Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 706: : A brand new 【Medal of Honor
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 706: : A brand new 【Medal of Honor

"Is this... a blessing in disguise?"
Qin Luosheng was very excited.
On Feixion Ridge, he was pitted for ten levels, not to mention the torture, and all his equipment was lost. It was too miserable.
right now.
All came back.
Not only entered the vision of the highest power center of the Great Xia Empire again, the emperor and the military favored it. One personally wrote the imperial decree and sent his servants to rescue him, and the other gave a lot of military merit.
With these two big thick legs, isn\'t Qingyun going straight up in the future?
And there are huge rewards.
Apart from other things, the equipment at this stage is just a little bit profitable in exchange for a title, let alone other rewards.
Even though these are what Qin Luosheng deserves to complete the task, he believes that if there is no such siege and he has become an important part of the human race\'s calculation of the dragon race, the original reward cannot be these.
The current reward must have been tampered with again!
"Calm down, calm down!"
After taking a few deep breaths, Qin Luosheng forced himself to calm down, "Where is it now? The days to come will grow. The human race wants to engage in the dragon race. This is not an overnight thing, and I, but the dragon master appointed by the dragon **** , The natural best chess piece is also the only chess piece, it is impossible not to be reused."
"In the next Battle of Thrilling Dragon Terrace, if I win Long Yuan, I will become the king of the black dragon clan and become the high-level dragon clan if I win the dragon deep. In this way, in terms of status, I will be equal to the dragon emperor. In terms of power, he controls the black dragon clan. At that time, good days will come. You can eat both the human and dragon clan and grow at an extremely fast rate."
After being excited, Qin Luosheng frowned again.
That\'s right.
The future is very bright, so bright that he can\'t imagine it.
If you want to have the opportunity to take both ends, the first prerequisite is-
Win the Battle of Thrilling Dragon Terrace and defeat Long Yuan!
Everything rests.
Don\'t talk about eating both sides, it\'s a question of whether the ID of Soul Cry will exist or not.
"Relax, relax, stabilize your mind, don\'t think too much!"
Qin Luosheng once again showed deep breathing Dafa, "Don\'t think about anything at the moment, do the most important things first, and then talk about the other things, later! -Look at the evolved Medal of Honor first, this is related to the next decisive battle!"
Medal of Honor
Type: Medal
Grade: None
Demand: None
Binder: Weeping Soul!
Effect: Four basic attributes +300, luck +8, charm +15
Features: non-tradable, non-stolen, non-drop, non-discard
Special effects: [Honor] Those who wear the Medal of Honor are all empire heroes. They have the status of "hero" and enjoy certain privileges. The system stores are all 30% off, and certain policy restrictions are lifted!
Incidental skills: [Glory Heart] consumes nothing, as an empire hero, admired by the emperor, and the people\'s desire, can use a certain imperial luck to bless oneself, after activation, all attributes +100%, attack power +100%, Defense +100%, lasts 5 minutes, cooling time: one day!
Incidental skills: [Glory Soul] consumes no cost. After activation, you can summon the heroic imprint recorded in the medal by the mercenary king to fight for you. Each time you summon a random strong, the combat time is up to 10 minutes! Cooling time: 24 hours!
Introduction: The Medal of Honor is only given to heroes who have made great contributions to the empire. It is a symbol of heroes and a symbol of honor.
Looking at the renewed Medal of Honor, Qin Luosheng was so refreshed that he couldn\'t breathe.
With the injection of his own honor, this was originally a medal of honor given by the mercenary group. At this moment, it belongs to him completely, not temporarily!
Not only that.
The Medal of Honor also retains the ability of the Mercenary King Medal, as well as the souls of the original Mercenary King\'s partners protected by it.
Before the comparison.
The ability of the medal has been greatly improved, originally it was only all attributes +80, luck +3, and charm ignored!
It is now a terrifying level of all attributes soaring to 300 points, and the luck value has increased by 5 points, and the charm is still ignored!
Dont say its the critical time now. If you have more power, you have more confidence. Even in the original peak state, with such a large increase, it is extremely rare, and this is still a medal that does not occupy the equipment part, even if it only has 1 attribute. The slight increase in, is equivalent to an extra increase, and it was picked up for nothing. Who is unhappy?
In addition to the attribute enhancement, the Medal of Honor also adds a skill.
[Heart of Honor]!
Just look at the name and you will know that it is in the same line as [Soul of Rongyu].
The effect is very different.
The soul of the glory domain is a summoning.
The heart of honor is an increase.
It is also a 100% full attribute blessing, a super boosting skill that doubles directly.
Not only that.
It also doubled the physical attack and defense capabilities, which is simply abnormal. ,
The duration is also constant, with a full five minutes.
The only pity is that the CD is too long, it takes twenty-four hours a day.
in this way.
It is destined that this skill can only be used at critical moments, as a hole card, unlike Sirius and Leopard who only have a short CD of 5 minutes, and even the leveling mobs can be activated for use. It is true. unfortunately!

Transfer hall!
Compared to how deserted Qin Luo was when he was ascending a few days ago, it is obviously much more lively here.
After so many days, the original second-tier players have gradually caught up. It\'s not as good as level 30. Naturally, they will receive the transfer task as soon as possible. After completing the transfer, they will give a lot of rewards and improve their strength. , It can also strengthen the original skills and learn new advanced skills, which is a considerable increase in combat power.
For ordinary players, this is definitely the first thing!
Even if the job change task will consume a lot of moments, a lot of manpower and materials, it is also the best and cheapest way to improve yourself, whether it is a local tyrant or a poor, whether it is a master or a rookie, it will not let it go.
after all.
Not everyone is a freak like the Weeping Soul.
From the very beginning to the present, the level has been raised to the level of 42 before completing the job transfer task that should have been completed at level 30!
"Warrior, no, Lord Baron, you are finally here!"
Seeing Qin Luosheng, Ge Lin immediately put aside the conversation with other people. Under the awkward gaze of the players waiting to receive the transfer quest, he respectfully talked with Qin Luosheng, "Your deeds have spread throughout the empire, I I am proud of you, facing the siege of more than a dozen real dragons, and facing death without losing vigor and arrogance, you are this!"
A thumb was raised towards Qin Luo.
"Excessive reputation, excessive reputation!"
Qin Luosheng waved his hand again and again, and said modestly: "You are still the same as before. You call me so, it makes me a little nervous. The title is recognized by your majesty, and I accept it, but I am still me, the crying soul of the past! "