Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 668: : A desperate situation, ten deaths but no life
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 668: : A desperate situation, ten deaths but no life

"Ding, due to the influence of your pet\'s little unknown bloodline, the barrier is broken, and the bloodline blocking formation fails, and your true dragon bloodline can be revived!"
back to normal!
You tm finally brought good news to Lao Tzu!
Qin Luosheng burst into tears in his eyes.
Even though this is not the most critical way to break the ban and restore the skills, is it a good start?
"how can that be?"
The blood in the body was resurrected, and it was not Qin Luosheng himself who first felt it, but Long Qing, the hooded man in front of him.
For a race that respects blood, the sensitivity to blood is quite strong.
Bloodline suppression is no joke.
Even if Qin Luoshengs true dragon blood is not pure, but acquired, it is mainly respected by the blood of the human race, but with such close contact, the standard blood strength of the dragon gods blood is nothing ordinary. Can the dragons be compared? On the spot, he was shocked and his whole body was stiff, his blood was stagnant, and he couldn\'t help but want to kneel on the ground to worship.
"Xiao Xiao, are you kidding me?"
Qin Luosheng was too happy to see this situation.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t think it was something he could do if he was able to cause such an impact. The only explanation was the Dragon God\'s legacy, his identity was extremely mysterious, and even the Dragon Emperor couldn\'t see what he did.
"I burned the power of my blood and broke the imprisonment, but I can only do this step."
Xiaoxiao said: "I have consumed the source, and now I am about to fall asleep. Next, I will rely on you!"
"You have a good rest!"
Qin Luosheng hurriedly said: "You have done enough. Next, leave it to me, don\'t worry!"
"What\'s going on? This terrible blood is suppressed!?"
Following a small deep sleep, the oppressive force lingering beside Long Qing also instantly dissipated. He looked at Qin Luosheng with horror and thought of the legend about Qin Luosheng. He couldn\'t help but cried out: "Lord Dragon God? Is this the Dragon God? The breath of an adult?"
"This is funny!"
Seeing that Long Qing couldn\'t distinguish between the dragon god\'s breath and blood, Qin Luosheng was not surprised.
The Dragon God existed in the ancient times, the active period, how many years have passed since I don\'t know now, has already left no questions.
The only thing that can have a direct relationship and connection with the Dragon God is the Dragon Temple. However, even the Dragon Emperor cannot enter that place at will, let alone other Dragon Clan people.
Long Qing admitted wrong.
after all.
He is not a cat or a dog either.
As a powerful dragon clan, he can be said to be knowledgeable, but even he, even in the dragon kings body, did not feel such a terrifying bloodline suppression, so, in addition to the legendary dragon creator Dragon God, Who will be there?
Qin Luosheng has a great relationship with the Dragon God. This guy, that guy, has entered the Dragon God Temple and passed the Dragon God test, and is the first trialer to pass the level perfectly for so many years since the Dragon Temple was born, especially one. Terran.
Who doesn\'t know?
At the beginning.
The will of the Dragon God descended.
All of them, the high-levels in the Dragon Palace, saw the Dragon Emperor accept the instructions with their own eyes, and respectfully went outside the Dragon Temple, took out Qin Luosheng who had passed the trial, and placed them in the Dragon Palace.
How can you stop Long Qing from thinking about it?
"Knowing that it is the will of Lord Dragon God, you wicked animal dare to be presumptuous?"
Qin Luosheng roared instantly.
Roaring like thunder, Long Qing\'s face instantly turned pale.
Long Qing\'s language began to twitch.
As a dragon clan, he has been instilled in the supremacy of the dragon **** since he was a child. Even because of the age, he has never seen a dragon god, and his awe-inspiring heart has not weakened by half.
after all.
This world is not the real world. Believing in gods is not just asking for comfort.
It really exists!
The Dragon God, who hadn\'t shown a miracle for many years, just a month ago, his will came to prove that he was still alive.
at this time.
A group of them brave guys even dared to besieged and killed the people favored by the Dragon God. Once stabbed out, even he could hardly predict the consequences of this disrespectful crime.
For this plan, they accurately planned for a month, used countless secret treasures, and even went to the treasure house of various races to select many treasures to deal with today\'s situation.
Thousands of calculations are not as good as heavens.
I thought it was a task that was tenable, but now, not only Long Zhan, the leading elder brother, has been planted, but now even his Long Qing is forced to take the risk of being recognized and come out to stop him.
This tm hasn\'t started yet, the Dragon God breath suddenly appeared, and the Dragon God bloodline was suppressed.
Long Qing\'s heart was cold.
If the Dragon God discovered this thing, then what is the significance of their plan?
"No, this is not the breath of Lord Dragon God!"
Suddenly, Long Qing came to the stall with a dead heart, and his whole body was shocked.
"It can\'t be wrong, it can\'t be wrong, it\'s not Lord Dragon God, it\'s really not Lord Dragon God!"
Long Qing was crazy, muttering in his mouth, like a mad dog.
"I know, I know."
It\'s the boss, his mind is turning very fast, but in an instant, he figured out the joints in it. His tone was weird, and he cried out like crying and laughing, "This is the breath of Lord Dragon God\'s legacy. The breath of the dragon incubating the dragon eggs left by Lord Dragon God is not Lord Dragon God. Lord Dragon God will come back, and I have felt his breath. It\'s not like this. It\'s not the same as the breath just now. You can\'t deceive me. , You can\'t fool me."
Qin Luosheng curled his lips contemptuously.
Was it discovered so soon?
A good card hasn\'t been played yet, and it instantly becomes a waste card.
It\'s a bit messy!
It doesn\'t matter anymore.
Now the situation has become a situation.
Ten dead but no life.
Dont say there are more than a dozen hooded men over there, representing more than a dozen dragons. They are staring at each other and will never let him escape from Feixiong Ridge. No matter how hard he makes, how close he is to success, all are in this way.
For the first time, Long Qing came to stop him with a "slightly smile" incarnation of the Deception Talisman!
For the second time, Long Zhan personally attacked against the Naga God!
Now it was the third time, Long Qing attacked and stood in front of him.
Qin Luosheng understood very well.
Even if he broke through Long Qing\'s blockade now, as long as he wanted to escape from the range of the forbidden formation, then the group of **** hooded men would risk exposure and death to stop him.
Under the constant attention of more than a dozen dragons, he really has no hope of escape.
To this.
Qin Luosheng also accepted his fate.
It\'s not that he wants to be negative, but really powerless.
You cant escape, but if you die together, the conditions are already get !