Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 665: :see through! Exposed truth
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 665: :see through! Exposed truth

"I R Nima, is this too funny?"
When Qin Luosheng regrouped and ran to the crossing of the plank road again, feeling the horrible fluctuations from all around, he was instantly dumbfounded.
Has the aftermath of the battle spread to such an extent?
"You will die, you must die, right?"
Qin Luosheng swallowed fiercely, his expression a little frightened.
"No, you can\'t continue like this!"
Looking up, watching the two big men in the sky go to war, and between their gestures, they all looked ruined. Qin Luosheng frowned, feeling ruthless in his heart, and stepped forward.
"It seems that the Naga God is being held back. As a black dragon clan, this dragon warrior is a very strong physical body and extremely high defensive power. It is equivalent to the player\'s shield warrior, even if he is not the opponent of the Naga God. It must be lost, but Naga God was only summoned after all, and it was only a clone. It should not be able to fight in a short time. Once he is dragged into the whirlpool and the effect summoning time is exhausted, there will be no more."
Qin Luosheng had a very clear mind.
He knew what he was relying on now.
Naga God is indeed a helper, but he can\'t solve the fundamental problem. The root cause lies in him, or the nasty banning formation.
If you don\'t want to take the opportunity to escape, then everything is in vain.
The appearance of the Naga God forced Long Zhan to show up. At this point, his conspiracy went bankrupt. Even if he broke him today, after all, after three days of the Battle of the Dragon Tower, after such a fight, he will lose. undoubtedly.
Long Zhan\'s servant is completely trying to drag him to death!
The accidental intervention of Long Zhan caused black spots in the sacred Jinglong Taizhan, and caused the reputation of the dragon clan to plummet. The consequences were unimaginable, but what about it? What does this have to do with him?
Even if Long Zhan was stripped of skin cramps, he had no place to bury him, and he was even implicated. He was punishable by the Nine Clan, and his fate was extremely miserable. This is also what Qin Luosheng lost afterwards and everything he suffered will be lost because of his defeat in the decisive battle. Everything in it will never come back.
The strong wind blows her face, gently touching like a lover\'s hand.
This extreme gentleness hides this deadly murderous intent.
Less than a second.
Qin Luosheng had just stepped out of the plank road in less than a second, even unconsciously, and was instantly torn to pieces by the aftermath of the battle.
Qin Luosheng walked out of the resurrection point again with a gloomy expression, and once again looked up at the two big men in the sky vying for battle, his mentality completely burst.
How to play this tm?
You can\'t even take a step out of the plank road. How about running over thirty meters like a moat and entering the area that the forbidden formation cannot cover?
"Dragon Fight, you bastard!"
Qin Luosheng saw that the aftermath of the battle was so terrifying. First, the two big men had the strength themselves. They could indeed affect such a long distance when they let go of their hands and feet to fight. Second, the **** of Long Zhan deliberately. Let the aftermath of the battle spread in the greatest way, in order to prevent him from fleeing.
This product.
It is already a complete "self-defeating and abandoning"!
From the moment he revealed his true body, he was destined to be a dead dragon.
Since they are all dead, he must be taken to the funeral.
Isn\'t it dead in vain?
"Wait, going out now is just to die in vain, it doesn\'t make any sense!"
Qin Luosheng knew that he could not take action under deliberate targeting, and could only wait for the moment when the battle was over, and for the moment when there might be a turning point.
He lifted his head slightly and looked straight.
Looking at the other end of the plank road, Qin Luosheng felt a little relieved.
"Fortunately, there is another good news!"
He was unable to move forward in the aftermath of the battle, and so did the members of the Thunder Guild.
right now.
The entire plank road has been completely emptied. The thousands of people who just stayed on it, all GG, were wiped out by the aftermath of the battle between the two big brothers. At this moment, the resurrection point they are temporarily setting up is crowded, and their eyes are dull. With the battle between the naga in the air and the real dragon, one after another dumbfounded and-carnival!
Two super-powerful bosses with full level LV100 are fighting for the front, and one is a monster with six arms resembling a mermaid, and the other is a legendary real dragon. Isn\'t this tm so explosive?
Countless small videos have been conveyed to various platforms in various ways through the people present.
"Fuck? What the **** is this? Where does the blockbuster come from? When will it be released? I bought the tickets!"
"Full-level LV100? I hang Nima. Is the main brain messing up? At this stage, if you make this kind of BOSS, let people play it?"
"MD, I just said why the grandsons of the Thunder Guild are so hungry, so they dare to plot the Weeping Soul, it turns out that there are helpers, and tm is an NPC expert!"
"Tsk tsk, the Thunder Guild is awesome! Not only found the strong dragon clan as a helper, but also the formation scroll that can block the skills. What task did the Thunder mad have completed to have this help?"
"That black dragon is a hooded man? So, the dozen or so hooded men standing there are also dragons? The so-called slightly smile just now is the dragon pretending to be?"
"Gan! I said, what kind of character is the Weeping Soul? How can it be hammered by an unknown player? Or be beaten with a fist in a purely physical way. It turns out to be a dragon, then it\'s okay."
"Something\'s not quite right! Didn\'t Crying Soul pass a video before? It seems to be the habitat of the dragons-Dragon Island, and Dragon City. It is expected that his relationship with the dragons should be good. Why would the dragons target him? ?"
As soon as the small video came out, the whole world was fried again.
Most people are watching the video with relish, the horror battle between the two BOSS.
The battle between the full-level LV100 bosses, and one of them is the legendary dragon clan, how can it not attract people\'s attention?
But some of the players have different points of view.
In the small video, it was clearly filmed. The black dragon lifted its hood and turned back to its real body, rising into the sky. This was the association, and it was natural to see everything through.
The hooded man is a dragon!
Smiled slightly, it\'s the dragon!
The helper and confidence of the Thunder Guild is also the Dragon Race!
This time.
Really hammered!

"God Naga, give up, just rely on you to be a clone, but you can\'t help me!"
Long Zhan uttered a voice like Hong Zhong, "You want to protect that kid, it\'s impossible. Today, he will definitely die, and the Emperor Lao Tzu will not be able to save him when he comes, I, Long Zhan said."
"is it?"
Naga\'s expression was gloomy, and his whole body exuded a vigorous and sharp aura.
As a deity, he was dragged by a black dragon from a small part of the old enemy dragon clan. Now that she is not put in his eyes, it is simply Chi Guoguo hitting her in the face of the Naga god.
"The Essence of Lishui!"
Naga God opened his six arms, the water element rioted, and a water ball about five meters in diameter was condensed in front of her chest.
"Little Loach, take this trick from me, and talk to me again!"