Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 680: : Shadowless Sword God-Jian Jiu
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 680: : Shadowless Sword God-Jian Jiu

"Bold Dragon Clan, dare to invade the territory of our Daxia and kill the people of our empire. Its crime is to be blamed!"
Accompanied by a loud horse hiss, it was coming quickly and the pink flame burned the cloud, finally revealing its true face.
That is a woman.
Her face is extremely cold, and the majestic Danfeng eyes are full of extremely cold killing intent; she is dressed in a pure silver knight armor that is cast from an unknown god, and is printed with mysterious patterns. Under the crotch Riding on a ribbed pair of wings, covered in snow white, with a unicorn on his forehead, like a legendary unicorn Pegasus; there is a thin long sword at his waist, with a delicate rose flower mark on it; The long, jet-black hair, like a waterfall, is drifting with a rapid rush,...
Qin Luosheng, who was already on the verge of collapse, finally remembered who this familiar fragrance belongs to. When he saw the brave and brave Rose Knight, a certain weak image in his mind overlapped with her now.
"It turned out to be you-so good!"
The corner of Qin Luosheng\'s mouth was slightly outlined, revealing a calm smile.
Now, he completely forgot the danger he was in, and forgot the pain he was full of. In his mind, there was just that in the mass graves, Luojia Village, because of Luo Qins frame, he became a ghost bride. , Was rescued by him, dressed in a festive red wedding gown, delicate and delicate appearance.
"Oops, it was too much!"
At this time, the dragons who were immersed in the killing of Qin Luosheng in order to gain pleasure, and the last crazy dragons, woke up one after another, watching the human knights that were speeding up, they couldn\'t help frowning.
"How to do?"
All the dragons looked at Longxu, the military divisions and brains in their squad.
"What are you afraid of? It\'s over!"
The fiery-tempered Long Tan stood up for the first time, and a cloud of mist came out of his nostrils, very angry.
Long Xu, who was meditating on countermeasures, was interrupted by Long Xiao. He couldn\'t help but ranted, cursing: "Why do you think things can be solved with violence?"
"Then what do you say?"
The miserable future is doomed. Long Yan, who can only vent his anger by torturing his enemies, was instantly bombed and roared: "Anyway, we are all like this. What are we afraid of? Just a human female knight who killed her. What can you do?"
"Yes, we are doomed to end!"
Seeing that all the dragons were a little moved by what Long Xiao said, Long Xu hurriedly shouted in a low voice: "But, dont forget, its not the world of our dragons anymore, but of the human race. Indeed, with our current strength, even if Its easy to make an order by razing a few kilometers to the ground, let alone killing a female knight of the human race. But have you ever thought about it, what are the consequences?"
The dragons were a little silent.
The same is true for Long Xiao.
His hot temper does not mean that he is stupid. Moreover, these things are not difficult, and it is easy to think thoroughly.
"We can kill a human female knight, but this is the territory of the human race. If we kill her, there will be countless others. How many can we kill? What\'s more, we illegally crossed the boundary first and invaded the human race territory. The human race must I will ask Long Dao for an explanation."
Long Xu continued: "Also, even if the human race is not unified, there are countless countries, but now we are in the realm, but the largest human race Xia country, should you remember a person still fresh?"
"Shadowless Sword God-Jian Jiu!"
The dragons were speechless, but Long Yan said a name in a low voice.
Sword nine!
As soon as these two words came out, the dragons who were better than those present couldn\'t help but shudder, and their eyes were panic.
"At the beginning, the human race and the dragon race had a dispute over the water issue. The dragon emperor had a fierce temperament and set off a war. At that time, Wanlong went out of the dragon\'s nest and rushed to the territories of the human race, and the human race also came out of the strong to fight us."
Long Xu said: "At that time, my dragon elites attacked Binhai City under the leadership of the last Lord Long Sovereign, and wanted to take this human race\'s largest sea area city, based on this. I thought it was a fierce battle, but I didn\'t expect it. At that time, there was only one empty city left in Binhai City, and only one person was there."
Even the dragon\'s feather, who had always been extremely calm and unchanging before Taishan collapsed, had cold sweat on his forehead, and his eyes showed fear.
"Jian Jiu! Originally his name was unknown. The practice was to gather the masters of a hundred schools of swordsmanship, and to understand the shadowless swordsmanship by himself. In the name of the sword, he condensed the essence of the hundred schools of swordsmanship into nine styles, so he Sword Nine!"
Long Xu took a deep breath, suppressing the fear in his heart, and straightened a certain heroic posture in his mind, his eyes were cold, as if the gods under heaven control the world, overlooking the figures of sentient beings. In his eyes, even if it is as strong as their dragons, it is like ants.
"In that battle, I thought I could be sure of ten, but I never thought that this short and thin human race man is more terrifying and terrifying than the gods. A sword, just a sword, turned into countless swords and shadows, killing three thousand elite dragons. More than that, the blood from the killing flowed into a river, soaking that sea area blood red."
"The former Dragon Sovereign was furious and personally dispatched a decisive battle with Jian Jiu. The two peak powers who could kill the gods, the battle lasted for three days and three nights. The aftermath of the battle alone destroyed Binhai City, the most important city in the human sea. Our dragon soldiers have wiped out more than a thousand, and even beat the sea water backwards, forming an extremity that can\'t be set foot in today."
"Jianjiu\'s shadowless sword skills are unparalleled in the world, integrating offense and defense, invisible, invisible, infinite, and infinite, especially the offensive, which is extremely terrifying. And the former Dragon Sovereign has already cultivated seven claws, and the seven claw golden dragon is also the world. Wushuang, the dragon claw is the main attack, and the dragon scales of Mutation are indestructible, and the defense is extremely good.
"It was a close match, no victory or defeat. However, Jian Jiu was extremely enchanting, and he made a breakthrough on the battlefield. With the help of the former Long Sovereign Lord as a sharpening stone, he helped him to complete his kendo breakthrough. He succeeded. Realized that let The profound meaning of the ultimate sword that the gods and Buddhas are trembling for, the nine forms of shadowless sword skills are summarized and integrated into the last form-the sword ten!"
"With a sword, no one can describe that majestic, stunning and stunning sword. It shook the sacred spirits, demons and ghosts, as if it had smashed the void, cut the time and space,...just a sword, this The former Dragon Sovereign, who was evenly matched by him, was directly knocked down and weakened. Not only did the seven-claw posture be chopped into five claws, but the ten thousand-foot body was also chopped to thousands of feet. The origin is damaged and cannot be repaired."