Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 636: :humiliation! Desperate!
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 636: :humiliation! Desperate!

Qin Luosheng understood.
It turned out to be because of her daughter\'s illness!
As expected, ID\'s name is Mengwa Dad, but if it is him, he might have the same choice.
after all.
My daughters dearest relative, and the Weeping Soul, is just a player I met in the game. I have only known each other for one day, and I cant talk about friendship, and my friends are even more uncertain. What is it?
What kind of psychological pressure can you betray because of this?
"I took this down!"
Qin Luosheng said indifferently, not looking at Mengwa\'s dad.
This guy.
He has been sentenced to death!
For the daughter?
For bone marrow?
Have troubles?
Ha ha!
so what?
You have troubles, is that the reason for betraying me?
As a victim, what reason can I forgive you?
That\'s your daughter, what\'s the matter with me?
All I know is that you, cute baby dad, betrayed me and led me into this Jedi!
The heavier the damage I receive, the greater the loss, and the hatred will increase by one point accordingly, and there will never be an upper limit.
"Boss, I..."
Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s words and looking at his cold and decisive eyes, Mengwa\'s dad\'s face became extremely pale. Others didn\'t know that he had fought with Qin Luosheng before, and he knew exactly how terrifying this man was.
That\'s still before.
Now, the Hidden Dragon Pavilion is full of nine major cities, and the equipment sold in it is even epic, which is better than what he wears. It is conceivable that he would disdain to be able to play such equipment. How strong is his equipment and how strong is his strength?
In addition, the food is the same. Those who eat it can permanently increase various attributes, or get a strong BUFF in a short time. Where do the ingredients come from? Isn\'t it obtained by those powerful BOSS?
Coupled with the recent World TV, they single-handedly eliminated a legendary BOSS!
This is so capable!
Such a skill!
Was he thinking about it, how could there be a way to survive, and still have a foothold in this world of destiny?
The daughter does need a bone marrow transplant in order to survive.
But his family is not just his daughter!
He has parents, father-in-law, wife, brothers,...
As a family, the big income depends on the salary he became the first-line elite land reclamation group in Accord, as well as the trophies gained from land reclamation. Even if Thundercrackers allow him to give him a sum of money afterwards, it is true that there is a long flow of fast money. ?
not to mention.
This money is basically just walking around from his hands, and it will soon be handed over to his hospital arranged by Thunder Crazy to pay for the surgery for his daughter.
"am I wrong?"
Dad Mengwa regrets a bit at the moment.
His daughter\'s illness has not been a day or two, and Lin Yatu knows it, and has also helped.
The money problem is easy to solve, but the bone marrow problem is a matter of luck!
For the bone marrow in the hands of Thunder Crazed Young Master, he betrayed Atoge and provokes existences such as Weeping Soul. If unsurprisingly, there is no hope in the world of Destiny, and the real world may also be liquidated.
after all.
Lin Yatu is kind to others and has nothing to say about his brothers, but his betrayal like this is the most unforgivable.
Even though the Lin family\'s reputation is far superior to the Lei family, it is a big family, with intricate powers, hands and eyes open to the sky, how can the white lotus really become bigger and stronger to such a large group? The darkness and blood hidden in the dark is far from what ordinary people can imagine.
For the Lei family, a behemoth of the same tonnage, perhaps there is nothing to do, but to write down this grudge, slowly figure it out, and strive for the opportunity to step into the abyss with one foot.
If you want to target ordinary people like him, it\'s too simple.
Hands on?
That is the lowest level method.
There is no need for the Lin family to do it personally, or even to speak. At a certain time and place, a vague digression, a random gesture,...There will be countless people who will understand the meaning, when the time comes, Many people do things for him and come to him for trouble!
Step by step is wrong, step by step is wrong.
Caring is chaotic.
In front of her dear children, Mengwas dad had already lost an inch, lost his wisdom, and lost his mind.
Now that the tree is done, it will be irreversible and irreversible.

"Who are you guys anyway?"
It has been determined that Mengwan Dad is a traitor, and Qin Luosheng is not paying attention to him.
Top priority.
How to get out of trouble.
As for hatred?
There will be opportunities in the future.
"Stop calling, they are my biggest hole cards, how can I tell you!"
More than a dozen hooded men were like puppets, without saying a word. The thunderous young man on the side naturally took over the dialogue, and lined up with Qin Luosheng, "You have entered my urn. Next, let me knead it! However, I am not an unreasonable person! So, as long as you kneel down to beg for mercy and call me three grandpa, I will let you go today, how about?"
Ha ha!
Qin Luosheng glanced at the proud Young Thunder Kuang with dead fish eyes, and sneered without speaking.
Kneeling to beg for mercy?
Grandpa three times?
You really figured it out!
If it is a lie, the children dont believe it, and still want to bluff Lao Tzu?
As for letting me go?
It is extremely stupid, and people who lack a string in their brains will believe it.
This net is laid out to kill me in one hit. After all, I will be killed back to level zero with all equipment exploded, and I will never be able to turn over again. Otherwise, how dare you do this?
Qin Luosheng ignored the **** of the thunder mad young man.
His gaze shifted to the dozen or so hooded men.
"To be able to perform such a BUG-level formation, these guys are very wrong! Even if I am such a force and still can\'t touch the existence of this level, how can the mentality of the thunder madness be weak, they can\'t say it, and can still drive them? "
Qin Luosheng\'s brain quickly turned around, guessing the identity of the most critical formation initiator.
Knowing their existence, perhaps, there is a way to crack it!
This is the turning point in the desperate situation!
have to say.
Even though he looks down on the stupid and foolish little thunder mad, but his hand is really beautiful!
Really, absolutely!
Knowing that it is meaningless to kill once, you must kill to the end, completely return to level zero, and explode all the equipment that relies on rampage. In this way, a zero-level crying soul, under the endless gaze of such powerful forces as the Thunder Guild, Basically I can\'t stand up anymore!
To know.
People who can\'t understand the Weeping Soul, secretly jealous, and those who have enemies with the Weeping Soul, are not just one of them missing from the Thunder Crazed, or it is not just a force of the Thunder Guild!
Those big forces that had been happy to cooperate with Qin Luosheng in the past may also fall into trouble.
after all.
Weeping Soul is too horrible, and everyone can\'t breathe.
Who wants a dad on top of his head?
Even the Eastern Emperor and Emperor Wu, those people have the confidence to compete in the "Dimension of Destiny"!
Where\'s the crying soul?
How can you fight for a hug?
Don\'t take the opportunity to drive him into a place where he will never recover. Are you still waiting for him to get up and continue to be your father?
"too difficult!"
Qin Luosheng understands human nature very well. Without the support of strength, even Arto, who looks like a friend and brother, cannot be trusted, "I\'m really in an unprecedented desperate situation!"

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