Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 714: : Inheritance of Tao: Nine Secrets (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 714: : Inheritance of Tao: Nine Secrets (Part 2)

Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
When I typed the question mark, it was not that I had the problem, but that you had the problem.
Your uncle!
Lao Tzu is about to go to the battlefield, maybe it\'s gone forever. You have invested in such precious three talisman seals. Why don\'t you say anything about the magic weapon you gave? How can I use it?
"Forget it, put it away, put it away!"
Silently put the talisman and nail dragon pile into the backpack, "Zhang Daoming can\'t make me happy. Moreover, according to past experience, the more question marks, the more amazing the effects can be exerted. What\'s more, this is nothing. A magic weapon, a legendary existence. Moreover, the name Naillongzhu is aimed at the dragon clan at first glance. It should be more suitable to deal with Longyuan\'s servant."
The sink next to him carefully cleaned his hands.
With the heart of pilgrimage, Qin Luosheng carefully picked up the magical Taoist "Nine Secrets" that was blown by Zhang Daoming!
In ancient times, the Taoist ancestors left behind, the Taoism is the most orthodox, the supreme mental method, even Zhang Daoming, who is a descendant of Longhushan, is not qualified to practice now,...
All kinds of colors have given it a layer of unspeakable mystery!
"Ding, I found a special book, is it included?"
"Special books? Included?"
Qin Luosheng\'s head was full of question marks.
Don\'t understand it doesn\'t mean you won\'t
Confirm directly.
"You have included the Taoist "Nine Secrets", do you want to study it?"
As Qin Luosheng\'s mind fell silent, his soul seemed to be pulled by something, leaving his body and drifting to a special place.
A mysterious and mysterious heaven and earth, from nowhere, drifted into his ears and imprinted into his sea of ??knowledge.
I do not know how long it has been.
Qin Luosheng came to his senses.
open one\'s eyes.
He was still in the smelting room of Curie Luoshen, his body remained the same as before, motionless.
In my memory, there was something more literally.
Trying to think back, but can\'t think of anything.
But "it" does exist again.
Qin Luosheng quickly opened the system log.
"Ding, you are comprehending Dao Zang\'s "Nine Secrets"!"
"Ding, because you have a very high understanding, you have realized the progress of "Nine Secrets" by +1, +1, +1, +1, +1,..."
"Ding, congratulations on your comprehension of the Nine Secrets!"
"Ding, congratulations on your comprehension of the Nine Secrets Fighting Technique!"
Qin Luosheng: o((ѩn))o
No way!
What is going on with this strong sense of sight?
Even though I am a Chinese, my native religion is Taoism, even if I haven\'t studied it before, I have heard of certain things.
Whether it\'s the nine-character mantra or anything else, if you don\'t say it is familiar, at least it\'s not unfamiliar.
And these nine secrets were born out of the nine-character mantra.
Nine secrets.
Word Jue.
How similar is this to the setting in a novel on earth!
To know.
He was a fan of this novel at the time.
No wonder it felt weird before, but now that I see the hypocritical Xingzi Jue, Douzi Jue, it instantly becomes clear.
"This Nima, is it true?"
Thinking of the setting in that novel and the horror of this tactic, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help swallowing.
Close your eyes again.
Concentrate and connect with consciousness.
Even though the magical powers learned from the Tao Zang will not appear in the skill column, and there is no so-called form. It is like innate, reflected in the mind, in the soul, in the blood, in the soul, ... just like you The ability that comes with God is like that!
Through consciousness connection, Qin Luosheng still knew its usefulness.
Just the same as those in consciousness.
The Nine Secrets have always been just one ~ Ben ~ Taoism. (This tm can be linked to one~ben~dao?)
As for what we learned from it, that\'s a personal matter.
in other words.
Qin Luosheng read the Nine Secrets and realized from it that because he remembered that he had the magical powers of reading a certain novel, his subconscious had the existence of "it", and he was subconsciously guided. Now that he understands Taoism, he will truly remove the words in the novel. Supernatural powers, transformed into supernatural powers that we really have now.
in short.
It is to transform the illusory setting into reality and transform it into one\'s own ability!
"Unfortunately, I only comprehend the Xing Zi Jue and Dou Zi Jue!"
Qin Luosheng regretted, "If you comprehend the nine-character tactics, wouldn\'t tm walk sideways? With this nine-character tactic that can sweep incomparably, Long Yuan is a ball?"
"Tao Zang is invisible. Reading through it, everyone has a different understanding. I subconsciously guided and comprehended the magical powers of Zi Jue, and because of the decisive battle that is about to face, what we understand is the Xing Zi Jue and Dou Zi Jue that are most suitable for fighting. Everything is due to My will is leading, and it is turned by my will!"
Qin Luosheng was not a stupid person, and instantly figured out the joints.
Interpretation of heaven and earth.
Very mysterious.
Dao Zang is an inductive synthesis of Dao, not a summary.
In conclusion, it is a personal will.
It\'s like words.
Every word is a Tao, a reason.
How to derive what suits you from the many principles and principles depends on yourself.
The words are the same, but the people are different.
Articles based on words and books are not the same.
It\'s everyone\'s way!
By studying the Tao Zang, the "three thousand characters" are arranged differently from others, so that you can summarize the differences and the Tao that only belongs to you.
"No wonder Zhang Daoming said that Tibet is the Tao of the ancestor of Taoism, the general outline of Taoism, the supreme mental method! That\'s how it is."
Qin Luosheng realized it.
Taoism teaches you to "recognize characters"!
And you are the protagonist of "making a fuss"!
The supernatural power of the word jue is the "article" written by Qin Luosheng after studying Taoism!
Xingzi Jue can also be called the Xingzi secret, the fastest secret, when the realm is deep to the extreme, even during the action, you can pause time and cross the long river of time!
Fighting word tactics can also be called the secret of fighting words, fighting heaven and earth, fighting invincible, when the realm is high to the extreme, it can simulate any attack and dazzle all kinds of attack and kill magic skills!
"Sure enough, it is the nine secrets learned by Emperor Ye Tian!"
Qin Luosheng knew the magical powers he had comprehended, and suddenly couldn\'t help taking a deep breath.
Even though the world of Destiny is an unspeakable fantasy world, there are gods, demons, demons, ghosts, and dragons... but overall, it is still in the category of understanding.
Even the gods are still confined to a continent, or a planet.
It\'s just a creature with a powerful presence.
Although the power of the law is terrifying, it is not too out of the ordinary.
of course.
This only refers to the goddess of ice and snow, the Naga gods, like the mysterious dragon gods, and the existence of Da Yi as manifested in the murals encountered in the town corpse land, are not counted.
"The water is deep!"
Qin Luosheng sighed.
In today\'s world of destiny, what is revealed is just the tip of the iceberg.
Now the player is just spinning around the second revolution at level 30, and has not even reached the full level of 100. How can you talk about exploring the secrets of this world?
Not urgent.
Now he has come into contact with so many gods and knows so many Mixins, and even the most mysterious things like Dao Zang have been included, and he can study slowly in the future to comprehend magical powers.
Take your time!
After a silent rest for a while, looking at the time, Qin Luo rose up, ate quickly, and cleared his hunger, then took out a scroll and shred it.
"The one-month period has come!"
"Long Yuan!"
"I\'m coming!"

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