Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 703: : Regroup
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 703: : Regroup

Destiny of the world.
Star City.
After a few days of absence, Qin Luosheng returned to this familiar place again.
"Tomorrow is the time of the decisive battle, and the time will be less than eight hours."
After checking the mission time, Qin Luosheng took a deep breath and looked at himself again. There was nothing except the novice commoner.
Do not.
It can\'t be said that there is nothing, at least on the novice commoner, there are two glorious shining medals.
"It\'s fine and light!"
Stretching, feeling relaxed like never before, Qin Luosheng was very comfortable.
Even though the game world is calculated and pitted to the present state, it is very disheartening, but the real world, the rewards are huge, he avenged his predecessor and eliminated his obsession. Now, there is only one Qin Luosheng left in this world. It is him, this body is also completely integrated with his soul, and is under his control.
Even though these were sacrificed a certain amount of freedom, and gave up a lot of benefits, but also in exchange for an additional "partner", but Qin Luosheng felt that it was very worthwhile.
at least.
With the intervention of the Rose Club and the woman Du Qiangwei as a partner, he can be considered as being backed by the big tree to enjoy the coolness.
Who is his Weeping Soul?
With his trump card, Qiangwei still has to help him hide his identity and swallow the trump card?
The operation of such a large force is far stronger than him alone.
There is also the hidden dragon pavilion and the food as an immortal. With the help of professionals, even if it is a three-point profit, he will definitely make more than he can stock it by himself!
"Tomorrow, parents and younger brothers and sisters should also be in the magic capital. With the influence of the Du family, ordinary people would never be able to do something, just one sentence! This is the benefit of power and money."
Qin Luosheng squinted his eyes and pondered as he headed towards the hidden dragon pavilion. "My parents\' residence is arranged in a wealthy community with strong security. My younger brother and younger sister\'s school status has also been transferred, and they are among the best in the class. Basically, as long as I am in the private school, as long as I dont fall out with Du Qiangwei, then they will have absolutely no problems, they will live well, and they will be well protected."
"As for other aspects, buying a house or something, the dowry for my younger sister\'s wedding, and the wedding gift for my younger brother\'s marriage, are just trivial. Anyway, I am also a billionaire now, and letting them live a luxurious life is a piece of cake. What\'s more, I But if you sit on Jinshan, you will definitely make more money in the future. At least, it is simple to raise them and be carefree for a lifetime. In this way, it can be regarded as an explanation for the predecessor."
Forget it.
Why do you think about this?
Is it still a problem if money can solve it?
I\'m here.
Who dares to move them?
Top priority.
First think about what I should do!
If the Battle of Jinglongtai loses, then maybe it will be forced to delete the account. At that time, it will be bad if it has no use value.
Now I am not suitable for turning my face with Du Qiangwei, and I have to rely on her power for a while. Only when my wings are full, can the sky be high and the sea will be wide, let me gallop.
Hold on!
Can\'t wave!
After warning himself several times in his heart, Qin Luosheng went to the second floor of the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, looked at the equipment and potions piled up in the warehouse, and ignored it.
Now he is not in the mood to sublimate these things to sell money with the miracle of stars!
A few hours later, it will be a battle that will determine the fate. Is it too long to waste physical energy doing this at this critical time?
"Huh, isn\'t Keira out?"
Didnt see Qi Luo, Qin Luosheng didnt care. In addition to being in charge of Hidden Dragon Pavilion, this Nizi was also responsible for eating as an immortal. She was very busy, plus she gave the last drop of Dragon Gods blood last time, maybe where she is now. Retreat.
Shaking his head, Qin Luosheng opened his personal warehouse and took out the previously hidden equipment, the epic equipment Gorefiend Gauntlets, Gorefiend Crown, which has not yet been identified.
"Unfortunately, I don\'t need it anymore!"
It was originally intended to be used to deal with the Battle of Jinglongtai, but unfortunately, like the Liangyi Dao Sword and Liuli Dao Robe that were prepared earlier, I don\'t need it anymore.
The threshold of level 40 limits the current him!
The siege of Feixion Ridge was too cruel.
Even at the last juncture, relying on the gift of the ultimate naga god, using the BUG skills of the Lord of the Stars, "gift" the re-evolved Water Vein Spirit Orb\'s trick to Longshan, and completed the final blow, this guy didn\'t have it. Let him down, take him a hand, and bring him back from level 0 to level 34, but this is far from enough.
"Oh, time is limited, I can only choose the taller among the short ones!"
Without equipment, it is equivalent to a tiger without teeth. This is absolutely impossible.
Where can I find equipment in a short time?
Just as Qin Luosheng was preparing to pick a few suitable ones from the Hidden Dragon Pavilion, first the starlight miraculous sublimation, and then take the time to strengthen it, do not need to strengthen +10, at least you have to get +7, +8, and use it first. .
this is.
The communicator rang suddenly.
turn on.
I found that there were not many friends, and each of them sent a message. Looking at the time, it was still a long time ago. It was just the banning formation of Fei Xiongling, which blocked everything, so I did not receive it.
Ignoring the previous message, Qin Luosheng looked at the person who was calling at the moment, Yatu, his eyes narrowed slightly, and his expression was playful.
If I let this guy know that he just solved his collateral brother Lin Mingzhou, I don\'t know what expression he will have!
"Brother Crying Soul, I\'m sorry!"
The first sentence of ACTO is to apologize.
"It\'s because of my lax discipline that I\'m out of a scum like Li Xiong."
Yatu said guiltily: "This guy was bought by Lei Hao for his daughter\'s illness, so when Qingsi and I entered the hidden map for quests, I secretly led you into the pit. It\'s my fault, I That guy has been executed, and the sun will never be seen in this life. I..."
"Well, the matter ends here. It\'s me who is stupid and arrogant. I stepped into the trap unpreparedly. No wonder others. You are you and he is him. I have a clear distinction."
Qin Luosheng interrupted Lin Yatu and said, "Let\'s do it, I have another tough battle to fight next. Time is limited, so I have to prepare first. If you have anything, I will talk about it later."
Qin Luosheng directly hung up the communication, then blocked the communicator and set it to the "Do Not Disturb" mode, and no longer received any information!
"You can choose equipment or something later, anyway, set the conditions, there will be so many that can meet the requirements, at least the gold is the base, and it is still high-grade gold, and the amount is not large."
Putting the Gorefiend\'s handguards and other specially reserved equipment into the backpack, Qin Luosheng walked towards Luoshenju, "First put these things away, and then go to deliver the task. The trip to the devil\'s palace, it took several days to complete, rewards I haven\'t received it yet. The most important thing is that if you don\'t deliver the task, it\'s not the second rank. Even the minimum requirements for the Battle of the Thrilling Dragon are not met, and you can\'t go up, let alone a decisive battle."

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