Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 716: : Terran, Weeping Soul! Please enlighten me
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 716: : Terran, Weeping Soul! Please enlighten me

Weeping soul, here comes!
The central figure stirring the situation, here comes!
On the Shocking Dragon Stage, Long Yuan, who was closing his eyes and calming his mind, suddenly opened his eyes, killing intent, boiling and rolling, shocking the sky and the earth.
All around.
There are countless floating stone platforms in the land next to the Jinglong Platform. At this moment, people are sitting on it, Emmm... is full of birds and beasts?
Human body bird head, a rebellious family of peng birds.
There is a family of phoenixes that are surrounded by flames and are noble.
There are double horns and a domineering family of unicorns.
A family of bright and holy winged people with ribs and wings.
There is a family of Tushan who have a clever smile and an unparalleled charm.

These ones.
All are today\'s big clans of heaven and earth.
of course.
Located in the center is the human race.
There are three people in the sitting position.
A person with a fairy wind dao bone, holding a whisk in his hand, wearing a robes, with a childlike face of crane hair, his eyes seem to have the heavens and the earth revolving, the universe is born and passed!
A person is ten feet tall and his muscles are like horned dragons. Chiguo has a mysterious tattoo on his upper body. The tattoo is exactly the Xing Tian holding his arms in his arms, and his aura is shocking!
A person wearing armor, standing tall and straight like a spear, standing there, a soaring blood and evil spirit, coupled with the appearance of no anger and self-prestige, so that the eyes of many powerful people around are floating and jealous!
Human Religious Representative-Taoism!
The representative of the human sect-the family!
The representative of the human dynasty-the military!
Three forces, come together!
The dragons are also there.
It\'s next to the human VIP seat.
At this moment, representatives of all ethnic groups are also sitting on it.
There is the Dragon Emperor who represents the Golden Dragon clan.
There are elders representing the black dragon clan.
There are dragon kings representing all races!
There are the masters of the temples!
There are ministers in various ministries!
In the end, it is our own site, how can we strengthen the momentum, if only two or three big cats and kittens run out, wouldn\'t it be a joke for people to think that the dragon is not good?
not to mention.
Now its a special period. Even if these guys are just watching the show, God knows if they have any special purpose, what special action they need to do, and the masters should come a little bit more, so that this group of idiots can be put down and let go of what they shouldnt have. thought.
The natural enemy of the dragons, the Golden-winged Roc bird clan!
Unlike the Phoenix clan and the Qilin clan that the dragon clan could not deal with in ancient times.
as well as.
Todays overlord, the backup of another protagonist of todays affairs
These tricky guys are all there.
Have to guard.
The footsteps kept ringing, getting closer and closer.
Even if it is slight, which one of you is not the strong one, how can this voice be hidden from their ears now that everything is quiet?
Nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine steps.
From the foot of the mountain straight to the top of the mountain.
Between the steps.
The clouds are lingering, and the sky is full of sunshine.
There are spirit cranes flying, and there are fountains falling down.
There was also a raging wind, and the coercion shocked the sky.
Condensed the dragons for countless years, I dont know how many dragons have died of hatred, dragon blood has been laid, and the place where dragon resentment is boiling, ordinary people, even if they don\'t even have the qualifications to climb the stairs, let alone stand on the Jinglong stage.
Go up the stairs.
It is equivalent to the first test.
Can\'t pass this level.
Everything else is in vain.
A lady with graceful temperament of the Phoenix family said: "This is the other side of this battle, how can it be so weak?"
A young man with a face full of Pengniao said: "Is the dragon dying? Such ants will force a dignified dragon king to end in person? Haha!"
A domineering and handsome young man from the unicorn family said: "This kid, how can I have the atmosphere of my unicorn family?"
The dragons may look complicated, or gnash their teeth, or show a fierce look,...
Other races, drinking on their own, or observing the masters of other races, or boring closed eyes for a nap, or molesting the maids around them,...
Without exception.
No matter what he was doing, or with his eyes, or with his spiritual thoughts, he was paying attention to the human youth who came up into the wind from the foot of the mountain.

