Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 637: : Accomplice: Dragon
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 637: : Accomplice: Dragon

Seal the magic, all skills cannot be used!
Blocking the space, returning to the city scroll, space teleportation, etc. are completely invalid!
The resurrection point is forced to change, which means that even if it is dead, it will be resurrected at the current location, rather than resurrected to the nearest city!
The bloodline is banned, and even the blood of the true dragon cannot be activated, but the weakening skill "Dragon Power" that depends on it, and the boosting skill "Dragon Blood Burning Sorrow"
Wait, there is no room for display at all!
Really tm!
All roads are blocked!
"Huh, that\'s not right!"
Qin Luosheng suddenly thought of something, raised his head, and looked at the dozen or so hooded men, "I can understand the first three banning formations, but what does it mean for the last bloodline ban? Could it be..."
With a shock all over, Qin Luosheng realized it instantly.
"You are from the Dragon Race?"
Looking across the plank road, Qin Luosheng locked a dozen hooded men, watching them shake slightly when he said the word "Dragon", and he was completely sure.
These guys are really dragons!
I tm just say.
Just relying on the two hundred and five thunder madness, how can you invite so many fierce people who can use this BUG-level formation!
It turned out to be the support of the gangsters of the Dragon Race, not the players, but the NPCs.
This can make sense!
"The decisive battle between me and Longyuan is imminent. Some stupid guys can\'t help but jump out, wanting to get rid of me with the help of human hands, once and for all?"
Qin Luosheng is not an idiot, and he figured out the joints in the blink of an eye.
in fact.
It\'s not hard to guess.
Even though no one would think that he could beat Long Yuan, even Qin Luosheng himself was very imaginary, but he was not afraid of ten thousand, just in case!
Can use the safest method to avoid danger, who would not use it?
This is not a trivial mess, but a bet on all the battles of fate.
Qin Luo was promoted and lost, everything was lost, and he returned to his original form, starting from scratch, even without the opportunity to start from scratch, completely finished playing, and completely wiped out!
And if Long Yuan loses, then not only will Long Yuan be punished severely, and basically wont reappear, or he will die, and even bring the Black Dragon clan will be tragedy. Not only will he have to compensate Qin Luosheng with a lot of things, but also directly Divided under Qin Luosheng\'s command, Qin Luosheng became the new black dragon king.
Regarding the future of the Black Dragon clan, not only the Black Dragon clan dare not bet, even other Dragon Clan who do not approve of Qin Luosheng will secretly help.
after all.
The dragons are proud, even if they enter into contracts with humans, most of them are assisting contracts, even giving dragon blood in a gesture of charity. Therefore, there are many legends such as dragon blood warriors, dragon blood mage, dragon summoner and so on.
There has never been a precedent in the history of the dragon clan, letting people into the dragon clan.
Even the signing of a servant contract with the human race is rare, and the dragon race is willing to bow down and become a servant, and even willing to be a servant. All are among the dragons and phoenixes, the proud son of heaven, and even the children of the royal family or the ancient nobles, or the secluded sect. Heirs, descendants of ancient sects, etc.
What is Qin Luosheng going to do?
Become the king of the black dragon clan, even if it is a nominal king, that is also the black dragon king.
Originally, he had the status of the Dragon Lord, and he was on the same level as the Dragon Emperor, but this was what the Dragon God meant, and no one dared to make a mistake, even the Dragon Emperor.
Looking at the face of the dragon god, adding that the dragon lord is just an honorary title, and has no real power, bear it!
Once Qin Luosheng became the king of the Black Dragon clan again.
The dragon lord and the black dragon king, the blessing of this dual identity, has no obstacle for Qin Luosheng to become the high-level of the dragon clan. How can this make those diehards tolerate?
The great dragon!
Sacred Dragon Palace!
How do foreigners deserve to be one of the decision-makers?
and so--
It is very understandable to make Kizunako.
It\'s impossible for Kizuna to turn to Kizuna. It\'s impossible for things that can\'t wait on the stage to proceed in a fair manner.
after all.
Recognized by the Lord Dragon God and given the [Dragon God Imperial Order] to become the dragon lord, in terms of identity, except for the Dragon Emperor, he can sit on an equal footing. Other dragons, even the elders of the Dragons, the kings of the big clans, must salute when they see Qin Luosheng. To show respect.
in the end.
The bigger the race, the more long-lasting race, the stricter the rules, and no one dares to cross it!
That\'s right.
Qin Luosheng\'s identity as the dragon master is so awesome!
In order to prevent the ten thousand races from knowing that the dragons have conspired to infiltrate the people favored by the dragon gods, kill the dragon lord, suffer a humiliation that can never be erased, and even be punished by the dragon gods, only with the help of others, the best The choice is naturally the same race as their Dragon Lord, that is, human race, and then disguise it a little bit, and find the human race that has enemies with their Dragon Lord, so that it can be covered up.
"You are so courageous. You dare to cooperate with the thief and assassinate the dragon lord. Do you really not put the Lord Dragon God in your eyes, the Lord Dragon King, and the rules of the dragon clan? ?"
The reaction of dozens of hooded men made Qin Luosheng convinced that they are members of the dragon family, so he shouted: "Now stop, this dragon lord can consider interceding with the dragon emperor for you. The body falls, but the true spirit will never die, and your scandals will definitely not just be hidden like this."
Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s words, a dozen hooded men suddenly became nervous.
They were originally here to do dirty things, they didn\'t dare to show people in their true colors, and even their own power, all the power that could reveal their identity, did not dare to use at all, but used a special array scroll.
If it hadnt been for the masters choice behind the scenes to choose the Backpot Heroines to be too useless, and they would not even have the ability to activate the scrolls of formation, they would never participate in it. Observe the progress secretly.
Everything is gone.
Recognized now, GG completely!
Once this matter is stabbed out, not only they can\'t bear it, but even the big men behind the scenes can\'t bear it, and even the entire dragon clan can\'t bear it.
Such scandals will inevitably become a black spot that the dragon clan cannot erase, and a laughing point for the tens of thousands of people across the continent.
What are you laughing at?
Laughing at their dragons, they even dared to violate the will of their own creation gods and their ancestors, dragon gods. This is a fatal reputation destruction for any race.
after all.
Even the gods worshipped by the family, the creators of the ancestors, are not in the eyes. For such a race, who dares to touch each other, who dares to cooperate, is afraid that it is not fast enough to die?
At that time.
The dragon clan really wants to be isolated and helpless, completely becoming a "lonely family"!
"How to do?"
The hooded men exchanged eyes with each other and fell into a difficult situation.