Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 711: : Goodbye Zhang Daoming
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 711: : Goodbye Zhang Daoming

It is even more special than the cloak. It is not within the scope of the outer five pieces and the inner five pieces, and is juxtaposed with ultra-special equipment such as heart guards, hidden crowns, and inner armor!
In fact.
The Destiny World is not without wings, it\'s just that they are all crooked melons.
Even so.
Conquering the sky has always been the desire of mankind.
Even if there is an airplane or something, but flying by foreign objects, there is no sense of experience. Just like a bird, with wings on and flying freely, can it be the same?
and so.
Even if it can only fly five meters high, and there is still loss, it sacrifices a certain amount of mana and stamina per second to maintain it. The appearance is ugly as a B. It still attracts countless local tyrants. As long as they dare to appear in the market, they will inevitably be looting. Object.
"I once planned to make a pair of wings. After all, whether it is to realize the dream of flying to the sky or the practicality of fighting against the boss, this thing is considered essential!"
Qin Luosheng looked at the gorgeous Yinglong Wings in his hand, exclaimed, "Unfortunately, wings are too precious and extremely rare. Even if I kill so many BOSS, I haven\'t even exploded a whiteboard wing. Sometimes there are lucky ones. When I typed it out, I was snatched away by the local tyrants. The news was not well informed, and I couldn\'t even grab the root hair. Now, I finally got what I wanted, and it was the king\'s blow. White board? Green? Blue? Black iron? Bronze? What a thing! Lao Tzu, these are legendary wings!"
"Ding, your equipment [Yinglong\'s Wings] is ranked second in the equipment rankings. Does it reveal its ID?"
The first is the only mythical equipment that can\'t be beaten, [Panlong Lishui]!
[Ying Longs Wings] was so awesome, it soared to second place, squeezing [Ghost Face] all the way!
"Before in Feixiongling, my equipment exploded. I was picked up by those dogs for cheap. Many people looked down upon me and thought I was not good. I dont know, when the wings of Yinglong came out, some sour sprays and faces Does it hurt?"
This is absolutely something stored in the royal treasury, rewarded by the emperor, and thus directly bound to himself, Qin Luosheng is not afraid of falling.
Originally, after the Feixiong Ridge incident, it should be kept low-key.
Wings, unlike other equipment, can\'t hide at all, nor can they hide it.
It\'s really conspicuous!
Fortunately, as long as this thing is not turned on, it can shrink down and become a small bat-like thing that can be pinched by one hand.
Hidden in the armor and covered by a cloak, outsiders can\'t even notice it.
"With wings, the problem of losing the aura cloak and missing a flying skill is solved! Moreover, there is still a large amount of crystal coins left, so there is no need to exchange expensive flying charms with Zhang Daoming."
"Sure enough, the emperor is the emperor, and he considers the issue very comprehensively. It is not reliable to enhance my strength, but to make up for my weakness as much as possible, so as not to fall behind in some fundamentally insignificant places and be passively beaten."
Qin Luosheng was very grateful.
From exemption to Yinglong\'s wings, one skill and one piece of equipment happened to be what Qin Luosheng needed most.
If this was not specifically considered for him, he would not believe it.
"Next, the final stage!"
Qin Luosheng equipped Yinglong\'s wings and took out a talisman seal from his backpack.
"Zhang Daoming, don\'t let me down!"
The talisman seal was activated, and the yellow talisman paper burned suddenly, turning into a ray of light soaring into the sky, gradually disappearing in the sky.
Zhang Daoming\'s voice transmission reached Qin Luosheng\'s ears.
"Dao Chang, long time no see!"
Galloping all the way.
Qin Luosheng came to some place outside the city and looked at the empty eyes. When he was frowning, suddenly, like water waves, after the magical array, a paradise with scent of flowers and primroses everywhere appeared, while Zhang Daoming was sitting outside the thatched house. In front of the tea table transformed into a tree stump, cooking tea and tasting tea, it looks like a leisurely and carefree look.
"If you don\'t have a month, how good is a layman?"
Seeing Qin Luosheng coming by the appointment, Zhang Daoming smiled and took out a tea cup and poured him a cup of fragrant tea.
"Why should the Taoist ask knowingly?"
Qin Luosheng smiled bitterly, but still sat down at Zhang Daoming\'s greeting, picked up the hot teacup, blew in, and took a sip.
In an instant.
A unique tea aroma enters the mouth.
Ben was a little anxious, and he quieted down unconsciously.
Concentrate, meditate!
"I\'ve heard a little bit about the layman\'s affairs."
Zhang Daoming smiled and said: "The dragon is domineering, and your majesty is also angry. However, the dragon is powerful, even if your majesty is interested, but because of too many involvements, you can\'t do it. However, the layman can gain the appreciation of the will of the dragon **** and become the contemporary dragon lord. Dao also felt from the layman the breath of Yinglong, a secret treasure in the Huang Family Treasury that belonged to the original cause. If you want to come, your Majesty should have a layout."
Qin Luosheng said nothing.
"Poor Dao is always a person from outside the world, pursuing longevity and longevity, but in the end it is also a human race. In mundane matters, you should be considered for the human race. Besides, if this matter is not understood, it will easily lead to war. Living beings are full of grievances, which is truly a misfortune in the world."
Zhang Daoming said: "Nowadays, the demons are ready to move, and they are likely to come back. At this stage, if the two strongest races of the Destiny Continent are in conflict, there is a dispute, or even a race war starts, it will hurt our vitality, but it will Give the demons a chance."
"Does the Daoist teach me?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help asking.
Zhang Daoming shook his head, and under Qin Luosheng frowned and meditated, he smiled again: "You!"
Qin Luosheng pointed at himself with a face full of astonishment, very puzzled.
"The way to break the game lies inyou!"
Zhang Daoming nodded firmly: "Even though the human race and the dragon race reached a contract and formed an alliance at the beginning, the dragon race was the guardian of the human race, and the human race gave sacrifices and shared luck. However, the human race is a human race, and the dragon race is still a dragon race, and the two races are not combined. As one."
Qin Luosheng listened carefully.
"For countless years, everyone has followed the original contract, not invading each other, but being closely connected with each other."
Zhang Daoming drank the remaining half of the tea in the teacup, and then slowly added a new cup, before he calmly said: "Of course, after so many years of rest and recuperation, the strength of the dragons has gradually recovered. The dragons are arrogant, and again. The former overlord of heaven and earth has now been robbed of dominance by our human race, and it is still the chief culprit for their decline. At present, it is subjugated to the human race and becomes the guardian beast of the human race.
He took another sip of the tea, feeling the hot tea entering his throat, once it was hot to the stomach.
Zhang Daoming continued comfortably: "Guardian Beast, heh, this name sounds good, but in fact it is a vassal, a servant, a slave. We give them some sacrifices and some luck, so they have to protect me. Human race, like a loyal dog, not only that, but also has to run around to ensure that our territories are in good weather and have good grains. If you are a dragon, what shall you do?"