Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 651: : Death is approaching
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 651: : Death is approaching

Block formation!
BUG formations that can block all skills!
This formation does not only refer to him Qin Luosheng alone, but all.
what for?
This means that as long as they are in this formation, no matter who they are, they will be banned.
The same is true for him, Qin Luosheng, and the same is true for the players of the Thunder Guild.
This is why, the advance troops and those iron tortoise shield battles have no skills at all, but rely on their own equipment to resist, relying on drugs and priest\'s milk to block his way.
It\'s not that they don\'t want to.
But under the banned formation, skills can\'t be used!
These idiots have no skills, but the magician players of the Thunder Guild can still use magic to attack him.
This shows what?
It shows that the area in front, the area of ??the magician team, is not affected by the banned formation.
In this way.
As long as he stepped into that area, he could also get rid of the banned formation, thus breaking free from the absolute disadvantage, and restoring the strength of the self.
By the time.
Want to fight or stay, isn\'t it just between his thoughts?
With complete skills and the existence of Forbidden Curse, the Thunder Guild is considered barren?
Learn about space jumping.
Who can stop it?
"I won!"
Qin Luosheng was overjoyed. With a big wave of his hand, five extravagant spore bombs were thrown out at the same time. After the explosion, the naked pig advance troops who had just arrived from the rear fought with several shields, before they had time to approach, they were bombed again. After death, after paying the price of a level, it turned into a white light and returned to the temporary resurrection point on the other side of the plank road.
Just as Qin Luosheng was about to step out of the "prison cage" and gain "light", suddenly, a figure stood out, appearing in front of him as if teleporting, and at the same time, a fiercely powerful fist hit his chest fiercely. on.
The fascinating flicker, coupled with the powerful and heavy blow, made Qin Luosheng unprepared, and was instantly hit. The powerful force burst, causing him to fly upside down. He was in the air and couldn\'t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. , Already seriously injured.
Enduring the pain of the displacement of the internal organs and the broken ribs, Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth, and tremblingly raised his body, wanting to see who attacked him.
When he saw the attacking enemy clearly, he couldn\'t help but cursed.
"Son of a bitch!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t know who it was.
The familiar shape of the hood, the fear of seeing people, and the incomparable strength are enough to knock him directly into the air, and use his **** to figure out who it is.
Damn dragons!
At the last moment, I gave Lao Tzu a kick.
Qin Luosheng broke the defense directly and cursed.
This Nima.
Seeing that there is only one step away, this step will be able to get rid of the predicament, so that the dragon will fly for nine days and the tiger will roar deep into the mountains.
But to the contrary-
That\'s it.
Without taking a small step, he was punched directly from heaven and into hell.
The indescribable huge psychological gap extinguishes hope while giving hopelessness. Who can hold it?
"Little devil, you must die today!"
Being scolded by Qin Luosheng, the face of the hooded man was ugly.
The great dragons, proud warriors, have they ever been so humiliated?
This is still in front of his face, pointing to his nose, insulting mercilessly!
"Fantasy, shameless offspring, dirty and disgusting trash,...As a dragon master, what can I do if I scold you?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t care about the coercion emanating from the hooded man, and he still sweared insultingly.
You tm have calculated me like this, you are going to kill me, do you want me to respect you?
What kind of Rainbow P do you want to eat in Nima?
"I hope your mouth will be so hard next!"
The hooded man who was provoked to anger forcibly held back it. If it is usual, he would not mind playing with Qin Luosheng, but now, time is pressing, the effect of deceiving the sky is strong, but time is also very limited, he must finish him Things to do.
Even if you are in a forbidden formation, you can\'t use skills, and you can\'t use racial talents, such as dragon\'s breath, because you don\'t dare to expose yourself as a dragon. But as a dragon, how powerful is your physique?
Another punch!
Qin Luosheng, who had been attacked by a sneak attack, broke his ribs, and suffered internal organs, how to resist or evade, was frantically educated by the Hooded man on the spot.
"Fuck, who is this buddy? It\'s so fierce!"
"I tm dazzled, right? We have this fierce man in the Thunder Guild? Can we hang up the Weeping Soul with a hammer?"
"Smile, big brother, I don\'t care about you!~~~~"
"Ah... I will be my idol after a little smile!"
"Smile slightly, big brother, the younger sister is eighteen years old, she is white and beautiful with long legs, XXX university flower, can we make an appointment?"
"Big Brother, I am your long-lost brother!"
"Brother begs for familiarity, begging for cover, begging for support, and I will take me one copy in the future, and I will be a dog for you!..."
Countless noisy sounds suddenly surged.
The shouts in the field were messy and unintelligible, but the information in the channel was clearly visible, so I swiped the screen and walked away.
What about the content of the call?
Without exception, they all started out around the "slightly smile" this big guy who suddenly appeared.
Surprised, complimented, licked, begged for support, begged to be a kid, begged to bring a copy, begged...
In short...
It\'s all kinds of licks!
"These idiots are ashamed of Lao Tzu!"
Seeing that his subordinates are so unbearable, Thunder Knife suddenly turned green, then blue, and then black again, like a Sichuan Opera changing face, so fast that people are dizzying, so fast that they are amazing and decisive, so fast that they make people feel comfortable. Ashamed.
Young Thunder Crazed is also secretly shocked.
Even though he knew that these hooded men were very strong, he never expected that they were so strong, and even such a fierce Weeping Soul could beat him with a violent attack, and he could not fight back. This tm, the fighting power simply broke through the sky!
"Quickly, go live!"
As the boss of the Thunder Guild, Thunder Crazed Younger is not an ordinary rich second-generation dude. To be able to sit in this position, in addition to his great father, he is also somewhat capable himself.
He was beaten violently by the Weeping Soul before and singled him out with tens of thousands of people in the Thunder Guild. He had no face, and he just talked about the live broadcast. He didn\'t dare to offend all the players in the world, so he had to bite the bullet.
Only he knows how much dry goods there are.
The situation has changed and the situation has reversed.
This tm is not good enough to take the opportunity to publicize, then his mind is really pretending to be shit.
As for "slightly smile", is it someone from the Thunder Union from time to time?
Does this matter?
Now "slightly smile" appeared on the battlefield, and appeared in the player group of his Thunder Guild, or was hostile to the Weeping Soul, beating the Weeping Soul violently,...Is this not enough to explain everything?
Everyone would think that "slightly smile" belonged to his Thunder Union!
But he would not say.
Even if other people learn about the situation in the future, when they are held accountable, he doesn\'t matter. Anyway, he never said that the "slight smile" belonged to the Thunder Union. It was your misunderstanding.
It is wonderful to be able to not take responsibility, and to be able to hype now!