Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 704: : Lorraine point
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 704: : Lorraine point

"What\'s the matter? Qi Luo is not there, even Mengmeng is not there?"
Walking out of Luoshenju, Qin Luo raised a question mark in his head.
Kee Luo can still understand her absence, but Mengmeng, a heavy "house" who basically stays at home, has been studying Juetian Corpse Poison recently. Where did she go?
For some reason, Qin Luosheng had a bad feeling.
"Forget it, now is not the time to think about this, I have to hurry up."
Looking at the three small porcelain bottles in his hand, this is the finished product Mengmeng left him in the secret room. The epic-level deadly corpse poison is one of the cards to deal with Long Yuan, so bring them all.
"Let\'s go to Ge Lin to entrust a job transfer task, or go to the City Lord\'s Mansion?"
Qin Luosheng stood at the door and hesitated, "Go to the City Lord\'s Mansion first! This time, thanks to Luo Li, her father Lorraine must be indispensable. Otherwise, the entire Rose Knights will be dispatched, even if Luo Li is the leader. I\'m afraid it won\'t work!"
Came to the city lord\'s mansion in a light car, the guard at the gate saw that it was Qin Luosheng, the two medals on his chest almost didn\'t stray blindly, the step of interrogation was directly omitted, and he hurried in to report.
Qin Luo ascended in, and was stayed all the way to the main living room of the City Lord\'s Mansion.
Some greetings.
Lord Lorraine and Qin Luo were seated.
"You are late, Luo Li has been summoned into Kyoto by your majesty!"
Knowing Qin Luosheng\'s intentions, Lorraine shook his head and said, "You don\'t have to thank you, the Dragon Clan dared to enter unannounced, and still attacked the people of the empire. As the lord of the city, I naturally have no reason to sit back and watch."
"In fact, your Majesty is also furious, and has ordered the Dragon Emperor to visit Kyoto in person to explain. I don\'t know the specifics, but the Dragons should have paid a lot of price to calm the matter."
"However, the battle between you and the Black Dragon King Longyuan is imperative, and no one can stop it. If you are only a citizen of my empire, there is still something to say, but you are also the dragon master of the dragon clan. Then, Jinglong Taiwan is a hurdle that cannot be circumvented. Even the Dragon Sovereign is not qualified to participate in the decisive battle on the Thrilling Dragon Platform."
"This battle is very important. It is not only about your net worth and life, but also a lot. As for what it is, you don\'t have to know. Knowing more is not good for you. You only need to know a little bit and win. As long as you can win, then everything is wrong. It\'s easy to solve."
"You nail, maybe after the race war, the alliance between the human race and the dragon race has changed a little. From then on, the human race is the main and the dragon race is supplemented, and it becomes a vassal of my human race."
Qin Luosheng was stunned.
Unexpectedly, this group of behind-the-scenes bosses planned so deeply.
This tm calculation is simply perfect.
Regarding the Dragon Race as an ally is actually a semi-vassal. Otherwise, why can the emperor of the human race be able to declare the Dragon King? You must know that one is the emperor of the human race and the other is the emperor of the dragon race. In terms of status, they are equal!
One imperial decree and one edict can suppress the true dragon.
This is absolutely impossible for pure imperial aura to do, there must be some reason in it.
To know.
In the original war between the human race and the dragon race, it was the dragon race that was defeated. Since it was the defeated side, it was absolutely impossible to try to expose the matter without paying any price.
It\'s a good thing to use the dragon as a totem, to be named as the protector of the country, and to share the human luck. How can it be reduced to the loser to enjoy it? The dragon must have paid what price!
"The little girl in your house, and the half-dragon who is a human and dragon race, because they are afraid that they will be tricked when you are away, so Luo Li took them to go to Kyoto with Luo Li, you dont need it. Worry, just concentrate on dealing with the Battle of Thrilling Dragon Terrace!"
That\'s it.
It\'s no wonder that Qin Luosheng didn\'t find the two Nizis, because Luo Li had taken them away.
So, that\'s fine.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t believe in Lorraine and the emperor. After all, they were old foxes with foresight. The words of politicians were absolutely unbelievable, but Luo Li and Qin Luosheng trusted them 100%.
Whether it was the emperor\'s intention or Lorraine\'s order, but Mengmeng and Qiluo were taken by Luo Li, Qin Luosheng felt relieved.
Mengmeng and Qiluo were taken hostages by some people with ulterior motives, and they were used to check and balance him, fearing that he would not work hard in the Battle of the Terrorist Dragon Platform, or what agreement reached with the Dragon King, which made it difficult to implement their plan to pit the dragon clan. , Ke Luoli is here, at least it can guarantee their lives are safe, and at most they are under house arrest, and they won\'t suffer any suffering.
no way.
No one is strong now, even if it\'s upset, you have to endure it.
This is just Gu Gong Snake Shadow\'s guess!
"In this battle, the Dragon Clan will not help Long Yuan, and we cannot help you, we can only rely on you!"
Lorraine continued, seeing Qin Luosheng\'s slightly disappointed look, smiled, and said: "We can\'t help you, but you can help yourself!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
What do you mean?
I help myself?
"Grin came to report to me before, and you took his two missions. Later, I also sent people to your mission location to check. This time, it\'s not like the original one. As many people as you go in will sacrifice as many people. , I can\'t bring out any information."
Lorraine said: "You have made great contributions, not only to eliminate the great threat of the devil\'s palace, but also to solve an old case. The lord of the Taring Kingdom is already on the way to come. Your Majesty will not spare him this time. To poke such a big basket, not only was the Taring Kingdom shamed, but also the entire human race. As the sovereign state, Daxia also has no light on my face!"
"Your credit has been written down, remember to go to Ge Lin to receive it!"
Lorraine glanced at Qin Luosheng deeply without a trace, and Qin Luosheng understood.
It is true not to be able to help him, it is also true to help him.
Can\'t be done on the surface, can it be done in secret?
Moreover, this is not secretly given, but to be given upright and frankly.
The dragons must have criticisms.
It doesn\'t matter if there are criticisms, once the dragon clan also intervenes in the battle of Jinglongtai and gives Longyuan a hole card, it will be completely finished.
after all.
Qin Luosheng\'s only chance of winning was relying on external forces, and his true strength was absolutely impossible to match Long Yuan.
It just so happens that the Dragon Clan has a profound background. Even if the Human Clan can compare it, it is impossible to give Qin Luosheng to Qin Luosheng for no reason. Those ministers were the first to be unable to stop their mouths and would strongly object.
In this case.
The one who can help Qin Luo ascend must have been created by him himself.
It just so happens.
Solved the [Magic Palace] this big~ trouble, isn\'t it just a great achievement?
Must be rewarded.
Ordinary things have no effect in this battle, and the level is not enough, even cannon fodder is not qualified.
Useful things are owned by Qin Luosheng, and all fools can see the problem when they suddenly appear in Qin Luosheng\'s hands.
It was Qin Luosheng who got the reward he deserved. Who has anything to say?
The teacher is famous!
It is reasonable to travel around the world, and the yoyo mouth can also be blocked!

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