Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 647: : Survival from a dead end, all kinds of props show off their prestige (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 647: : Survival from a dead end, all kinds of props show off their prestige (Part 1)

The whole world exploded.
In addition to the official forum, the official video area, there are also V blogs, post bars, and shaking hands...All media and platforms that can disseminate information are basically full of information about this war.
Not only that.
The official media can\'t sit still, not only in China, but also in other countries outside China. Whether it is national media or private media, whether it is large-scale media or public accounts, they are all going crazy.
Countless people acted.
Countless forces started to move.
The state machine is working.
The hidden forces gradually appeared.
They all looked at the Huaxia War Zone, at Tuyao City, at Feixiong Ridge, and at the extremely hot battlefield of the plank road.
Other theaters can only watch.
On the Huaxia War Zone, the major forces that have received the news, and even ordinary players, have begun to march towards Feixiong Ridge.
Even if most of the forces are on the sidelines.
Even though the vast majority of players did not move, they just stopped what they were doing and started watching videos, posts, and watching the "most official" live broadcast just started by Thunder Clan.
Some people started to move.
Even if compared with no action, the proportion is very small, but under the huge base, at least tens of millions of people have come, crowding the resurrection point of Tuyao City, and the road from Tuyao City to Feixiongling is even more dense. It is endless, like a torrent of dragons.
this moment.
The focus of the world is in Feixiong Ridge!

Everything outside.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t have time to pay attention. At this moment, he found a glimmer of hope in the desperate situation, and he quickly caught it with joy.
"A bunch of scum, die!"
Reaching into his backpack, Qin Luosheng took out a white item that looked like a mushroom, but it was a miniature mini version that had been shrunk many times. He looked at the Thunder Guild player who had gradually crossed the plank road and headed towards this side. There was the ultimate cruel violence.
"My counterattack time is here!"
The props just obtained from the dungeon of the Devils Palace, to be precise, are the spore bombs collected from the corpse of the piranha demon Yi Ping. Unexpectedly, it will be used in such a short period of time. .
The spore bombs, that is one of the cards of Yi Ping, the epic boss, the flower demon.
As an epic boss, Yi Ping\'s strength is too rubbish, it is the shame of an epic.
It is precisely because of this.
Perhaps the system gave Yi Ping other powerful abilities in order to balance or compensate.
For example, Devour, has the ability similar to instant kill.
For example, the spore bomb is extremely powerful and consumes little, and the quantity is large. Once it is shot, if there is no special means, it will basically be overwhelmed by the bomb and spiral into the sky collectively.
Even if Qin Luosheng couldn\'t be like Yi Ping, he only needed to shake his body and was shot out with hundreds or thousands of spores. However, these thunder guild fools didn\'t need such a big battle at all.
A hundred spores exploded ~ bombs, enough to explode a way!
Even if the Thunder Trade Union set up the resurrection point on the other side of the plank road, it is dead and resurrected, and resurrected again, in terms of military strength, it basically belongs to the kind of endless stream.
It takes time to kill from the resurrection point to this end of the plank road.
And this time difference is Qin Luosheng\'s opportunity.
If so.
You can take advantage of the heavy casualties of the Thunder Union. When it is too late to make up the defense, step out of the plank road bit by bit until you walk from the plank road here to the plank road where the Thunder mad little is staying at the moment.
The crisis is lifted!
Turn defeat into victory!
Under the spore bombing, a group of naked pigs had no resistance. All of them were blown up. One bombing bomb affected all players within the range, all of them died, and no exceptions could be made.
This is not the spore explosion~ the bomb is so awesome. If you change to other normal players, it won\'t be like this at all. However, what Qin Luosheng can touch is a group of naked pigs, and it is also this group of naked pigs that can be blown up.
After being hacked to death more than a dozen times, his level plummeted to the 20th level, and the equipment on his body was either exposed or taken off by himself. Only a novice commoner was left. Is there a **** to use?
This level, this blood, this equipment?
Want to hold the spore bomb too?
Even though this thing is mass-produced and wins by quantity, it is also one of the cards of the epic BOSS. Can you not look down on it so much?
not to mention.
This spore bomb is not only bomb, after bombing, it is still poisonous.
This poison is not ordinary poison, it is quite violent.
Even Qin Luosheng, if it hadn\'t been absolutely immune to the epic toxins with "Jade Bone" before, it would have been impossible to resist so many spore bombs, and the guy with Yi Ping was tough and took the opportunity to kill her.
in other words.
These 100 spore bombs are not only powerful hand mines, but also hand mines with the nature of biological and chemical weapons. They can be called battlefield killers, and they are suitable for such crowded places.
"Pastor, milk me! Quickly!"
"Hurry back to the plank road, don\'t rush!"
Five spores exploded and bombed all the naked pigs swarming to death. At the same time, Qin Luosheng also took back the lost position and walked to the crossing of the plank road again.
The players of the Thunder Guild who had already broken through the siege all smashed into the sand, either being blown to death or being poisoned to death, a miserable comparison.
The naked pig is not distressed when it is dead.
But those who followed, they didnt die once. They were the new force that controlled the battlefield next, but they also died. Its okay for the level to drop by 1, but the equipment exploded, and the strength was greatly reduced. Old fate.
"Asshole, don\'t squeeze! Don\'t squeeze!"
"The dog DX in the back can\'t understand people?"
"Look at it. Weeping Soul has that weird poison bomb in his hands again~ it\'s bombing!"
"Help! Help! I don\'t want to die by growing mushrooms!"
I thought that I had exhausted the strength of the Weeping Soul, and the winning ticket was in hand, and now they charged quickly, preparing to divide the spoils.
after all.
For them, the promised first kill of 20 million thunder mad, two million kills at a time, and various follow-up benefits are quite tempting. How can they be preempted by others?
It is precisely because of greed that those people further behind have tried their best to squeeze their heads and want to go inside, want a piece of the pie, or even monopolize them.
Even if Qin Luosheng is in the Longyou Shoal and the tiger falls in the Pingyang, it is also a dragon, and that is also a tiger. How can their loach and milk dog contend?
Compared with those powerful BOSS, Qin Luosheng dare not talk about the details!
Compare with other players.
I would be embarrassed.
Qin Luosheng.
Rich one B!

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