Terran seats.
"Is this little guy?"
The big man with Xingtian tattoos looked at Qin Luosheng who was climbing step by step, very curious.
"Ashamed of my Human Race boy, I really have an extraordinary temperament, arrogant and arrogant!"
A smile appeared on the general\'s solemn face.
How can he not know the person who has been in the sight of the military long ago, and has been taken care of by the general, and who is valued by His Majesty?
"This son, really talented! If you don\'t know the mundane things thoroughly, you will want to accept him as a disciple!"
The old Taoist\'s eyes fell, and he was shocked as he felt Qin Luosheng\'s rhyme of Taoism.
As a Taoist veteran, he naturally knew that the Taoism of the Taoist ancestor was given to Qin Luosheng, and he also participated in this resolution and voted for it.
Never thought about it.
In such a short period of time, the originally profound and obscure Dao Zang was actually comprehended by such a person who was not a Daoist, and it seemed that the rhyme of Dao was not as simple as an ordinary comprehension.
"Interesting! Interesting!"
The old Taoist smiled.
Regardless of the many inquiring sights around, he smiled like a child.

"Get off the horse?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know what happened on the Jinglong stage.
He walked on the steps, frowning slightly.
This gang wind.
This resentment.
This coercion.
Do you want him to retreat and lose without a fight?
Another step.
Qin Luosheng stepped firmly and forcefully.
The pace is not rushed.
The beauty of the flourishing age could not attract his attention.
The breeze can\'t move his body.
The boundless resentment cannot shake his god.
The vastness of Longwei was even more directly ignored by him.
Fighting spirit.
As the steps continue to go up, the accumulation is getting stronger and stronger and more prosperous.
at last.
Qin Luosheng walked nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine steps and stepped onto the Jinglong Terrace.
The top of the mountain.
The gang wind roared, even worse than on the steps halfway up the mountain.
Jinglongtai is an extremely wide platform, covering an extremely wide area, and Qin Luosheng glanced at it, but he couldn\'t see the end.
After all, the life-and-death arena made with the size of the dragon clan is really too big for a human being in his own district.
Slightly glanced around, Qin Luosheng\'s thoughts moved slightly as he looked at the many weird existences that seemed to be sitting in the clouds, and he immediately put it away, not paying attention.
His goal.
Standing in the center of Jinglongtai, the black dragon king Longyuan wearing a black robe and a face of vulture!
Da da da
Epic warrior boots, walking on the Jinglong Stage, the metal touched the ground, making a crisp sound.
Qin Luosheng did not squint.
The body is not crooked or slanted in the wind, upright as pine, stable as a mountain.
On the Jinglong Stage, I don\'t know how long it has existed, or how many overlapping dark red dragon blood, which exudes a deep resentment to the extreme, and can\'t shake his heart.
Long Yuan\'s ultimate dragon might and violent killing intent became more and more prosperous and swept across.
Qin Luosheng was still not in a hurry, as if he had climbed the steps before.
At this moment, the fighting spirit that had been cultivated for a long time was completely released by him, rising to the sky, colliding with Long Yuan\'s momentum, and fighting against each other.
People, pass by!
Qin Luosheng stood safe and sound fifty meters away from Long Yuan.
Step, stop.
look up.
Seeing the Black Dragon King who had been away for a month, Qin Luo rose with a spring thunder, "Human race, weeping soul, should take the January appointment, board the Shocking Dragon Platform, and come to fight!"
Fingers move slightly.
Panlong Lishui and Dragon Slashing Sword (transitional enhancement +10 epic one-handed sword, cannon fodder that is not even worthy of attribute introduction) appeared in the hand, pointing to Longyuan.
"Please... enlighten me!"

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