Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 656: : Players who have been put on masks of pain
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 656: : Players who have been put on masks of pain

"Asshole, what are you afraid of? What about the Weeping Soul, isn\'t it because our little brother gave a hammer with a smile, what drag?"
"Yeah! Don\'t be afraid, kill the Weeping Soul, the president said, kill two million at a time."
"The big smiley guy has already given us a demonstration to kill the Weeping Soul. It\'s just that you have a hand. Are we afraid of a hammer?"
"Come on, smile, the big guy eats meat, we also have to drink soup! Kill two million once, and one house will be there!"
"Go away and let me come. I don\'t believe it anymore. I\'m even clean and sloppy, and I can\'t beat the crying souls who are less than 30th level now!"
The subconscious fear just made a group of Thunder guild players even more embarrassed and angry.
Originally, there was a little promise of the thunder madness, killing a bounty of up to two million RMB, so severely injured, even the Weeping Soul in its heyday, there must be brave warriors.
not to mention.
Killing the Weeping Soul, you can get not only the two million RMB, but also the super-powerful equipment that the Weeping Soul can dominate the world.
Maybe others dont know.
But perennially ranked first in the equipment rankings, and currently the only myth-level equipment known, the peerless magic weapon [Panlong Lishui], they saw the crying soul burst out, and then picked it back.
As long as the Weeping Soul is killed, then this magic soldier, who is enough to make anyone worry-free and live an extravagant life for the rest of his life, may become the private property of any one of them.
Who can resist such a temptation?
If it were the weeping souls of the heyday, perhaps a group of greed and greed would have to think about it. It would not be so radical, but -
After passing the hooded mans incarnation with a slight smile, Crazy Hammer Weeping Soul, hanged him a dozen times, not only the level dropped more than a dozen levels, all his equipment and props also exploded, and his combat effectiveness plummeted.
The Weeping Soul at this time is not the unfathomable fate of the world\'s first person before, but the waste that anyone can knead at present.
In this way.
The crying soul now is no different from "children holding gold and walking in the downtown area".
"No, weeping soul bastard!"
Just as everyone was slowly encircling and blocking Qin Luosheng\'s all roads, suddenly, the crowd uttered a cry of pain to the extreme.
"Cry Soul, this guy put [Panlong Lishui] and many other treasures on the virtual trading platform."
Seeing everyone watching over, the face of the wailing player was extremely distorted, gritted his teeth and said in resentment: "He now has nothing on him!"
Everyone was shocked and quickly opened the virtual trading platform.
Pushing on the platform\'s homepage, the extremely shiny transaction items are greeted by the eyes.
Still a billion!
In addition to [Panlong Lishui], there are many other treasures, all of which are good things that can make people drool and greedy.
can not afford!
No one can afford it.
One billion RMB, that\'s the most small and wealthy person like them, a figure that can\'t be achieved in a lifetime.
Don\'t say they, even their boss, the president of the Thunder Trade Union, backed by the eldest master of the Lei GroupThunder Krenzy Young, can\'t afford it.
"This attribute, MD, if I have a magic weapon like [Panlong Lishui], plus these equipment and props, I am also the number one person in the destiny world!"
The famous baby that I used to see on the rankings, now because of the trading platform, the natural attributes cannot be concealed. After all, if you sell goods, if you dont even look at the quality of the goods, who knows what you sell Is something worth this price?
in this way.
Just let a group of people see for the first time the equipment of the crying soul, how defying the sky is.
at the same time.
It is even more jealous.
Such a baby originally belonged to them!
But now.
The **** who was soaked by the crying soul was put on the virtual trading platform, and it was disgusting.
On the virtual trading platform, it is completely gone, even if it is to kill the crying soul a hundred times or a thousand times, you will never want to get those good treasures.
Countless angry roars resounded through the clouds.
Not someone else.
It is precisely these players who know the truth and understand what they have missed are all unwilling and regretful after putting on masks of pain.
"Weeping soul, hand over the equipment!"
Gritting his teeth, a middle-aged player wearing a magic robe embroidered with a Suzaku brocade pattern holding a staff with red jewels from earlier gritted his teeth. It was the former hall master who said it was the second branch of the Thunder Guild.
"Yes, hand it over!"
"Hand it over!"
"Hand it over!"
With the leader, others also clamored.
"You guys, do you have a problem with your brain?"
Qin Luosheng sneered.
What the **** are this group of trash talking about!
Hand over equipment?
What kind of cerebral palsy would say such a thing?
You guys are going to kill me. Now I have finally caught a bug and saved the last kind of hope. You still want to let me hand over the equipment?
The face is so big!
"Hand over the equipment, we can make you less tortured!"
A group of people yelled: "Otherwise, we will do everything we can to insult you. The first person in the world with dignified destiny, weeping soul, if we step on our feet and wantonly humiliated, I think you are not willing Carve such a bad memory in your life, right?"
"is it?"
Qin Luosheng remained unmoved, squinting at the group of people in front of him, "Just relying on you mob, clowns?"
"kill him!"
After all, the elites of the Thunder Trade Union were so degraded and proud of them, how could they bear it?
"The winner is the king and the loser. I have fallen to this point today. It is true that I am responsible for my own sake. I have nothing to say!"
Qin Luosheng shrugged and said with a sneer: "However, the future will be long. I will remember the hospitality you received to me today, and it will be doubled in the future. I only hope that by then you will be able to appreciate your face, give me a face, and let me \'Repay your kindness\'!"
The clamoring group of people suddenly died down.
more than this.
He stepped back several steps, hiding himself behind his teammates, avoiding Qin Luosheng\'s gaze, to prevent being missed, and then being liquidated!
"Don\'t be afraid, don\'t be scared by this guy!"
At this time, the hall master of the second branch of the hall jumped out to comfort the army, and he said loudly: "The chairman has already arranged, today we will kill the soul of crying to level zero, and then carry out endless pursuits, weeping The soul will never get up."
"What\'s more, all the equipment of this servant is lost. What about the player without the equipment, even if it is the Weeping Soul? Now he can be chased and beaten by us. After that, even the level is gone, and I am afraid that he will start What storm?"
With the leadership inspiring the military, for a time, many Thunder Union players who had the intention to retire once again gathered together.