Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 649: : Defensive as offensive, defeated Thunder Guild
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 649: : Defensive as offensive, defeated Thunder Guild

"Shield Warrior?"
Seeing that he was carrying a large shield and wearing heavy steel armor, step by step towards the shield army group that he was pressing over, Qin Luosheng frowned slightly.
He doesn\'t think that the Thunder Union without output is a tiger without minions. Even if the damage is gone, there is no threat to him, but what he is facing now is not the problem, but the problem of escape.
Once the road is blocked by these guys, there is no way to go forward, and there is no way to go. When the magicians who were killed by the Five Elements God\'s thunder come back again, they will return to the state just now.
"It\'s a bit difficult!"
This narrow plank road is the only way, but there are tens of thousands of thunder guild players blocking this plank road. The first thing to bear is these smelly and hard shield battles, which are really disgusting.
"However, with you iron tortoises, I can\'t stop my footsteps!"
Qin Luosheng stepped out, the props in his hand poured down all over the sky.
"The spores are exploding~ bomb!"
"Powerful gun~powder~can!"
"Powerful Thunder!"
"Powerful Divine Fire Talisman!"
"Powerful Thunderfall Talisman!"

In an instant.
There was an extremely fierce explosion sound throughout the plank road.
The sky is covered with dark clouds.
The ground, exploded ~ bomb burst.
Around, poisonous gas spreads!
Even if it is a tortoise shell, even if it is a fully armed shield war, but in such a situation, there is no way at all, but it can only be attacked obediently.
Under the horrific chain bombings of spore bombs, sky-shaking thunder, powder cans, and thunder talisman, no one can resist, even if the shield wall is turned on, the defense-enhancing skills are used, and hundreds of priests are crazy Under treatment, it doesn\'t work.
If it\'s heyday, maybe you can still rob.
The five-element thunder talisman just took his life.
It not only solved the large number of magicians leaning on the front, but also affected a large group of priests, causing heavy damage and unable to pull the health value of the shield fighting in front.
This is not.
The battle front collapsed all at once!
Even though these first-line shield battles were indeed very fierce, because between the attacks, relying on the priest\'s milk and crazy drugs, seeing the needles increase the life value, there was no second.
Skills have CDs, and potions are the same.
It is indeed good to be able to withstand the attack of the Sky Shaking Thunder, but how to deal with the poisonous gas of the spore bombs and the burning magical talisman?
There is no way to deal with it!
The large white light soared into the sky, from the front line, it fell to the temporary resurrection point on the other side of the plank road, and became the last.
"Little lambs, now it\'s your turn!"
Half of the shield battle between the copper wall and the iron wall was wiped out, and the middle door opened wide. The magic team of the output team and the priest team of the auxiliary team were directly exposed to Qin Luosheng\'s eyelids.
The number of Thunder and Thunder is limited, and it was Qin Luosheng who was reluctant to save it. Even if he has already spared it, he is not ready to continue saving, so he must use them all here and in this battle.
How to use it, you still have to have a charter, choose the best time and the most appropriate time, and strive to hit the best ending and cause the greatest harm.
Not stingy.
But there is no way.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t want to suppress firepower?
This also has to be so powerful!
There are not many things like Zhentianlei, but there are a hundred spores exploded, and now there are more than 70 left, which is quite a lot.
The toughest shield and hard bones are gone, and the next crispy children will be easy to handle.
Shield warfare requires at least three spore bombing ~ bomb bombing, and with poison gas to destroy.
Where\'s the magician?
Where is the priest?
Where\'s the thief?
One is enough!
Unless they have defensive skills, unless they have life-saving skills, unless they can evacuate the poisonous gas area formed by the spore bombs in the first time, otherwise, they will definitely die.

Young Thunder Kuang looked at the army he had arranged, and was harvested one by one by the Weeping Soul. The people on the spot were stupid, "How can he? How can he?"
The advance troops suffered heavy casualties, and the thunder mad can bear it.
after all.
Those guys were originally abandoned sons and pushed to die.
As the second-liners, the Thunder Union gave a lot of bonuses, plus a full set of weapons, and promised that after this set of equipment, they would go to them.
Such a reward?
How can I refuse!
The high reward for killing the Weeping Soul is greedy by everyone.
As the advance force, they are naturally on the front line.
Kill 20 million first, kill 2 million.
That\'s the rhythm of getting rich in a flash!
It failed, and it was an unprecedented fiasco.
Never thought about it.
Crying Soul is so perverted that ordinary attacks can hold on for more than half an hour under countless impacts, killing more than 10,000 people.
Although it is an abandoned son, Thunder Kuang Shao feels distressed, but he was psychologically prepared and accepted it.
What now?
Soul Crying actually took the initiative to kill him, annihilated the first-line magician team and the first-line priest team of his Thunder Guild, and also eliminated the first-line shield war team.
This tm!
It\'s almost a loss to grandma\'s house.
After this war.
Young Thunder Crazed was completely injured.
The core of the entire trade union, the elite, etc., collectively drop a level, which is already behind the other forces. This is not the case. The most important thing is the equipment. Now it is not a two-piece drop, but one piece by piece.
To know.
Most of these equipment were sponsored by his Lei Shi Group.
There is.
The other equipment worn by the union members has previously promised that if it explodes, there will be a certain amount of subsidies.
Just rely on this one.
Looking at the amount of equipment exploded, the subsidy, I don\'t know how much.
Originally planning this operation, the initial investment was very large, and a large part of the circulating cash of the Lei Shi Group was transferred. The current Lei Shi Group is still able to barely maintain its operation.
If the subsidy is issued, the cash flow of the Lei Shi Group will be cut off, but it will be miserable, even if it is not accountable by shareholders, is not drew by banks, or is not called by partners, ... at least, it has to sell part of its business or Subsidiaries can be maintained.
This is already considered a painful one.
Even if you can later rely on the prestige of killing the crying soul to make up for all this, but the time does not know how long it will take. During this period, no one knows whether it can resist the enemy\'s fall into the ground!
"Asshole, didn\'t you say that if the banning formation takes effect, all of that guy\'s skills can be sealed?"
In his anger, Thunder Kuang Shao directly sprayed, and the target of spray was naturally the Dragon Clan headed by Long Zhan. This group took the initiative to come to his door, which gave him great convenience and was also the collaborator in facilitating the operation.

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