Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 663: : Blessing of Naga God
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 663: : Blessing of Naga God

"Finally can\'t help showing up? Long Zhan!"
Qin Luosheng, who was on the other side of the plank road, noticed the same for the first time. He squinted and looked at the black dragon rising into the sky. He felt a little complicated in his heart. He didn\'t know what it was like.
He knows very well, why Long Zhan will attack at this moment!
Without him.
There is nowhere to go.
There is the existence of the Naga God, and this Naga God is not an unconscious afterimage as it should have been, but a conscious and physical clone that was summoned after being sublimated to the extreme by the starlight blessing.
Even though it is very different from the main Naga God, it is far beyond the unconscious afterimage state!
Qin Luosheng also doesn\'t know how strong it is.
But just looking at the full level LV100, plus the hit just now, instantly completely wiped out the first half of the plank road, at least three thousand thunder guild elites, the power and range are comparable to the small forbidden spell, this is evident.
God is God after all.
Really, too strong!
"Oh, Dragon Race?"
Qin Luosheng, this kind of scum, feels the vastness of the dragon. As he has not dealt with the dragons, he has entangled the Naga clan from ancient times to the present day, and he is the **** of the Naga clan. How can the Naga **** be more than him slow?
"Human, is this the reason you called me?"
God Naga bowed his head and looked at Qin Luosheng, his expression was impermanent, and he didn\'t know what she was thinking.
"Never mind! Even if you are not from the Naga clan, but you have the spirit orb aura in your body that I originally bestowed on the descendants, and you can get the treasure of our clan inheritance, summon me to come, and you should have a good relationship with my clan."
Just as Qin Luo was feeling uneasy, for fear that God Naga would go into trouble, he did not fight against Dragon Battle, so he killed him first. Suddenly, God Naga spoke again, "In order to deal with you, the Dragon Race even uses this banned formation to block the formation. The method, bloodline restriction formation, etc. are used together, the method is still so despicable, maybe you have something special!"
"Unfortunately, even though our Naga tribe has got rid of the enslavement of the dragon tribe, they are ultimately unable to compete with their profound heritage. The Naga tribe has declined. Today, I will block the invading enemies for you and forge a good cause with you. , I hope you will meet my descendants in the future to help you back the cause and effect today."
Qin Luosheng:...
There is no idiot\'s lunch in the world.
This tm.
How to play?
It\'s a bit difficult!
To pick up or not to pick up?
If you accept it, there will be cause and effect. If you encounter difficulties in the Naga in the future, you will inevitably have to pay the debt of favor and help it!
He is the dragon lord of the dragon clan, and is greatly favored by the dragon god.
at this time.
If an agreement is reached with the Naga God, judging by the grievances between the two clans, wouldnt it be two boats?
If there is a dispute between the two clans, where should they stand?
If you don\'t answer.
How to solve this dilemma?
Don\'t say that the thorough dragon fights them who have always wanted to die, but the Naga **** in front of them might immediately turn back and stomped him to death!
after all.
At the beginning, he ransacked the ancient altar of the Naga clan and robbed the Naga clans inheritance of water vein spirit orbs. At this moment, even though he has put that thing on the virtual trading platform, it has been with him for so long. It was normal to have a breath, and God Naga was originally the first owner of the Water Vein Spirit Orb, and he could perceive this breath as normal.
Not only that.
[Panlong Lishui] This thing may also be the treasure of the Naga clan.
How can the dragons be proud of being a tool?
[Panlong Lishui] The dragon soul sealed in may be the Naga clan who is not dealing with the dragon clan, or even the Naga **** himself sealed it in.
This stuff.
It also belongs to him.
When the queen of the Naga clan was destroyed, she might be the descendant of the Naga **** in front of her.
Your sister.
It\'s terrifying!
"Even though I\'m light-hearted, I still know how to be favored by others and repay each other."
Qin Luosheng\'s thoughts flowed, just for a second, he made up his mind, took a deep breath, and promised in a deep voice: "Today, if you have a chance, I will do my best to help the Naga clan, even if it is broken. Will be loyal!"
God Naga nodded, and her fierce eyes became much more kind. With a stroke of her hand, the void shook, and under Qin Luosheng\'s incredible eyes, a gem emitting the power of pure water appeared in her hand.
"This treasure is just a proof of your friendship with the Naga clan!"
An indescribable rhythm radiated from Naga God, and the power of the water overflowed from Naga God\'s body and poured into the orb in her hand.
"Now, I officially give it to you! As an emotional bond between you and my Naga clan!"
The white and flawless, warm and moist jade pearl fell, and the veins of white light, like a moon glowing.
"Ding, you have triggered a special hidden mission-the guardian of the Naga clan!"
"Ding, you get the blessing of the Naga god, the water resistance +50%, the affinity of the water element, and the favor of the Naga clan!"
"Ding, you get the Lingbao[Water Vein Lingzhu]!"
The three consecutive system prompts sounded loud and deaf, making Qin Luosheng stunned for an instant.
Everything else is fine!
What\'s the matter with the Water Vein Spirit Orb?
If I didn\'t have cerebral palsy, this thing should have been put on the virtual trading platform with a price tag of one billion yuan.
Why was the Naga God casually breaking through the restrictions and stepping into the player platform that was not connected to the NPC of the Destiny World, and taking out the Water Vein Spirit Orb without his owner\'s consent?
"Naga clan, I will ask you from now on!"
After taking a deep look at Qin Luosheng, the fish tail behind the **** Naga flicked lightly, and the water element surged to form a circle of white clouds, which took her body away from the place and rushed towards the air. The black dragon left.
"I will live up to expectations!"
Qin Luosheng was shocked by the last meaningful glance of God Naga, and also shocked by the bug skill under the bug talent of Lord of the Stars-Starlight Blessing, which can be sublimated to the summoning consciousness with an epic scroll. No, it should be said. The Naga **** of will comes.
If it was said that it was only compelled by the situation before, and was forced to agree, even if he encountered it in the future, he would help to finish the battle. But now, Qin Luosheng has responded seriously to Naga God\'s expectation.
In the mundane way: to eat people with short mouths, make people soft!
People have given such great benefits, how can they not try their best to do things?
Originally, the Naga tribe had been completely degraded after the battle between gods and demons in ancient times. In addition to being forced to stand still, they were still one of the three supreme tribes in the water. Their strength and influence might not be worthy of this status and title.
Why do you know?
All tm turtles shrunk to a place like Novice Village, the queen of the clan was actually destroyed by the rookie whose maximum limit was no more than 10 at the beginning. A glimpse of it shows the whole leopard, how miserable the Naga clan is!
Under such circumstances, the Naga clan may no longer care about the supreme clan at all, but care more about how to survive and let the Naga clan continue.
Without the greatest threat, it will no longer compete with other races for status, the biggest fundamental problem does not exist, and there should be a silver lining.