Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 710: : Legendary Wings: Yinglongs Wings
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 710: : Legendary Wings: Yinglongs Wings

[Extreme Healing] Seven elemental basic magic, Yang elemental magic, costing 500 mana, effect Release on a single target, restore one\'s own X points of health (X is current spirit * number of job transfers), cooling time: 10 Seconds, effect , restore 100% of the single target\'s health, and get rid of all current DEBUFF! Cooling time: 5 minutes!
[Extreme Curse] The Yin elemental magic of the seven elementary basic magic, consumes 800 mana, effect releases on a single target, reducing its resistance to all elements by 10%, cooling time: 30 seconds, effect , reducing it 20% elemental resistance of all elements, and erase all current buffs of the target! Duration: 30 seconds, cooling time: 5 minutes!
Yin and Yang magic.
Similar to pastors, except that one is light animal husbandry, who focuses on healing, and the other is dark animal husbandry, who focuses on curses.
[Extreme Wind Blade Art] The wind elemental magic of the seven elemental basic magic costs 300 mana. It is released on a single target, causing 200% intensity damage, and a certain chance of paralysis effect. Cooling time: 10 seconds!
[Extreme Lightning Technique] The lightning elemental magic of the seven elemental basic magic costs 300 mana. It is released on a single target, deducting 5% of its current vitality value, causing 300% strength damage, and a certain chance of paralysis. Cooling time: 10 seconds!
[Extreme Ice Surgery] The water elemental magic of the seven elemental basic magic costs 300 mana. It is released on a single target, causing 150% damage and adding a certain chance of freezing effect. Cooling time: 10 seconds!
[Extreme Fireball] The fire elemental magic of the seven elemental basic magic costs 300 mana. It is released to a single target, causing 250% intensity damage, and a certain probability of burning effect. Cooling time: 10 seconds!
[PolarGravity] The earth elemental magic of the seven elemental basic magic, consumes 300 mana, releases it on a single target, and doubles its gravity. Duration: 3 seconds, cooling time: 10 seconds!
The five elements of wind, thunder, water, fire and earth magic, each has its own characteristics.
The wind is sharp and boundless.
Thunder, masculine endless.
Water is fickle.
Fire, violent and unparalleled.
The earth is thick and boundless.
The five are basic magic, but they have been enhanced to the extreme by the profession of Demon Swordsman. Even their names have "extreme", and they also follow the characteristics of the five elements and give them special abilities.
[Magic Flash] Consumes 1000 mana, teleports within 30 meters, cooling time: 1 minute!
[Sword Slash] Consumes 1000 mana, locks the target, Sword Slash makes a surprise attack, can instantaneously slash it within 20 meters, causing 150% physical damage, additional penetration effect, ignoring defense! Cooling time: 3 minutes!
[Blade Storm] Consumes 5000 mana, rotates the body to form a horrible sweeping sword energy, attacks all targets within 10*10 indiscriminately, with a constant damage of 120%, with a tearing and bleeding effect, duration: 10 seconds , Cooling time: 1 hour!
[Elemental Riot] Consumes 10,000 mana and bursts out the seven elemental powers. Within a range of 30*30, it causes riots in the seven elements of Yin, Yang, wind, thunder, water, fire, and soil, causing 200% magic damage per second. Add any two of the seven negative effects of blindness, confusion, fracture, paralysis, freezing, burning, and gravity, duration: 15 seconds, cooling time: one day!
So strong!
Qin Luosheng watched all the remaining four skills of the Demon Swordsman in one breath, and his heart was full of wonder.
Physical group AOE!
Magic group AOE!
Really worthy of being a Demon Swordsman, Demon and Wu Shuangxiu, it is simply BUG!
In addition.
Qin Luosheng can also choose a certain element for in-depth training.
What to choose?
Qin Luosheng had no bottom at all.
The seven elements have their own characteristics. Except the milk of the Yang element is not very needed, the others are quite good.
"Then choose the water element!"
Unable to decide, Qin Luosheng decisively chose the water element.
With the two treasures of Water Vein Spirit Orb and Ice Spirit Ring, if you can only choose one element, then the water element is undoubtedly the most preferred.
"Ding, you choose the water element for further study, you get: water system ability +10%, all the skills of the water system magician in the second rank!"
Not only has a set of abilities of a magic swordsman, but also all the skills of a normal water magician.
It is a hidden occupation.
It\'s amazing.
This is just the beginning. With the increase in the number of job changes, for example, at level 50, you will have another elemental ability, awakening the second elemental power,...
