Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 686: : The spirit of the emperor! Suppress! Fight to the death!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 686: : The spirit of the emperor! Suppress! Fight to the death!

"The Emperor\'s decree is here!"
The attendant in the eunuch\'s uniform has a cold face, a pair of falcon-like eyes, and a horror to the extreme, a breath of extreme horror, overwhelming the entire battlefield, whether it is a real dragon or the knights of the Rose Knights who are allies, one after another. His face changed drastically, he couldn\'t help but stopped the movement in his hands, not daring to make any trouble.
"The emperor of the people said: The dragons entered the territory of our empire for no reason, besieged the people of our empire, triggered the laws of the empire, and the crime is unforgivable. He immediately put on the dragon rope and escorted to the capital with the Knights of Rose, and be punished by law! this!"
Under the eyes of everyone, the close attendant holding the imperial decree was expressionless, and opened it, sounding like Hongzhongs reading on the spot. His tone was dull and frustrated, with a sense of rhythm. His tone was very gentle, but his words were full of extreme dominance and harmony. Tianwei.
This is not the words of the attendant, but the intention of the emperor!
The imperial edict is providence!
The emperor is the destiny!
"You guys, please stop by and go to Kyoto with your house!"
The attendant stretched out his hand coldly and made an invitation.
"Absurd! Asshole!"
A real dragon rose up and roared: "The emperor of the human race, how can I condemn my dragon race? Get out of here~"
"Since everyone refuses to cooperate, the family has no choice but to offend!"
The attendant glanced blankly at the roaring dragon, waved his hand, and the imperial decree in his hand suddenly floated, releasing a gorgeous golden brilliance. The words that should have been written on it seemed to come alive at this moment, twisted and transformed, Eventually formed a simple big character-town!
In an instant.
The unspeakable emperor\'s aura burst out, and the vast sky was crushed down. The originally arrogant six-headed real dragons wailed one after another. Their huge bodies were as if they were bombarded by Mount Tai, and they could no longer support the sky technique. He hit the ground heavily.
"No, it\'s impossible..."
Long Tan, who controls Qin Luoshengs bargaining chip on the ground, was not affected. He watched with his eyes splitting and was instantly defeated. He was banned by a word evolved by the emperors imperial spirit, and he couldnt even hold on to the basic trick of flying into the sky. My companions, a heart fell into the ice cellar.
"Hahaha... It seems that we should have won this battle!"
Contrary to Long Tan\'s state of mind, Qin Luosheng, who was still grabbing his head and holding it in his hand, couldn\'t help laughing wildly.
"Shut up!" Long Yan roared: "Even if we are all in different places and buried in other places, you will not survive. Even if I die, I will drag you to hell!"
"Really? If you can do it, then try it!" Qin Luosheng\'s expression was extremely cold, his eyes released the ultimate crazy color, and he looked at the irritable Long Tan without flinching, and said provocatively: "Come on, Let me see, what can you do with this trash!"
He is betting!
Bet that the attendant who carries the imperial edict of the Emperor is capable of saving him!
How can he be a simple character who can follow the human emperor who can suppress the six true dragons with one word as his personal servant?
Don\'t say anything else.
Just relying on the skill of flying in the air just now, you can see one or two things.
To know.
Even Luo Li\'s ability to slash Ssangyong with a single sword can only fly with the Pegasus mount to achieve this speed, but the close attendant can reach this level only with his own body, and his ability is simply indescribable. Measurement!
Take a step back.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care even if it was too late to save himself from Long Xiao.
It\'s just death.
Is he still afraid of him who has been tortured and killed nearly a hundred times?
As for the annihilation of the true spirit, the account was deleted.
He also had a sense of consciousness a long time ago.
As long as it is no longer used as a hostage by the **** Long Xiao, as a bargaining chip, that\'s good.
"Space jump!"
"Ding, you are currently in a special environment, the power of space is blocked, you cannot use this skill!"
