Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 678: :Twisted twists and turns Fei Xiong Ling, a boiling world
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 678: :Twisted twists and turns Fei Xiong Ling, a boiling world

"Dragons, many dragons!"
"What the **** happened to this tm? Soul Cry stabbed the dragon clan\'s nest? Was chased and killed by so many dragons?"
"MD, the previous slightly smile was not easy, but then the Hooded Man became a dragon, and I knew that they must all be dragons."
"My dear brother, you are a bit late to put your guns off. Just now some big guys have analyzed this conclusion."
"I\'ll just say. What kind of existence is the Weeping Soul? Others are ruthless people who can single out the legendary BOSS. How can they be hammered by an unknown player? It\'s a real dragon, that\'s all right!"
"Yes, I think it\'s normal. Even if you are not there, you can feel the terrifying coercion from all angles by just relying on this live broadcast and other miscellaneous recordings of small videos."
"First of all, I am not a fan of Soul Cry, but from today, from now on, I will be his iron fan. For nothing else, it is the courage of the Cry Soul boss. I have always been timid, so I really admire those bold bosses. Ask myself, if I face this lineup, there is absolutely nothing to say, 100% of the time I would be scared to pee."
"Yes! I have to admit that it is not unreasonable for people to have such great achievements! This courage, tusk, who can compare? This tm is a dozen dragons, all of which are full-level LV100 BOSS. By this Surrounded by the lineup, you can still talk and laugh, really brother!"
"Is this a sling? Equal dialogue is just a basic operation. Haven\'t you seen it? Just now, Weeping Soul even knocked the khaki dragon into the air at once. Damn it, that\'s a dragon, it\'s dozens of times long. Mis dragon. What is this tm far away? I seem to have seen an ant throw an elephant out. Real science fiction, real fantasy, what can I say? I can only shout: Weeping soul is awesome~~~ ~~~"
"It\'s a pity. The miracle is only a flash in the pan. There was only one operation just now, and the next blow to the crying soul boss was second. Now, more than a dozen dragons are dispatched at the same time, and there is no chance."
"I don\'t care about the others, I just want to know how the Thunder Guild hooked up with the Dragon Clan? This tm is too awkward? Isn\'t it going to go to heaven if you have a relationship with the Dragon Clan?"
The Feixiongling incident is fermenting.
With the continuous exposure of small videos, the whole world is like an oil pan, and the oil pan filled with water bursts violently.
Official forums, post bars, Weibo, Kuaisha,...
All platforms, fully slaughtered.
No matter it is anyone, anything, unless the earth is destroyed, otherwise, nothing can draw people\'s eyes from Feixiong Ridge.
It burst!
It really burst!
The besieging of the mysterious and fateful first person weeping soul is enough in itself to attract people\'s attention.
This wave of siege is even more twists and turns.
First, the Weeping Soul violently attacked. With ten thousand enemies, occupying the end of the plank road, one man was the guard, and the thunder guild players were violently killed more than ten thousand times. The blood flowed into the river. The red is purple, the red is black, as if a murderous **** is alive, and the people are reborn, scaring the timid players shivering.
Another mysterious player "slightly smiled" turned out, blasting the smashing soul with a pair of iron fists, slamming it frantically, ravaged it more than a dozen times, and shocked the world\'s attention.
at the same time.
The equipment exploded by Weeping Soul was picked up by the lucky ones and circulated through video recording and picture production, which shocked the world\'s attention.
and also.
Weeping soul is not in danger. After somehow the "slightly smile" is complete, he quickly picked up the equipment that exploded nearby. In order to avoid exploding again, he used extremely coquettish operations to put them on the virtual trading platform.
The attributes and abilities of those equipment were revealed for the first time, especially the current Destiny Worlds only enhanced +10 mythical side [Panlong Lishui], which made countless people see the wetness directly and shocked the world\'s attention.
Abnormal changes occur suddenly.
Crying Soul uses a scroll to summon a horrible existence that is tens of meters in size and has six arms with fish tails and the shape of the legendary fantasy race Naga, killing thousands of people in the Thunder Guild in one blow.
Just when everyone thought that Crying Soul would take advantage of the powerful BOSS to escape from birth and solve the siege, suddenly, the group of existences hidden in the hood before and the mysterious "slight smile" that Like, a huge black dragon was suddenly drilled out.
The black dragon fought the naga.
An unparalleled audiovisual feast was revealed.
Behind the extreme splendor, there is endless murderous intent.
The duel of two tyrannical BOSS killed Soul Cry twice, and once again lost thousands of players from the Thunder Guild. To be precise, at least another thousands of Thunder Guild players died once.
The end of the war.
The black dragon fell and fell into the Feixiong Ridge.
Naga disappeared and was no longer able to help Weeping Soul.
Everything went back to where it was.
Weeping Soul hasn\'t given up yet.
He started to move again.
With the "slight smile" just now, the hooded man who was suspected of being a dragon was dispatched again.
The vast number of smart netizens did not expect to be wrong, the "slightly smile" guy, finally failed to hide his identity, he is really a dragon, an NPC, and a tyrannical boss!
There was no Naga to help this time.
Just when everyone thought that the Weeping Soul would no longer be able to return to heaven, it was over.
Things turned around again.
A huge summoning magic circle appeared on the head of Weeping Soul. Inside, a green dragon appeared. Unlike the eastern dragon, the summoned dragon looked like a western lizard dragon.
But it doesn\'t matter.
The important thing is that this lizard dragon belongs to the Weeping Soul camp.
At this time.
On the forums, Eastern players and Western players are fighting.
the reason?
Of course, it is because whether it is the Eastern Dragon or the Western Dragon is great. When a dispute arises, no one can convince anyone!
It is a pity.
The players didn\'t get the answer, or they didn\'t get a clear answer.
After seeing a wave of horrifying "Yili Shaking the Sky", the ants threw the elephant and the explosion operation.
The earthy yellow true oriental dragon and the emerald green western lizard dragon did not fight after all.
Even under the suppression of the real dragon, the lizard dragon shivered, almost lying on the ground to express surrender. Everyone with a discerning eye saw it, but it did not show the combat power, a real sword and gun showdown, Western players, dissatisfied!
The argument did not last long, because the big scenecoming!
A dozen dragons of various colors suddenly opened their hoods and rose into the air.
In an instant.
Long Wei trembles, and the dragon roars endlessly.
Weeping soul.
Once again, he was caught in a crisis of death, and this time, it was the kind of crisis of death with ten deaths.
No one would think that weeping soul can turn danger to a breeze.
He can\'t even beat the "slight smile" that a dragon turns into, let alone a dozen dragons now.
Just when everyone was in ecstasy, cheering, dullness, sadness...all the same emotions, what was already a twists and turns, unexpectedly ushered in a turn for the better.

PS: Taking advantage of the time code chapter, I\'m going out soon. This chapter can be regarded as the process and summary of the Feixiongling incident. It is about to enter the final stage. Can you guess how Qin Luosheng got out of trouble?