Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 695: : Wake up from dream! stunned! Scum!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 695: : Wake up from dream! stunned! Scum!

eal world.
Qin Luosheng woke up from his deep sleep.
"I... where is this...?"
His whole body was sore, and his head was like being trampled on by an elephant, and the pain was so painful that it was about to split.
"my home?"
Opening his eyes hard and looking at the familiar ceiling, Qin Luosheng knew where he was, frowning slightly, his mind began to turn after he was sober, and his memories flooded like a tide.
When she was approached by the familiar woman, and kicked into the door by the violent suit woman, there was a fault in her memory.
He forgot, can\'t remember it!
"What happened? Why did I become unconscious?"
Qin Luosheng recalled vigorously, but he couldn\'t remember the next thing at all, and couldn\'t remember what happened to him, why he was in such a weak state and unbearable pain.
"Huh? Who is it?"
I wanted to get up, but suddenly realized something was wrong, as if there was something pressing on me.
Look down.
The first thing I saw was the messy bed, and the three thousand green silks that looked like a waterfall,...
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes widened in amazement.
What\'s the matter?
Am i dreaming?
Why do women appear on my bed?
Could it be that you have been single for a long time, and even think of women in your dreams?
Qin Luosheng\'s brain was down for a while.
The pain all over his body, the real touch on his arm, the fragrance of the woman that has drifted into his nose,...
These are all reminding him that this is true!
He really fell asleep by others without knowing it, and lost his virginity that was nearly fifty years old in his previous and present lives! (funny)
"You finally woke up!"
Just as Qin Luosheng was completely at a loss, the woman in her arms seemed to be aware of his state, and raised her head, revealing a face that was full of the country and the city, but the owner of this face was pale at the moment, with a pair of seemingly quiet eyes. Contains unspeakable anger and...complexity!
"It\'s you?"
Qin Luosheng was dumbfounded.
This woman turned out to be the ice beauty who came here!
I tm cracked!
If I remember correctly, I knew it in less than a day, right? No, to be precise, I knew it in less than an hour, right?
How did it develop, skipping countless steps in a flash, and directly progressing to the last step, a home run?
This was unbelievable in the ancient times when feudal ethics was prevalent, but in today\'s society, it is really commonplace.
This is also very unreasonable!
He is a dick, and this woman, no matter how you look at it, belongs to that kind of eldest lady with an extraordinary background and a distinguished family.
Why would Mao get together with him? (Well, there is something wrong with the word "make"?
It seemed that a sound was heard, and a worried voice came from outside the door.
And this voice.
Qin Luosheng was astonished for an instant.
If he had no auditory hallucinations, this seemed to be the voice of the violent woman in a suit, right, it was that like a superman who kicked his door with one foot and left a deep pit footprint on the metal door. The heroine!
"This Nima!"
Qin Luosheng\'s face suddenly turned green.
He had been doing something with a strange woman in a daze, and was already challenging his outlook on life. Unexpectedly, there was another woman standing guard at the door. Isn\'t it a corner of the wall that let others listen all night? (One night, what about fooling ghosts?)
This, this, this...
This is too exciting!
My tm is about to spiral into the sky and explode on the spot!
"It\'s okay!"
The tone of the ice beauty in her arms was as cold as ever, the same as when Qin Luosheng met her before, as if she did not fluctuate at all because she was still lying in the arms of a strange man.
"How did you do the aftermath?"
Bing Mei asked.
"I have already explained everything. To the outside world, Miss, you lived in the villa in Xiaoshan to meditate. No one knows your whereabouts!"
The woman in a suit outside the door replied.
"That\'s good, go and prepare the car, get out of here as soon as possible!"
Bingmei ordered.
The lady in the suit has a strong executive power, and after the order was given, she immediately took action.
The sound of footsteps outside gradually faded away, and soon, a slight door slamming sounded into the ears of Qin Luosheng and Qin Luosheng. Suddenly, there was a little lively room and quietness was restored again.
"How long do you want to lie down? Or, do you want to relive my taste?"
The Bing Beauty looked at Qin Luosheng expressionlessly, her tone was cold, she couldn\'t tell whether she had such a tone, or she was angry, "Get up, follow me!"
Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched, and wanted to go back, just watching her frown when she got up, with a slightly pained expression on her face, she saw the blood stains that had dried up on the bed, and when she reached her mouth, she swallowed forcibly. Went back.
"Although I don\'t know what happened, it was just an accident. This is not an excuse, and I am not a scumbag."
Forcibly removing his gaze from the naked back that was as smooth as jade, as silk as satin, and as holy as snow lotus, Qin Luosheng swallowed fiercely, and then bit the tip of his tongue heavily. She was deceived by the female fairy, he lowered his eyes and said, Ill say it again, Im not the Weeping Soul, you found the wrong person. Im just an ordinary person, an otaku, and a dick, and you, even though I dont know you. Your identity, but your temperament, your appearance, and your clothes, bodyguards around you, all show off. Your status is extremely honorable and I am not worthy of you."
"So what?" Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s words, Bing Beauty\'s more chilling eyes looked over, her originally quiet expression suddenly turned into a trace of murderous intent, "You are a woman who treats me as a mischievous woman, play with you all night. Q?"
Qin Luosheng:...
"This is not my fault!"
Looking at the unobstructed fruit body, at least 36D on the mountains, a certain pink scenery came into view when he turned around and exposed in front of him, Qin Luosheng\'s eyes straightened, and his mouth became dry for a while.
Past and Present.
Has he ever seen such a scene, after such a battle?
I don\'t know if it is the welfare after crossing, or the spiritual evolution brought by the world of destiny, or the stability of the great magician. Diaosi\'s mentality has lasted for too long, and he has not been tempted and resisted.
"Believe it or not, I am the victim. I don\'t even know what happened!"
This statement came out.
The temperature of the entire room plummeted.
The ice beauty, who had acted indifferently and indifferently, had a trace of anger in her eyes, then returned to coldness, and then evolved into violent, condensed into killing intent!
"Everyone is an adult and you should be responsible for your words and deeds. It\'s your first time, and so am I. Why don\'t you just let it go? I..."