In the future, the strength will continue to grow stronger, frantically widening the gap with ordinary occupations.
This Demon Swordsman deserves to be given by the emperor. Even in the hidden class, it must be regarded as the high-end hand, even stronger than his shadow warrior, and has a higher growth potential.
[Exemption (Special Skills)] No requirement!
Qin Luosheng looked at the other two rewards.
Even though he didn\'t know what effect the rewarded skill scroll had, Qin Luosheng felt that he was earning money just by looking at the four characters of "special skill".
"Anyway, the reward for this mission was given by the emperor who opened the back door and carefully selected it to protect me from the Battle of Thrilling Dragon Terrace. Let me use it as a nail in the future and nail it into the dragon clan. It must be of great use. Ability!"
Since there are no requirements for skills, Qin Luosheng naturally learned it without hesitation.
[Exemption (Special)] No cost. Five seconds after activation, a special energy field can be formed to neutralize any skills (including damage skills and control skills) that target you next! Cooling time: 10 minutes!
I rub?
Qin Luosheng had a numb scalp.
Isn\'t this Nima the ability to have played a game called "Banshee Veil" in League of Legends?
The difference is that the shield of the banshee veil that eliminates local skills has always existed, but this save requires five seconds to accumulate energy before it can take effect. (Retires for a long time, seems to have equipment called the Blade of Night?)
This is a magical skill!
The lower limit is very low, but the upper limit is also very high.
The key is to see how you use it and where you use it.
If you use it to resist an ordinary general attack, it is violent.
But you can use it on the blade to resist the unique skills of the boss, and it is a master!
If you activate it anytime, anywhere, and use it anytime, anywhere, there is definitely no trouble.
Only the accumulation of power limits that only masters can play and can play their greatest role and the strongest advantage.
"A skill that reverses the two poles will either become funny, or it will be enough to come back!"
Qin Luo ascended to comment: "As expected, it is tailored specifically for my next decisive battle. This skill, if used well, can indeed cause a lot of trouble to Long Yuan, basically for a life!"
Close the skill bar.
Qin Luosheng looked at the last reward-special equipment!
"This, this, it is actually it!"
Qin Luosheng clicked on this small gadget that looked like a bat-shaped dart. Looking at the introduction text above, he was dumbfounded and his mouth couldn\'t close for a long time. "No wonder it\'s special equipment, it\'s really special enough!"
This grade is a little bit unsatisfactory.
How can an epic be worthy of my identity?
"Starlight miracle!"
With a light wave, the epic becomes a legend in seconds.
Today\'s Lord of the Stars, the upper limit is just a legend.
If you get the [Mythic Mark] and sublimate it again, then the epic may also jump into a myth-level equipment!
The legend also made Qin Luosheng very satisfied.
Just do it.
Is it not enough to raise a grade?
This tm is at least ten times the price difference!
Yinglong\'s Wings
Type: Wings
Grade: Legend
Demand: None
Binder: Weeping Soul!
Effect: Four basic attributes +500, luck +2, charm +5
Features: non-tradable, non-stolen, non-drop, non-discard
Special effects: YikongAble to fly with a flying altitude of X (current level * number of job transfers) meters!
Special effects: [Broken the air] Yinglong\'s wings, not affected by air resistance!
Special effects: [Fighting air] air combat, physical flexibility +20%, adaptability +50%!
Incidental skills: [Yinglong Shadow Wing Slash] consumes 5000 mana, activates the power of Yinglong in Yinglong\'s wings and turns it into an energy form Yinglong, forming a sharp slashing shock wave on a straight line 30 meters ahead, causing 500% strength damage, and additional breaking effect (this effect is invalid for BOSS)! Cooling time: 5 hours!
Incidental skills: [Spirit of Yinglong] consumes 30000 mana, summons the remnant soul of Yinglong in the wings of Yinglong to fight for you, duration: 5 minutes, cooling time: seven days! (Note: This skill is extremely dangerous and needs to sacrifice the corresponding soul power to maintain)
Introduction: Yinglong, the ancestor of the dragon family, is the ancestor of the dragon, the innate god, has the power of creation, salvation, and destruction. It has a golden body, nine claws, and colorful wings. Its wings can tear space, travel through time, and possess supernatural powers. This wing of Yinglong was accidentally obtained by the craftsman **** of the human race, and it was made by divine objects. The power of the dragon is dissipated and its power is not as good as before, but it can still conquer the sky. , Soaring into the sky.

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