Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 681: : Poor! helpless! Desperate Dragon Race
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 681: : Poor! helpless! Desperate Dragon Race

"...Not only the seven-claw posture was chopped into five claws, but the ten thousand zhang body was also chopped down to a thousand feet. The origin is damaged and cannot be repaired."
Having said that, Long Xu stopped speaking.
But in the presence of the dragons, everyone knows what happened next.
The dragon clan was defeated, and the dragon emperor fell.
So far.
The Dragon Race, which was already unstable, completely gave up the position of Heaven and Earth Overlord, and could no longer compete with the Human Race.
After this battle, the human race shocked all the races.
Other races that were originally competing for the edge were all photographed in the dominance of the human race, photographed in the horror of the Shadowless Sword Divine Sword Nine, hidden and dormant, and no longer dared to confront the human race.
Officially stepped into the pinnacle and became the new overlord of heaven and earth!
These ones.
For dragons like Longxu and Longyan who have lived for so many years, it can be said to be experience or history.
That battle.
It\'s too tragic.
It was the defeat of that battle that caused the Dragon Clans vitality to be severely injured. It was also conspired by other hostile races and natural enemies. The strength was not as good as before. It could only be shrunk on the current Dragon Island, and the scope of its jurisdiction was sharply reduced, with only the surrounding Dragon Island. Many islands and sea areas.
At that time.
The defeated dragons do not say that the land that they seized, and even the waters of the absolute base camp, were betrayed by the original vassal race.
The naga clan and the mermaid clan have established their own doors and gained the support of many ocean clans, thus forming a three-legged situation with their dragon clan, and they are called the water supreme tribe!
With the serious injury of the former Dragon Emperor, and the misjudgment of the situation because of him, the dragon clan was devastated, and under the condition of suffering and illness, he was passed on to the current Dragon Emperor, and he entered the dragon tomb for self-crimination and guarded the ancestors. Soon he was seriously injured and fell into the dragon tomb.
In addition, many of the Dragon Clan\'s seniors who were seriously injured or about to die have also followed the former Dragon Emperor into the Dragon Tomb, further weakening the Dragon Clan\'s strength.
The current dragon emperor is the hero. Through various means, he stabilized the situation of the dragon clan on the verge of collapse, and also brought the dragon clan from the source of almost annihilation to the right track, and won the unanimous support of the dragon clan.
It doesn\'t mean they are the same.
As a veteran who had experienced that earth-shattering battle, even if the decisive battle that determined the fate of the two clans was not on that battlefield, only Longxu and Yilong witnessed it.
But this does not prevent them from hating the human race that has taken the hegemony of the dragon heaven and earth. It is just that the human race has taken the hegemony throne, and after so many years of development, it has made it difficult for the current dragon family to stand up. Even if it hates it again, it is fundamental Powerless.
I originally thought that there was no hope of seeing the dragon rejuvenation and regaining the supremacy in this life. I never thought, but it is impossible to return to the top, and the dragon will even be even more unbearable and infiltrated by the human.
The Black Dragon King Long Yuan was ordered to guard the Dragon Gods legacy. This treasure that might be able to re-emerge the dragon race was actually taken away by the human race?
In anger, Long Yuan issued the edict of the Dragon King, summoning the tribe, so that Long Island reopened, hundreds of dragons came out, unannounced and entered, crossing the boundary and invading the human territory.
There were waves, but the thunder was loud and the rain was small.
Not only did he fail to catch the **** thief, but because of this, the Dragon Emperor, the dragon king and the highest leader of the dragon clan, had to personally go to the human race to apologize to the human emperor in the Great Summer Palace.
So humiliating.
How can they stand it?
The human race is far from the existence that the current dragon race can provoke, even if it is not reconciled, it can only pinch the nose to recognize it.
The **** human thief was brought back to Dragon Island and entered the sacred and invincible Dragon Temple.
The most damning thing is that the **** actually succeeded in becoming the first existence to pass the trial of the Dragon God Temple, and was recognized by the Dragon God, and personally gave the representative of the identity [Dragon God Imperial Order]!
Not only that.
For the shameless villain, the Dragon King and many high-level officials also wanted to punish the Black Dragon King Long Yuan who had troubled the Terran Territory, and gave the Terran an explanation.
Even though in the end, under the many voices of opposition, Long Yuan gambled everything in the name of Jinglongtai, and temporarily escaped a catastrophe, but the future troubles were also buried.
Once the Battle of Jinglongtai loses, then the thief who stole the identity of the dragon dragon will never be powerless, and will have an honorary identity, and will officially enter the dragon island and the black dragon clan. The newly appointed Black Dragon King, in control of power, became a high-ranking dragon clan, even overshadowing them who have been the dragon clan and have fought for the Dragon Island for thousands of years and have made great contributions to the veterans.
Absolutely not!
This must never happen!
"Now, what should we do?"
From reminiscing the shocking battle to the beginning and end of the siege incident and the consequences, it only lasted for a few seconds. The dragons who had recovered from their senses turned their eyes to Longxu, waiting for her decision.
"we lose!"
Long Xu\'s smile was very bitter.
"Our dead end is set, we are unable to return to heaven, even if we can go crazy at the end without any scruples, but I advise you not to do this."
Taking a deep breath, Long Xu analyzed clearly: "We, can\'t hurt the female knight of human race, because we crossed the boundary and killed this kid. You know, this kid is not just the dragon lord of my dragon race, he also There is a level of identity, he is a member of the Xia Kingdom of the human race, and for him, the city lord of Xing Yao City, one of the most powerful people in the Xia Kingdom, did not hesitate to fight against Lord Long Yuan, and he had to die. It can be seen that he The status in Human Race is not low either."
"Killing him, because of the dragon lord, we are justified. It doesn\'t matter if we can\'t escape death. However, once the human female knight is moved, it is equivalent to declaring war on the human race. At that time, no matter who it is. Can\'t keep us. Because this may be the root cause that shakes the foundation of the dragon clan and set off another race war."
The dragons were silent.
"It\'s not that I am alarmist, but the facts."
Long Xu continued: "In this world, the weak eat the strong, we are weak and others are strong, so they can do whatever they want. Fortunately, the human race is hypocritical, in order to maintain peace-loving human settings, and also to make those who support them feel at ease, and will not start easily. War, lest other races endanger themselves. But our behavior gives the Human race an excuse."
"At that time, even if the human race will not launch a war of extermination, at least my dragon race will pay a considerable price to settle this matter. But then, we who have not yet recovered our vitality will be hit again and worse. The dragon clan may really decline completely due to this, and won\'t be able to get up again."
"You said, can such a serious crime be quelled only by our lives? At that time, our people and relatives will still be liquidated, and the implications may even be greater than we thought."
This statement came out.
The dragons were silent again.
This is true even for the most jumping Long Xiao.
Thinking of the imminent crisis, despair and regret appeared on their faces.
In danger!

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