energy of the lower metal and awakens. Passive effect: holding a metal weapon, attack power +50%, being attacked by a metal weapon, weakening its attack by 50%.