Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 685: : The Emperors Decree
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 685: : The Emperors Decree

In full swing.
Even though he was on the verge of collapse, Qin Luosheng still had a breath and became a bargaining chip. He did not continue to be infinitely tortured and rehabilitated. With the passage of time, he has now recovered a little.
"Can\'t continue like this!"
In a short period of time, the Rose Knights had at least nearly a hundred deaths, and on the Dragon Clan\'s side, only one dragon had fallen.
The terrible casualties are scary.
Even if the remaining members of the Rose Knights still abide by the principles of knighthood, they are not afraid, and they have no intention of giving in, and their beliefs are firm, but if this continues, it may really take the entire army to be wiped out to die with the enemy.
If it was usual, Qin Luosheng would ignore it at all.
Now it is because of him, which led to the current situation.
If not, with Luo Li participating in the battle, the situation would have been reversed long ago, and it would not develop to the point it is today. Even the fallen knights have a high probability of not having to die.
"what do I do?"
Qin Luosheng was extremely anxious.
It is too difficult to play tricks in front of a LV100 boss.
not to mention.
Now Qin Luosheng is extremely weak, not to mention, he is still being caught in his hands.
In this state, still want to make trouble?
I just want to eat P!
"It\'s really desperate!"
Qin Luosheng has never been as desperate as he is now.
This kind of powerless involuntary death and inability to die if he wanted to die made him feel endless remorse. At the same time, he had an unprecedented desire for strength, an extremely morbid and paranoid desire.
"Oh, nice look!"
Long Xiao, who had been paying attention to both sides of the battlefield and Qin Luosheng, immediately noticed that his chips had changed. Seeing Qin Luoshengs eyes that had been tortured to lose their brilliance, they suddenly became radiant and full of ambition. He sneered and said: "Although I don\'t know what you are thinking, it\'s just that you are doing things under my nose, are you too low of me? I really think that you are in the same position as the Dragon King, and even the strength is the same. ?"
"You can only scream now!"
Qin Luosheng\'s tone was weak, but his words were full of murderous intent, "Believe me, your fate will be ten times, a hundred times worse than mine!"
"is it?"
Long Xiao\'s pupils shrank suddenly, but he didn\'t react much. He just sneered, "This will not bother you, Lord Long Lord!"
In fact.
Regarding this matter, they, as a dragon clan, knew much better than Qin Luosheng, an outsider.
After the exposure, they have accepted their fate and made their consciousness.
right now.
It\'s just dragging the mortal body and carrying out the final madness.
Originally wanted to end here, but unfortunately, they want to end, and others are not willing!
That\'s it.
As the arrogant dragons, how can they back down and embarrass the dragons?
Regardless of whether it will turn into a race war or not, it has nothing to do with them anyway. After I die, let him be flooded?
"It won\'t be bothersome!" Qin Luosheng exhaled heavily and said: "It\'s just that it\'s really a bit bothersome, how can I avenge this blood? Or, you teach me?"
"Only you?" Long Yan said with disdain: "I can kill you with just one finger!"
"I believe it!" Qin Luosheng nodded very seriously. He didn\'t mean to argue with Long Tan\'s words at all. On the contrary, he recognized it. "However, there is not only one way to revenge. I am low-powered. Fact, but, I can-take advantage of it!"
"Take advantage of it?"
Long Yan\'s face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.
"Why? Nothing to say? Didn\'t you just yell very happily with the Lord of the Dragon?" Qin Luosheng said: "Since you have confessed it personally, I don\'t use this identity well, wouldn\'t it be worthy of your respect? ?"
"Don\'t be delusional!" Long Yan said coldly: "Do you think I will let you leave today? It\'s useless! You are dead, no one can save you! Today, none of the people present can escape. , I said by Long Yan."
"Tsk, what a declaration!" Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but sneered: "It seems that you forgot, there is still one person who has not joined the battlefield! Just now, she killed your two companions with one sword! With her, it depends on you. These remnants of defeated generals, dare to speak such arrogant words?"
"That human female doll?" Long Xiao snorted, and said: "She is indeed very strong, and the human race is indeed blessed. It is a monster to be able to cultivate to such a level at a young age. It is a pity that she is too tender. Not only is she boring. I was fettered by your emotions, and even more so because of trash like you, its hard to make a big deal."
"This is only temporary. Do you really think she is ignoring all of her subordinates for me?" Qin Luosheng, who was attacked by life, had just disappeared a little bit of good face in an instant, and said with a cold face: "Wait. Come on, her patience is running out. When I die, you will have to be buried with me."
"It\'s a dream, kid!" Long Yan couldn\'t help but contemptuously said: "Do you think that the female doll really has the strength to get us? Then you are too underestimating my dragon clan!"
"Isn\'t it?" Qin Luosheng asked back: "Your partner was beheaded on the spot just now, and two of them were beheaded at the same time. I am not blind."
" are really naive!" Long Yan laughed wildly: "Humans are blessed with nature, I admit. But you think that a girl who is only two years old can practice enough to kill us with a single sword and live tens of thousands. Isnt it a real dragon? She just took advantage of the magical weapon and caught us by surprise. In addition, we are in a banned formation, unable to use energy, and can only rely on the flesh to harden the defense."
"Furthermore, she killed the Mirage Dragon and the Wind Dragon. One is good at fantasy and the other is good at speed. This is a one-shot kill. Now, the ban has been lifted, and her artifact abilities are temporarily unavailable due to excessive energy consumption. What do you think she can do?"
Qin Luosheng was silent.
In fact.
He also feels a bit sci-fi.
When I saw Luo Li for the first time, she was in the darkest moment when she was undermined. She couldn\'t exert her strength at all. When she was so soft, he fed even the food, just like a delicate and weak one. Miss daughter.
Today\'s invincible performance has subverted Luo Li\'s image in his heart.
No wonder.
It is no wonder that Luo Qin, who was regarded as a childhood sweetheart with Luo Li, will collapse like this and will embark on that ruined road. In addition to the guidance of the Luojia Village incident, it is more estimated that there is a huge psychological gap.
A weak chicken who has used the power of the ancient magic weapon to break through to the legendary level, and has not even reached the second to 30th level. Regardless of identity, how does this strength deserve to be worthy of heroism and can control the Tianma? , Luo Li of Sword Slashing Full Level LV100 True Dragon?
Qin Luosheng was silent, but the battlefield was not silent.
After a fight against each other, the tentative offensive was over, and the battle officially entered a white-hot stage.
every second.
There are countless elites who have fallen.
There are also countless wounds added to the body of the only six true dragons that are gradually compressed into the space of activity, which is about to become the turtle in the urn.
"The Emperor\'s decree is here!"
Just as both parties were preparing to fight for their lives, suddenly, a sharp voice resounded through the world.
Everyone turned their heads and looked around.
I saw it.
An unnecessarily feminine man in an eunuch\'s uniform, holding a golden imperial decree exuding endless majesty, was coming at a terrifying speed, like a golden cloud, toward the battlefield.