Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 715: :A lot of attention, on the stunned dragon platform
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 715: :A lot of attention, on the stunned dragon platform

Dragon City.
There are so many people.
It was originally a matter within the dragon clan, but because of the ambush in Feixiong Ridge three days ago, there was a lot of trouble, and the whole mainland people knew it.
Long Island, which was originally closed, had to be temporarily opened under the pressure of the tens of thousands of people, to welcome some VIPs who could not be refused, and prepare to watch the ceremony. This might change the fate of the continent.
"These idiots!"
Inside the Dragon Palace.
Looking at the paperwork in his hand, the Dragon Emperor was extremely angry.
Thinking of Longxu and other dragons who are still being held in prison, it is even more a headache.
"This is really troublesome!"
Throwing the paper on the desk, Dragon Emperor rubbed his eyebrows, his thoughts confused.
It\'s nothing more than an internal problem. Everyone closed the door to solve it, no matter what the solution was, no matter what the consequences were, it was closed inside the door and not publicized.
But now?
The golden-winged roc bird clan, the phoenix clan, the unicorn clan, the elven clan, the dwarf clan,...
Powerful races with names and surnames are all here.
Ha ha!
How dare his dragon clan dare to reject so many big clan?
not to mention.
There are also human races in it.
Today\'s heaven and earth overlords have slammed their dragons under their feet, and have used them as tool dragons for so many years.
"What the **** is this tm!"
The Dragon Emperor couldn\'t help lamenting.
Three days ago.
He has been summoned by the imperial edict and severely criticized.
Before it had time to wipe the **** for a group of bastards, a bunch of ghosts came to watch.
Watch the ceremony?
You know what these **** are going to do with your ass!
What kind of heart can they have?
"What the **** do these elm heads think? And that group of old trash, after so many years, still indulged in the glory of the past, can\'t you wake up? Don\'t look at whose world it is today, I really think that the dragons rely on Lao Tzu When a grandson, relying on the whole dragon clan to protect the human race from good weather for so many years, recuperate and rejuvenate, can he turn his face with the human race?"
The Dragon Emperor was anxious, and his eyes flashed with Binghan\'s killing intent.
Originally, he was the dragon emperor when he was in danger. Even though he was a natural heir to the Golden Dragon clan, he had never slackened in painstaking practice for so many years. Recently, relying on the blood of the Dragon God, he has not only cultivated to the five-claw state, but also his bloodline. It has evolved, and the upper limit has surpassed the previous dragon emperor.
It can be said.
He is a well-deserved dragon king, he used to be, is now, and will be in the future!
Properly stable!
As stable as Mount Tai!
But some old guys just don\'t approve, holding stale and old ideas, and self-righteous.
Its fine if you dont approve it. As long as you take care of yourself and dont mess up, you dont even bother to deal with them. However, people are old-fashioned, have no ability, and their brains are so stupid, but they have caused such a big disturbance, and they have almost pushed the dragons to the fire. It\'s grilled!
He, the Dragon Emperor, is really bitter!
For the dragon clan, he had to prevent the pig teammates from stabs.
This is not.
The back stab came, and immediately beat him into a daze.
It\'s really only a promise to the outside world, and to strike out at the inside!
It\'s literally.
See what they did?
Let dozens of second-generation real dragons representing each race be dispatched collectively to sneak to the territories of the human race to attack and kill a human race.
Is this what the dragon did?
It\'s so stupid!
The most important thing is that this celebrity is still the dragon lord of their dragon clan, the dragon lord recognized by the dragon god!
This is a big deal.
Their dragons don\'t make sense.
As a dragon, born in the dragon god, but now, even the will of the dragon **** has to be violated. What do you want to do? Rebellion?
But are they afraid?
Not afraid!
I\'m afraid I won\'t do that!
after all.
The dragon gods existed in ancient times, they were the ancestors of their dragon clan, so long apart, plus the dragon gods didn\'t know how long they disappeared, and they hadn\'t shown a miracle for so many years, let alone show their faces.
in other words.
The Dragon God has nothing to do with them today, but he knows it from historical books, and has heard the story of the Dragon God from the ancestors.
Just like the human race to the Nuwa Empress!
Just keep the most basic awe.
As the saying goes, one emperor, one courtier!
What about Dragon God?
Too far away!
It\'s too empty!
It\'s not as strong as the suppression of the dragon king in front of you!
This group of idiots missed a little.
The words once the emperor and the courtier do not apply to the gods, especially those innate gods and ancient gods.
This indescribable, or even unimaginable, existence does not rely on the so-called power, nor the support of the ants, nor the recognition of their descendants, but the strength, the absolute strength, the supreme power that can subvert the world!
"Next, what should I do to minimize the impact of this incident, while not destroying the reputation of the dragon clan, nor hurting the foundation of the dragon clan, especially not to let the dragon **** anger."
The Dragon King frantically strangled his own brain cells.
The environment of the world of Destiny is intricate and complicated. Even if it is stronger than their dragons, they are still trembling, for fear that one mistake will lead to destruction.
In the last race war, the human race won a great victory. They have lost the country that their ancestors have fought, and they have lost the supremacy of heaven and earth. Finally, relying on him, the contemporary dragon king who was ordered to be in danger, dragged the dragon race from the predicament of extermination. It was pulled out, and it improved and regained a lot of vitality.
This tm just got better, and was immediately ruined by this group of arrogant and arrogant fools!
To what extent is it necessary for cerebral congestion to turn a good situation into such a virtue?
The family cant find an excuse to do something with you, so you just give them a handle?
With such a restraint as the Dragon Emperor, Rao couldn\'t help but want to explode.
I tm suspect that you are spies and have some evidence in control!
"Long Xu and the others can\'t be saved, neither of the gods can be saved, and the Dragon Clan is at least very embarrassed this time!"
The Dragon Emperor smiled bitterly: "However, compared to death, you have to face the crime alive, and let the dragon clan carry it, and the loss will be greater. It is better to lose a little face. What is the face, can it be eaten?"

The light flickered.
Qin Luosheng, who had the will to fight to the sky, appeared in Dragon City.
In an instant.
Countless sights, both bright and secret, looked over.
Qin Luosheng turned a blind eye, his face calm, and step by step, he walked towards the location of Jinglongtai.
Cast in the name of the Dragon God, stand for resolving disputes between the dragon clan, sacred and not to be offended.
If the dragon clan has antagonisms, hatreds, no private fights, no internal strife, and those unable to mediate, they can go to Jinglongtai, and outsiders cannot be stopped!
Once on the Shocking Dragon Terrace, his life cannot be controlled.
It\'s like a life and death arena.
The loser not only loses his life, everything he owns becomes the trophy of the winner!
Extremely cruel!
Of course.
Qin Luosheng.
Go to Jinglong Terrace.
Black Dragon King Longyuan!
"Human Weeping Soul, as the dragon master, climb the Shocking Dragon Platform and face... the battle!"
The sound suddenly started, shocking the Quartet.
Reverberating between heaven and earth.
Shocked within the four fields.