Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 643: : The world shakes! Runaway event
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 643: : The world shakes! Runaway event

This is a sunny day!
same with yesterday.
Same as the day before yesterday.
There is no difference.
The spread of a piece of news shocked the entire world. Countless players, whether it was China mainland or other war zones, all turned their sights on the eastern land and the Huaxia war zone.
"Walking the Way for the Sky, Besieging the World\'s Largest Cancer of Destiny: Cry Soul
As soon as this post came out, it was instantly put on the top of the forum, and its popularity continued to rise, even the official posts were topped.
Below the post, countless replies.
"Mine on the first floor, **** on the second floor."
"On the third floor, the bench has been moved, the seeds and peanuts have been taken, and we are waiting to see the performance on the second floor."
"Really? The title party Sima!"
"Baga! It\'s another bad post that spoofed to reply to the popularity. It has been reported!"
"Trouble looking for Weeping Soul? I\'m afraid the host didn\'t wake up, right?"
"It\'s interesting. Crying Soul has just appeared on World TV and killed the legendary BOSS solo. There are still people who are not afraid of death to trouble such a big boss?"
"A liar, the identification is complete!"
No one believes it.
after all.
This is too fantastic.
Not to mention that the Soul of Cry is powerful, and it has no ghosts, and it did not show up in the public. It hides itself very well. Moreover, the Soul of Cry is constantly on the world TV, bringing great glory and truth to the Huaxia Theater. The true glory (increased experience, increased burst rate), benefit the entire Huaxia theater, and grace all Huaxia players.
He is a hero!
The hero of China!
There is no doubt.
Huaxia always pays attention to heroes. Even if there are good and bad people, there are many people who are not convinced by the weeping souls, but at least on the surface, no one should dare to make mistakes.
This is a rotten iron that attracts attention and deceives people to reply.
There was a lot of scolding below the post. In addition to the Huaxia players, the players in other war zones also expressed their disdain and anger at this behavior. There are also many soul-crawling fans who greet the hosts family women because their idols have been insulted. Is grumpy.
When the high-definition screenshots were posted by the host, the whole post suddenly became quiet.
The person on the screenshot is indeed Weeping Soul.
Even though Soul of Cry makes few appearances, Soul of Cry has the habit of uploading videos. Who doesn\'t know about it in the whole world?
From the video, everyone knows the costume of the crying soul.
Others may be fraudulent.
But certain costumes of Soul Cry are unique and cannot be faked at all.
For example, the only mythical soldier in the world of Destiny [Panlong Lishui], a glistening belt, a mask with evil ghost patterns, a silver shining cloak...
Really hammered!
Weeping soul, really be beaten!
The crossing of the plank road in the picture, the endless people on the plank road,...
All showed one by one, the crying soul was forced into a desperate place!
The forum exploded.
The bad posts suddenly turned into **** posts, and the popularity rose wildly and continuously.
The administrator noticed that after confirming the authenticity, he did not hesitate to put the post to the top.
More people have seen it.
Information, through this, spread out, attracting more people to come.
The whole world--
It boiled completely, and a violent earthquake began!

White House!
"Unbelievable, are Huaxia people crazy?"
When the blonde president of the United States heard the news from the Secretary of State, he was completely stunned.
The image of Huaxia is deeply ingrained in the world.
It\'s hard to imagine.
One day in China, there will be people who dare to treat meritorious officials with such fairness, wanting to subvert the destiny world pattern, and even radiate the influence to the real world, the current destiny world is the first person in the world to cry!
This is absolutely impossible in any country in the world, especially the American country that advocates individual heroism.
To know.
A strong man like Cry Soul, a hero like that, is enough to lead an era, lead a country, lead a nation, to the true peak and glory!
How dare she?
Isnt it afraid that the weeping souls will also be lost like those elite talents who continue to go abroad, especially those who come to and work for his American country?
"Hahaha... God helped me too!"
The President of the United States of America laughed and gave a serious expression to the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. The FBI inspector said to his confidant: "This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How can I teach you how to do it? Gentlemen, do this. Well, it can even rewrite the world structure and rewrite the national fortune of our American country. At all costs, contact the Weeping Soul, give him all the preferential treatment he can give, and be sure to bring him back to our American country and become a great American. "
"As you wish, Mr. President!"
A group of black suits bowed and replied, all smiles.

The Imperial Palace.
"The one who is stupid is the only one who is sadly inferior. He never learns a lesson and is still engaged in internal fighting."
The emperor who was more than a few years old received the news from Amaterasu Grand Shrine and couldn\'t help but sneer: "Heroes are always lonely, and they will never end well. It\'s a pity that the goddess of heaven, such as Weeping Soul, has been treated this way. Fortunately, the Destiny World is only a virtual world, and weeping souls will not really die. If such a talent joins me in Dongying, I will definitely be able to overwhelm China, get rid of America, and stand on top of the world in time."
Dressed in the quaint Amaterasu Grand Shrine\'s great priest, the head of Dongying is equal, standing with hands down.
"Activate Huaxia\'s spies to search for the information of the Weeping Soul at all costs, and be sure to instigate him to rebel and bring me back to Dongying."
The emperor gave the order.
Many priests, senior officials of the Prime Minister\'s Office respectfully obey orders.
"By the way, to start a public opinion war, we must let Crying Soul completely give up on China."
The emperor said again: "If necessary, you can cooperate with those guys to act together, but the person weeping soul must belong to my Dongying."

The sound of cracking tea cups silenced the entire conference room.
The eight great elders looked at the great elders who had never been so angry, and were speechless for a while.
They also understand the anger of the great elder.
They are equally angry.
"What do you think about this matter?"
In the end, the elder had a very high level of self-cultivation, and he quickly reduced his emotions, calmed down, and sat back in the first seat again, looking at the eight Chinese Optimus Primes, and asked: "Imperialism will not die. This matter will definitely be made a big fuss by them, arranging many insiders and spies to be installed in our country to take the rhythm to mislead our people, let the people misunderstand us, and let the weeping souls misunderstand us. If one does not handle it well, it may even shake the national fortune."
The eight elders were shocked.
Shake the national fortune.
This is an unprecedented crisis!
Is this something serious?
But in a blink of an eye.
Everyone was silent again.
If a large number of people are really misled and lose confidence in the country, especially the crying soul himself, once he departs from China, or even transfers to another country, with the influence of "Dimension of Destiny" today and today, especially in the future, it will definitely go further. The influence of the country, the national fortune, will really be shaken.
"Comrades, this is a tough battle!"
The elder took a deep breath, and said in a heavy tone: "There have been countless times of this kind of precedent, and everyone has experience in coping with it. But what I want to say is that this time, the situation is different. Except that the situation is more urgent and more harmful. In addition to the great power, imperialism is likely to unite one after another, and we have to use 120,000 points of spirit. This is a war, everyone must be prepared!"
Eight Great Elders: "Yes!"