Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 696: : Suspicious clouds! Mysterious girl!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 696: : Suspicious clouds! Mysterious girl!

"Get up and follow me!"
Taking a deep breath without traces, Bing Beauty thought her movements were concealed enough, but in fact it was true. If it hadn\'t been for the thing to shake without traces, Qin Luosheng hadn\'t really noticed her movements.
"I do not go!"
Appreciation belongs to appreciation, but Qin Luosheng will not be lustful, thinking that it is a good thing to be taken away, and will not think that after having a skin relationship with her, he will be able to surrender her.
This woman, Scarlet Rose, is not only cunning like a fox, extremely ambitious, tactical and calculating, but also very terrifying, and the city is extremely deep, and she is good at dancing with long sleeves.
"The girl is gone, I want to stay here and wait for her!"
This is not Qin Luosheng\'s evasive words, but the truth.
"Right, !"
Speaking of , Qin Luosheng just remembered that Nizi, it seemed that she had been missing for a long time.
Originally, he had fallen asleep for nearly a day because of the Feixiongling incident, and it has been a long time. Now, he is enjoying the blessings but he is not conscious, but he must have slept for more than ten hours at least, because the sky is already dark outside.
"Call the police, yes, call the police!"
In panic, Qin Luosheng was like everyone else, the first thing he thought of was the cute uncles of law enforcement!
"What the **** are you doing? Acting?"
Qin Luosheng\'s panic was so disgusting in the eyes of the ice beauty Du Qiangwei, "That\'s right, you are very good at acting. First, you deceived me, you are not a Weeping Soul, and that you are an ordinary person, and then you admit your own My identity has become like a demon again, turning me..."
Speaking of which.
Du Qiangwei didn\'t know if it was the way it was, or was tortured for so long because of the first encounter with a man and woman. As a result, his weak and pale face suddenly rose with a slight blush.
"Now, you wake up and don\'t admit it again, it\'s so funny!"
Du Qiangwei continued the above words and said again: "The most shameful thing is that in order to pretend, you actually fabricated a non-existent person. Do you think you can fool me?"
"Someone who doesn\'t exist?"
Qin Luosheng was a little surprised, squinted at Du Qiangwei, and asked: "Do you know what you are talking about? Since you have investigated me so clearly, you still have a certainty that I am the Weeping Soul, even more so that I just admitted my identity. I also went violently and put you on it."
Got you on it?
Even Du Qiangwei, who is indifferent, long-sleeved and good at dancing, couldn\'t help being emotional and glaring at him when he heard Qin Luosheng\'s vulgar words and the protagonist was still her.
"But let me tell you, I dont have that memory in my mind. So, there are only two possibilitiesthe first is that youre doing a ghost, how can you make me unconscious, and then I dont know the scene just now. The design pits me!"
Pit you?
Du Qiangwei suddenly couldn\'t help it. The old lady was obviously forced by your villain, tortured and tortured, and lost the most precious thing of a woman. How dare you even suspect that I\'m doing a ghost?
Go to death the dog man!
"Second, something has affected me and made me lose my mind!"
Seeing that Du Qiangwei was about to swallow people, Qin Luosheng quickly said the second possibility.
at the same time.
This is also the point he most doubts.
He couldn\'t understand his previous state. Before losing consciousness, he was madly suppressing his violent aura, and at the same time, suppressing the magic wheel of fear that hadn\'t been awakened for a long time.
The violence is gone, and the wheel of fear doesn\'t seem to be a demon anymore.
This is totally unreasonable.
Something made him vent, and the wheel of fear continued to fall asleep with satisfaction.
Even if you don\'t have consciousness when doing things, you can\'t do anything about the residue and sensation on the body.
not to mention.
The traces on the woman in front of him, those extremely conspicuous red marks and bruises under the white jade skin, he recognized, they were definitely his own handwriting.
This time.
Really hammered.
Really tm is his own sin!
"I will investigate your information and repeat it from beginning to end."
Suddenly, Qin Luosheng looked solemn, and looked at Du Qiangwei earnestly and said: "Let\'s start to finish, don\'t miss a little."
"Qin Luosheng was born in..."
Du Qiangwei said seriously, Qin Luosheng listened carefully.
"Wait, you said I don\'t have neighbors in my hometown?"
Qin Luosheng interrupted Du Qiangwei in amazement, looked at her incredulously, and asked: "I don\'t have a brother named Qin Li who is 15 years older than me? He doesn\'t have a daughter named ? Wasn\'t Laimo both working with his wife in a car accident two months ago, leaving only one daughter, who was adopted by me?"
Qin Luosheng asked madly.
He wanted to get a positive answer from Du Qiangwei\'s mouth, but he was disappointed. The cold woman spit out only two words that were colder, making him fall into the abyss.
"What\'s wrong with you?"
Seeing the desperate Qin Luosheng, recalling the inexplicable words he had just said, and reminiscing about his demon-like figure just now, Du Qiangwei trembled, and his voice changed slightly, "Is his personality split?"
"No, it\'s not right, this is not my imagination..."
Ignoring Du Qiangwei, Qin Luosheng seemed to have thought of something. He didn\'t even wear any clothes. He just got out of bed and crawled out of bed. Under Du Qiangwei\'s shameless eyes, he opened the door and ran out.
"Yes, existed, yes, she is really there..."
Na Nizis room is as familiar as ever. Qin Luosheng has watched Na Nizi get up countless times, and he cant be wrong. Even to prove that he is not in schizophrenia, he set it up by himself, like a pervert. On the bed, the nose was smelling the scent from the blanket, and there was really a unique fragrance pouring into the nasal cavity.
The proof is like a mountain!
Qin Luosheng ran to the bathroom again.
Toothbrushes, water cups, towels, toiletries,...
It\'s all there.
Same as many.
These ones.
They are all traces of the existence of the , an iron proof that she is a real existence.
Why did Du Qiangwei lie? Want to tell a lie that would be broken by this jab?
It\'s not logical at all!
Even though this woman has long sleeves and is good at dancing, the city is very deep and her acting skills are quite good, but it is impossible for her to deceive him completely without revealing any flaws.
of course.
The biggest doubt is that she doesn\'t need to lie.
Concealing the existence of the nanny is no good to her at all.
in contrast.
If Du Qiangwei had control of her daughter, it would be more advantageous and more able to threaten him.
"What exactly is going on?"
Qin Luosheng had a splitting headache.
"Although I don\'t know what\'s going on, I don\'t have to lie to you about this matter. If you don\'t believe me, I have detailed information over there, you can go and take a look."
Dressed up, Du Qiangwei staggered and endured the pain, her eyebrows frowned slightly, and she limped out, looking at her naked body, with eight pack abs and perfect mermaid line, Qin Luosheng who had an exploded figure, especially It was the 18cm giant that was shaking with his headache and shaking, and his face instantly became ruddy.