Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 661: : The head of a good brother
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 661: : The head of a good brother

Is there still a chance?
Is it really so?
A group of dragons expressed doubts!
They are more in the mirror than anyone else, and they were defeated in this extremely well-prepared attack!
That\'s right.
This deity is not strong, and the time it is expected to be summoned is not very long.
It was enough for the kid to break through the line of defense of a group of ants and safely **** him out of the ban formation.
Once his escape was born, everything he did before was wasted.
Do not.
Not in vain.
Having killed that little ghost a dozen times at least, and his equipment exploded, it was already impossible to win a decisive battle with Long Yuan, even if he didn\'t have a 10% chance of winning.
The purpose has been achieved.
It not only preserved the dragon king of Longyuan, the black dragon clan, but did not tarnish the reputation of the dragon clan, and also avoided the haughty black dragon clan from falling into the tragic situation of joining a human clan and being driven by it.
They were planted.
The dragon clan is going to shake the sky, and even the world of destiny is going to be a major earthquake.
Disrespect the Dragon God!
Assassinate the Dragon Lord!
All are serious crimes!
Unforgivable felony!
"what should we do?"
Long asked bitterly.
No one answered, it has always been a dragon battle of the backbone, and no.
What can I say?
Let it go, how can the ants here withstand the attack of the gods?
Even if it\'s just a lower god, it\'s just a phantom or incarnation.
In this way.
That little devil could escape from birth, and they died collectively, and even spiraled to heaven with the master behind the scenes.
If it manages, then facing a deity\'s avatar, it is impossible to deal with the premise of hiding the identity, and once the power of the source is used, or the body of the self is revealed, it is not to confess, directly I exposed myself.
A group of dragons such as Long Zhan are completely in a dilemma.
Neither does it matter, nor does it matter.
too difficult!

"God Naga, come!"
A pulse of water and light appeared, and it was accompanied by a Naga with a height of several tens of meters, with a human body on the upper body and a fishtail on the lower body.
"Is this the Naga God?"
With the banned skills, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t use the detection technique. He couldn\'t see how terrifying the Naga God he had summoned was, and what attributes and abilities he had, but he couldn\'t see the return, he could feel it!
This is the aura of the deity, and it can\'t be wrong.
Qin Luosheng had felt it from the ice and snow goddess, and also from the flower god.
Compared to the Naga God, their aura is too weak.
Perhaps it was due to the excessive consumption of divine power, or perhaps it was not due to the combat deity.
In short.
Naga God is very strong.
Qin Luosheng has encountered the second strongest!
Who is the first?
Naturally the Dragon God!
When he was in the Dragon God Temple, watching the Dragon God Catalogue, in the last stage of the trial, he was drawn into it by the Dragon Gods remaining consciousness, and he witnessed the phantom space with his own eyes. The Dragon God walked in the universe. The peerless style with the galaxy as the basin and the planet as the marbles.
Even if it\'s not the main body, it\'s just the previous projections. It has been recorded for too many young people, and the Shen Yun has faded. The unspeakable power is far from the Naga God can compare, and it is not even worthy of being compared with it.
The difference between Chuangshi God and Miscellaneous God!
Heaven and earth!
Cloud and mud!
Mountain and gravel!
Towering trees and three inches of grass mustard!
Not comparable at all!
Naga God is also enough.
Using gods as opponents is considered to be enough for the stupid cards of the Thunder Guild, right?
"Come on, tell me, how are you going to kill me, how to thwart me, **** me back to level zero!"
Qin Luosheng put his hands on his chest and looked at the young vulture young man who was still bragging just now with a dull and panic expression, the so-called vice president of the Thunder Trade Union.
The young vulture Lei Tingming opened his mouth, but he couldn\'t say a word. He looked at the tens of meters high, covering the sky with a fishtail and six-armed monster. He felt his throat dry and his mind was a bit dry. blank.
"It\'s really awesome! Now, my crisis is resolved, right?"
Not to mention others, even Qin Luosheng, the "initiator", was taken aback.
He never expected it to be so explosive.
Originally, with a heart of grief and indignation, he was fighting for the last time. I never thought that the Forbidden Curse Scroll is so good. No, it should be said that the Starlight Blessing is so BUG. After sublimating the Forbidden Curse Scroll of epic quality to the extreme, The summoned Naga **** is so terrifying.
What is this Naga **** now?
Or is it above the myth?
Qin Luosheng didn\'t understand.
But it does not prevent him from being happy.
The greater the help, the more vitality he has.
Originally, I just wanted to use this scroll to pit the Thunder guild and charge a little interest so that they would know what the price would be to anger them!
Never imagined.
This is not only collecting interest from the Thunder Guild, by the way, perhaps even the interest of the Dragon Race who sneaked on him can also be collected.
Even though he doesn\'t know the strength of the Naga god, Qin Luosheng is not blind, and can see the bright line on the top of the Naga god: LV100: Naga god!
That\'s right.
The one in front of him and the Naga God who killed the enlarged version of the Queen of Naga in the Naga Ancestor Land in the Naga Altar at the bottom of Luohe in Novice Village was a big boss of the full level 100.
"Who are you? You are not from the Naga tribe, why can you summon me?"
God Naga lowered his head and looked at Qin Luosheng.
As a summoned object, Naga God knows who has summoned him.
Qin Luosheng was speechless.
What does tm say?
Nothing to say.
Could it be that I slaughtered your younger generation, the queen of the Naga clan, and obtained the secret treasure belonging to your Naga clan, engraved with a scroll of your blood and power, so that you can be summoned at this moment?
I really want to say that, I\'m afraid the big guy in front of him is not helping him, but helping the opposite Thunder Union!
"Kill, kill the boss and explode equipment!"
Just as Qin Luosheng\'s scalp was numb, suddenly, a violent roar resounded through the clouds, which rescued him from an embarrassing situation, no, he was rescued from the edge of death.
"Okay, good brother, true warrior, I tm give you a thumbs up!"
Looking up, Qin Luosheng looked at the Thunder Guild shield warrior who was holding the big shield and rushing forward like a mad dog and heading straight towards Naga God, instantly in awe.
Thunder Iron Wall, right?
I tm remember you!
The grace of today will be reported in the coming day.
I must kill you twice less!
"Ant, do you want to provoke the majesty of God?"
Naga God\'s attention was instantly attracted by the Thunder Iron Wall, she opened her mouth, she was mighty and majestic, and she uttered a word.
at the same time.
With a light wave of the bottom of the three arms on the right, a serpentine stream shot out, and in the blink of an eye, the shield-holding thunder iron wall was enveloped, and the whole face was poured over the whole body.

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