Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 666: : Dragon is defeated, Dragon is out
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 666: : Dragon is defeated, Dragon is out

The last second was triumphant, the imposing dragon battle instantly fell from heaven to hell, locked in by the Naga Gods momentum, the ball of water condensed by the Naga God, was hit head-on and poured. A full face.
In an instant.
Long Zhan let out a stern roar.
Lishui, one of the ten most exotic waters in the world, is the most corrosive.
Qin Luoshengs [Dragon Leishui] was also taken from the Naga clan (exploded by the Naga Empress), and then the awakening skill [Lishui Essence], that was once in the Dragon Temple, corroded a real dragon , Killed his life.
Even though Long Zhan had a good body, thick defenses, and dragon scales were indestructible, however, it was not the half-hanging Qin Luosheng who controlled Lishui, but the Naga God who could truly control Lishui.
Extreme corrosion.
Long Zhans body was corroded by water at a speed visible to the naked eye. Whether it was the sharp dragon horns or the thick dragon scales, he couldnt hold it at all, letting him roll in the air, constantly moving, and exhausting all means. They can\'t get rid of the water that is attached to their bodies, and are suffering violent corrosion all the time, not only suffering from pain, but also a sharp decline in their lives.
"I kill you!"
Long Zhan broke free for a long time, found that he could not get rid of it, and finally understood the current situation, so he took a broken half of the dragon\'s horns, blinded a long eye, covered in pits, and disfigured his hideous face, toward the **** Naga. Rushing away, it seems that he is leaving with the heart to die together.
"Just like an ant!"
Facing the suicidal impact of Long Zhan\'s desperation, Naga God had no joy or sorrow on her face, and she did not show any panic. She stretched out her hand and gently squeezed it in the void.
In an instant.
Long Zhan\'s rushing body suddenly stopped, his expression changed and twisted, and his only single eye bulged out, and his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes and a hint of silver like mercury.
A spit of dragon blood spewed out, entrained with pieces of shattered internal organs.
"how come?"
Long Zhan lowered his head and looked at the blood he was vomiting. The red was mixed with silver. The internal organs were also black after corrosion. While resisting the severe pain and continuing to cough up blood, he roared bitterly. .
"The frog at the bottom of the well, why don\'t you really think I\'m just a clone?"
The Naga **** is high above, with a halo flowing around his body, and his six arms are full of sacredness. In his pupils, there seems to be the birth and death of the universe, the falling of stars, the vicissitudes of the sea, the breath of God, conveying the four directions, the majesty of God, and the world trembling.
"I do not believe!"
Long Zhan roared, and while vomiting blood, he also spit out a bead that exuded pulsed light from his mouth.
"this is?"
Qin Luosheng below suddenly widened his eyes.
As the first player to communicate with the Dragon Clan, he became the Dragon Lord by accident and awakened the Dragon Clans bloodline for a small reason. With the sublimation of the Dragon Gods blood, he naturally knew some basic information.
He could see at a glance what Long Zhan vomited out!
Dragon Ball.
The essence of the dragon family.
Similar to the golden pill of Taoism, the relic of Buddhism, the inner pill of Yaozu,...
Dragon Ball revealed that this is obviously a life-desiring rhythm, either you die or I die.
Once the dragon ball is broken, even if the dragon battle will not die on the spot, it will never turn back and become a waste dragon.
Watching Long Zhan carrying the dragon ball and turning into a black galaxy, the Naga **** yelled with a clear loud voice, as if he was talking about the law, and a stream of water instantly formed an ice arrow in front of her. , And go against it.
Less than a second.
The Frostbolt, which is only three meters long, brazenly touches the hundreds of meters of black galaxy torrent.
There was no earth-shattering roar, nor did the earth-shattering explosion, some, but the extremely dazzling white light, just like the great yi shot the sun in the ancient times, the "breaking" momentum is full, and it shot through the dragon easily and freely. Fighting body.
Dragon Ball!
The dragon battle, which was corroded by Lishui and completely broken, seemed to have been applied with a fixation method, his body lying in the air, motionless.
He was single-eyed, looking at the dragon ball right in front of him, his own dragon ball. At this moment, it was covered with cracks and was on the verge of breaking.
Long Zhan looked up to the sky and let out a mournful dragon chant, no longer as ambitious as before, and wanted to kill the gods.
"call out"
Long Zhan fell, and at the moment the dragon ball broke, he was doomed to a tragic ending.
Having lost the origin of the Dragon Ball, his tens of meters long body suddenly fell from the air, swept across the plank road heavily, and fell into the mountain stream of Feixion Ridge.
"Don\'t forget your promise!"
The enemy has been eliminated, and the **** Naga, who has spent a lot of means, is also unable to maintain the clone. She glanced at Qin Luosheng lightly, her figure was illusory, slowly disappearing between the world and the earth, leaving only a little unsearchable. The words that seemed to be whispered, "I\'m so self-contained!"
Qin Luosheng, who was feeling a little emotional and confused, was shocked and woke up.
He slapped himself heavily, "What am I doing?"
The pain on the cheek caused Qin Luosheng\'s consciousness to return, and in an instant, Sakai retreated and ran forward.
The decisive battle between the two big brothers is over.
The aftermath of the battle is small.
Don\'t run at this time, when will you stay?
The big threat of Long Zhan is gone, but the enemy is far more than a dragon fight. There are more than a dozen Hooded men over there, all of them are dragons who hate him. The matter is not over yet.
"Quickly, charge quickly, and stop the Weeping Soul!"
The people on the side of Young Thunder Kuang also quickly woke up, watching Qin Luo Shengfeng rushing towards the plank road that no one blocked at the moment, and almost frightened his soul on the spot.
"Brother Long Zhan is benevolent by his own deeds, how can my generation be greedy of life and fear of death?"
A hooded man stood up, and it was the dragon clan who had just used the Deception Talisman to "slightly smile" and killed Qin Luosheng more than a dozen times. He stepped forward, raging in grief and anger, and prepared to stop him.
"Long Qing, no, don\'t..."
Other hooded people subconsciously block it.
They know very well what they will face once they go out.
The little ghost over there could not be reproduced, and once again summoned an existence like the Naga God to help punches, but after revealing his identity, he would never escape, and he was destined to be liquidated. The end was no better than Dragon Fight.
"If I don\'t go, the kid escapes, and today\'s events are exposed, we are destined to die too!"
Long Qing said solemnly: "It\'s better to sacrifice one of me, maybe, you can still save you."
The hooded people were silent.
"Don\'t be so pessimistic. Even though I don\'t have the deceiving talisman, I still have a chaotic talisman on my body. I can confuse it, maybe I can hide my identity!"
Long Qing said: "If I was seen through, then, my family members, I hope you will take care of them!-I will go too!"