Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 699: : Liquidating cause and effect, eliminating obsessions (Part 2)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 699: : Liquidating cause and effect, eliminating obsessions (Part 2)

Wu County!
After a three-hour flight and a two-hour drive, Qin Luosheng finally returned to his hometown.
"The boss has made arrangements. If you have any instructions, you can tell me directly. I will try my best to help you!"
The woman in a suit got out of the car, opened the door to Qin Luosheng, and handed him a mobile phone, "You go home, I\'ll be here waiting for you, call me if you have anything!"
"Thank you!"
Qin Luosheng took the phone, thanked him, and walked towards the home in his memory.
His hometown is a small town in Wuxian County. The family was originally a catering company. He opened a small restaurant and his life was pretty good. Even though he was tired from getting up early, he had no worries about food and clothing, and he lived well.
He is the elder of the family, and there is a younger sister and a younger brother below. If I remember correctly, the younger sister is in the second year of high school and will soon enter the third year, and the younger brother is about to upgrade to the high school.
Qin Luosheng originally planned to go directly to the restaurant in the town, instead of going back to his hometown where there was no access to the road, but Du Qiangwei\'s news was that Li Ru **** was looking for trouble, and the restaurant had been smashed.
"Smash me..."
Qin Luosheng, who was walking on the road, thinking about how to face his predecessor\'s parents, suddenly heard a loud noise.
"problem occurs!"
In the direction of the sound source, as expected, Qin Luosheng "cocked" in his heart, and immediately ran forward with his feet.
"Li Ru, what are you going to do?"
Qin Luosheng\'s mother Zhou Shu looked at Li Ru, who was dressed up in fashion and turned into heavy make-up, in the whole ladyboy, this woman who had almost become her daughter-in-law, looked angry in her eyes.
"What are you doing?"
The coolly dressed Li Ru glanced at Zhou Shu in disgust, and said coldly: "Quickly hand over Qin Luosheng\'s contact information, or you call him back. It is because of him that Mingzhou brother ignored me. He ruined my dream of going to a big city, ruined my dream of marrying a rich family, and I will make him pay the price."
"Stop talking nonsense, settle things quickly, it\'s not good for anyone to make a big mess."
Next to him, a killer Matt Huangmao licked his lips disgustingly. He glanced greedily at Li Ru, who showed a large white skin, and said, "Three thousand yuan, you promised, and after the matter is finished , You have to give me the remaining two thousand dollars right away. You say a few words to solve the problem a little bit, I dont want to just get out of the game and go in again."
"Okay! Okay! Isn\'t it five thousand yuan? When my Mingzhou brother comes, fifty thousand yuan will be a trivial matter."
Li Ru was a little impatient, but he still obeyed Huang Mao\'s words and said to Zhou Shu: "Hurry up, you also heard, my big brothers don\'t have much patience."
"I won\'t give it to you, you have to die!" Zhou Shu said hoarsely: "Before we were blind, so we had a good relationship with your Li family. It hurts you as a daughter. Because of you , My son ruined his life, you still dont let him go. Even if I die today, you dont want to hurt my son anymore."
"It\'s such a great maternal love!" Li Ru shouted with a distorted expression: "Since you are so ignorant of current affairs, then don\'t blame me. Smash it for me, it\'s all smashed. Also, teach me a lesson. By the way, there is an old man in the room. I heard that he broke his leg. Don\'t let it go."
"Hey, we are only responsible for smashing things, and beating people is not in the agreed scope." Huang Mao glanced at the gangsters around him, and then said: "If you want us to hit people, you have to add money!"
"Jia Jia Jia!" Li Ru said irritably, "I\'ll add another ten thousand to you and get things done for me."
"Ten thousand?" Huang Mao\'s eyes lit up, "Since there is money, that\'s it."
"You bastards, in broad daylight, aren\'t you afraid of Wang Fa?" A low roar came from inside the house. Qin Luosheng\'s father, Qin Fuchu, walked out with a walking stick and his legs in plaster cast, looking at the messy house. , He was outraged, who had always been honest.
"Wang Fa?" Huang Mao smiled, "There are no ghosts except us. Who knows we did it? Old stuff, I advise you to know the current affairs and save yourself the pain. Hmph, give you ten seconds to think about it, otherwise,..."
The sudden voice interrupted Huang Mao\'s arrogant words.
As a professional gangster, fighting, stealing, and getting into the game, I dont know how many times he has entered the game. Naturally, he has his own set of survival rules. Huang Mao looked at the voice and saw a gloomy face and violent eyes. The whole body exudes the cold and domineering he has never felt before in the underworld brother, and it withers in an instant.
I have confirmed the look in my eyes, I can\'t afford it!
Seeing the visitor, Qin Fu and Zhou Shu couldn\'t help but yelled, "Son!"
"Qin Luosheng, you finally dared to show up." Li Rumeng on the side gave a moment of joy, and his face was full of joy.
Qin Luosheng appeared. Then, she was not far from completing the task assigned by Lin Mingzhou, her friend, and she could also return to the man as soon as possible, enter the big city, and marry into a wealthy family.
"Li Ru, it doesn\'t matter what you do to me. It doesn\'t matter what you choose is not me. You can\'t force it on emotional matters. But what are you doing now? You are a single-parent family, and the whole family depends on your mother to live alone. It is difficult at home. Since I was young, I basically grew up eating in my restaurant. I dont beg you to show your gratitude, but how did you treat my parents? You grew up eating the food they gave me!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t even see a few stiff gangsters. Under the influence of the memory of his predecessor, he was extremely angry at the woman with heavy makeup in front of him. The lover of the predecessor yelled angrily: "You are greedy for vanity and don\'t want to stay here. It doesn\'t matter if you want to go to a big city or marry a wealthy family in a county or in a small town, and become a plaything of Lin Mingzhou."
"But you shouldn\'t be absolutely wrong, you shouldn\'t have worked with Lin Mingzhou to frame me and slander me for your phoenix dream, so that I was not only interrupted on the eve of the college entrance examination, unable to take the college entrance examination, but also seized by the police station. I dont want to say that my fame was lost, and my family was exhausted, and my family went bankrupt before I was released on bail."
"You ruined my life, such a great hatred, I haven\'t found you yet, now, you dare to come to find things, and you are wicked for a scumbag, a rich second-generation dude, viciously stretched out your poisonous hand to support you. Great benefactor?"
Qin Luosheng spoke word by word, conforming to his heart, conforming to the obsession of his predecessor, full of resentment, tears of blood, and full of violence that could not be suppressed at all.
"Come on, give me a word, how do you want to die?"

PS: Okay, I\'m SB, try to compress it, but I still overwrite it. Don\'t panic, I will explain it as soon as possible. This plot is to eliminate the obsession of the predecessor and lead out the supporting actor Lin Mingzhou by the way. Although it is a transition, it cannot be omitted. Return to the main line of the game immediately. By the way, tomorrow and Sunday, if there are no accidents, you should have plenty of time to pay back the account you owed for a long time. As for how much you can pay back, please forgive me as a handicapped party. Look at the sky (my). Come (huan)! (funny)