Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 664: : Surprise! BUG general water affinity
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 664: : Surprise! BUG general water affinity

[Task name] Guardian of the Naga clan
[Mission Introduction] The Naga clan, a vassal race of the dragon clan in ancient times, broke away from the dragon clan after the dragon clan\'s decline, and became a king on his own. Together with the dragon clan and the mermaid clan, they are called the three tribes of water supreme. In the ancient times, the demons invaded and the tens of thousands united to fight against foreign enemies. The Naga clan suffered heavy casualties during the war and declined, and the Naga clan also disappeared after the war.
[Task content] Help the Naga **** to take care of the Naga clan, and help when necessary
[Mission Difficulty]? ? ?
[Task time]? ? ?
[Task Reward] The blessing of the Naga God, the Naga Tribes treasure [Water Vein Spirit Orb] has the right of permanent ownership,? ? ?
[Failure penalty]? ? ?
Taking advantage of the Naga God and Dragon Fighting match, and also taking advantage of the Naga God just hit the small forbidden spell to clear this part of the plank road, at this moment, the Thunder Guild has not had time to fill up the people, Qin Luosheng seized the opportunity , Ran towards the plank road as fast as possible.
as long as.
As long as you run to the area where the magic forces were located, you can break free from the range of the forbidden formation, and your skills will be restored!
Without the existence of those **** formations, his Qin Luosheng is no longer a chicken, but the world\'s first person in the destiny recognized by many players, and the great demon who can harden the legendary BOSS with all his strength!
While running on the empty plank road, Qin Luosheng checked the task he had just received and the reward he received from the Naga God!
In terms of tasks, there is nothing to say.
There is only one content: meet the Naga clan, help one or two!
easy to understand.
Look at the blessings given by God Naga.
Water resistance and the goodwill of the Naga clan, as the name suggests, are easy to understand.
This water resistance is a bit awesome, directly +50%?
This tm, simply.
It is worthy of being the three supreme races in the water, and it is also a blessing given by the gods of the Naga clan. It is awesome!
50% water resistance, what does this mean?
Any water system attacking him must first reduce its power by 50%. Not only that, as long as there is control over the water element, such as freezing, ice deceleration, etc., the effect is also reduced by 50%!
[Water Element Affinity] You are the darling of water. You are exempt from water system control and limited effects. You can use any equipment, scrolls, etc. that only limit water systems to use. When you use water systems to attack, the damage is +200%, and the effect is doubled!
Qin Luosheng almost couldn\'t help but yelled out!
I originally thought it was the same as the special effect of the Water Vein Spirit Orb [Water Spirit]. I never thought that this [Water Element Affinity] is the real boss, more important than 50% water resistance.
The darling of water, known by its name, will not be restricted in the water, such as breathing in the water, but the most basic!
Exemption from water system control and restriction effects, control, such as freezing, restrictions, such as deceleration, these are all immune, which is equivalent to being the father of all water systems in the future!
Being able to break through the limits of the water system is the point that excites Qin Luosheng the most. In other words, even as a warrior in the future, he can wear the equipment of a water system magician and use the skills of a water system magician.
If it had been before, Qin Luosheng would have no feeling at all.
What\'s so exciting about this?
Is there a **** to wear the equipment of a water magician?
And he doesn\'t know the skills of the water magician!
He also has an extremely awesome equipment in his hand-Ice Spirit Ring!
This situation is different.
That thing, even if he has so many treasures, is a powerful existence that has always been very coveted, but it has always been a pity that he is not qualified to wear it.
right now.
The qualifications are here.
He immediately felt that he was going to climax!
Qin Luosheng didn\'t pay attention to the other aspects of the ice spirit ring, even the curse skill [Forbidden CurseFrozen Miles].
But only the [Ice Ring Enchantment] made him covet.
This skill, which is linked according to the attack range, health value, and mana value, is completely a magical skill under the control of a master. Its rank and practicality are absolutely no less than legendary.
"Naga God, inferior servant, dare to eat the Lord, today my dragon war will use your blood to clear the door for my dragon clan!"
While Qin Luosheng was still running and immersed in joy and happiness, Naga God and Long Zhan had already met in the air.
"A mere black loach, dare to speak so loudly!"
Naga **** snorted coldly, and his divine power exploded, and he suppressed the dragon war. His majestic voice resounded through the world: "Just because you want to fight me? Be tender! Let your dragon **** come! "
In the end, he was facing a deity, even if it was just a clone, but his divine power was one level higher than ordinary power. Even if Long Zhan was a LV100 full-level boss, he was suppressed by the Naga God.
"How much does Dragon God exist, and how can you compare it to a Mao God like you?"
Long Zhan roared: "Killing you trash, I Long Zhan, that\'s enough!"
The war broke out.
The Black Dragon clan, which focuses on physical defense, the younger brother of the contemporary Black Dragon King, and one of the next heirs of the Black Dragon King, confronts the six arms that can control one of the top ten strange waters, leaving water and being the most compatible with water elements. Naga, and still cultivated into a **** realm, a Naga **** with divine power.
In an instant.
The whole sky is dark.
The wind and clouds changed.
In front of the two LV100 full-level powerhouses, the players whose average level has just crossed the 30 second-turn level are simply ants.
Not only the players, but even the indigenous monsters of Feixiongling Ridge were shivering under these two terrible powers, all crawling on the ground, urinating feces and urine.
When the two big men confronted each other, it was Qin Luosheng and the others who suffered.
As the so-called gods fight, mortals suffer, this is the reason.
Finally ran through the first half of the plank road, seeing the distance escaped, and only a short distance away from the banned formation range, Qin Luosheng was hit by the aftermath of the battle erupted by the Naga God and Dragon Fight, and was directly hit by the second.
There was a big explosion all over again, not to mention, the level was lowered by one again, not to mention, the most important thing was that he was returned to the temporary resurrection point.
Yelled angrily.
Qin Luosheng ran out of the resurrection point as quickly as possible, and continued to run towards the plank road.
He was killed in seconds, and the players of the Thunder Guild were not much better.
Now it\'s the same as before. When he can\'t arm his defense, he has the opportunity to fish in troubled waters and escape to life.
This is the only chance.
Even though Naga God is very strong, she seems to be suppressing Lei Zhan\'s fight, but she is only a clone after all, and she was summoned by him, with a time limit.
Once the effect of the scroll is over, everything will return to its original state.
If you don\'t take advantage of the current problem to solve the problem, everything will stop!

PS: Three more guarantees. Todays state is not good. If you say you are good, you can only postpone it. I\'m sorry brothers, I\'m sorry Meng Mengda, the little fat man. Tomorrow! (funny)