The ants are still stealing their lives and have a big family. It is even more so with the hard-working Qin Luosheng.
He tried tentatively, but what he got was the "system negation" as always, which made him completely hopeless.
"It\'s a pity that this group of **** only lifted the banned formation and can only use regular skills, but they have not lifted the banned formation, and still can\'t use the power of space. Otherwise, I won\'t fall here."
"With my dragon blood, burn!"
The dragons and other dragons that smashed heavily into the Feixiongling Mountains, under the terrifying word "town", barely stood up, feeling the energy that is constantly disappearing and degrading in the body, and a crazy look appeared on their faces. The power of the source, the power of the dragon ball, burst!"
Six dragon **** of different colors shining peerlessly.
As soon as the Dragon Ball came out, it represented that Long Xu and the others had completely cut off their retreat!
However, in the face of the desperate fight of the six true dragons, the detonation of the origin and the final blow of the Dragon Ball, this was enough to razor the entire Feixiong Ridge to the ground. With a wave, a feminine energy was injected into the imperial edict, and in a moment, the golden word "town" that was already shining incomparably became more radiant.
The power of the original source disappeared, and cracks appeared on the surface of the dragon ball.
Long Xu and the others were defeated.
It was defeated by one word.
Was defeated by the terrifying imperial spirit.
In the territories of the human race, the emperors destiny is the destiny, and how many second-generation true dragons are they just like?
The dragon ball was shattered and the source burned. In the blink of an eye, the dragon and the others completely collapsed. Not only were they unable to fight again, their lives were like a candle in the wind, about to extinguish.
Just as the knights of the Rose Knights were ready to tie the dragons, they would tie up these dragons of sins that dared to invade the territories of the human race and kill them, and **** them to Kyoto to be punished in accordance with the imperial law to serve as examples. Two voices burst out from below.
One is from Long Xiao!
And the other way--
From Qin Luosheng!
"Don\'t do it!"
If it is said that Long Xiao just subconsciously shouted, not wanting his companion to call the curtain like this, and still being captured in such a stubborn way and will be judged, not a heroic death in battle, then Qin Luosheng did it intentionally.
"Don\'t let them die!"
Ignoring Long Xiao\'s suspicious eyes, ignoring Long Xu and their cannibalistic eyes, Qin Luosheng looked at the attendant with a serious face, looked at Luo Li, looked at the many knights of the Rose Knights, took a deep breath, and vowed: "I am the cause of today\'s affairs. Because of me, it is not my original intention, but I can\'t shirk the blame."
"Three days later, it will be the agreed decisive battle period between me and the black dragon king Longyuan. The battle of the Shocking Dragon Platform, I am imperative. Three days later, I will stand on the Shocking Dragon Platform, in front of the ten thousand races, crying with the human race. In the name of this, we will settle todays affairs."
"I, weeping soul, swear here that I must pay the most painful price for invading the dragons of my human race today, with the blood of them and their relatives, to comfort the heroic souls of sacrificed soldiers!"
With a word, quiet in all directions!
Long Yan was stunned, stayed, and then angry.
"Boy, how dare you!"
Anger can make people lose their minds, especially Long Tan, who is already grumpy.
In extreme anger, his hands were instinctively hard.
In an instant.
Qin Luosheng\'s head shattered.
Instantly be seconds.
A headless corpse twitched instinctively on Long Tan\'s hand, and at the same time, a white light shot up from the corpse and fell into the resurrection formation behind.
"Damn bastard, even if I fight for my life today, I will die with you!"
Long Tan\'s eyes were red, and he was out of anger. He instantly regained his body and turned into a fire dragon full of flames. He twisted his body, opened his fierce mouth, and rushed towards Qin Luosheng, "Go to **** together! Lao Tzu! Now I\'m swallowing you in one bite, let\'s see how you ants go to the Shocking Dragon Terrace!

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