Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 635: :traitor! trap! Vengeful young thunder
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 635: :traitor! trap! Vengeful young thunder

"What about people?"
Qin Luosheng looked around with some doubts, and there was not even half a ghost.
Turn on the communicator and contact Mengwa\'s dad.
"Ding, the player you are calling is currently on a special map and cannot talk!"
What the **** is this **** doing?
Qin Luosheng was a little annoyed.
Laozi tm arrived all the way, but the people disappeared.
what\'s going on?
Co-authored and ran away lonely?
It\'s only half an hour. Given the size of the ACTO and the Thunder Union, shouldn\'t it be done in such a short time?
"Could it be because of that end?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but looked at the other end of the plank road, the high mountain peak over there.
The short mountain is suitable for current players. Monsters are from level 15 to level 35. According to known information, the highest BOSS is gold.
On the high mountain peak, monsters are level 35 to level 50. Players still can\'t afford to provoke them. The highest BOSS is naturally the flying bear, starting from the bottom to strengthen the gold!
"Let\'s go and have a look first!"
Qin Luosheng drove Bingbing and walked quickly toward the plank road.
With his current level and strength, it doesn\'t matter even if he meets the strongest BOSS in Fei Xiong Ling.
As long as he does not exceed his 10th level and his grade does not exceed the legend, then there is nothing wrong.
In the ordinary field, the BOSS level reaches the epic level is already very impressive, not to mention the legendary level.
and so.
Qin Luosheng didn\'t worry about anything!
As the saying goes, art masters are bold, that\'s it.
The one-hundred-meter plank road quickly ran across.
have to say.
The realism of the world of destiny is indeed too realistic. Walking on the plank road, the whistling wind, the scarce air, the swaying feeling, and the white clouds floating in the mountains at a glance, the faint sound of running water under the mountain stream,...
It\'s really beautiful!
"Is there no one here?"
Walking down the plank road, looking at the high mountain peak, there is no half of a ghost, and there are no signs of fighting in the surrounding area. Qin Luosheng frowned, suddenly feeling something wrong.
"Hahahaha... it really is a hero who is saddened by beauty!"
Just as Qin Luosheng was about to return, suddenly, a familiar loud laugh sounded in his ears, and what followed was a large swath of white light shining, that was--
The light of players going online!
"This is a trap?"
Seeing Lei Ting Kuang Shao who was laughing wildly, Qin Luosheng frowned and instantly understood his situation.
"Oh, isn\'t this young thunder mad? It\'s been a long time, how are you okay?"
Qin Luosheng smiled and greeted, "Tsk, look at you like this, you seem to be mixed up pretty well! Why? After the scar is over, dont you forget the pain? Dont remember how humble you are by the Luo River, like a dog? Forget it, isn\'t it okay to stay alive?"
"Outside the Novice Village, you lured and instigated tens of thousands of people to encircle and suppress me, and you were destroyed by me. Before that, I was deprived of the qualifications to purchase the city-returning scroll and cooperation potion. Relying on the traitor, I obtained the city-returning scrolls of other main cities. , Spend more money every day to scan the goods in my hidden dragon pavilion, dont you learn your lesson?"
Young Thunder Kuang\'s face darkened at a speed visible to the naked eye.
These ones.
It\'s all the pain in his heart!
Whenever he thinks of that moment that humiliates him for a lifetime, he can\'t wait to kill!
After the Luohe Incident, he often confronted the Weeping Soul, but he was shattered every time. Not only did he suffer humiliation again and again, but he also dragged the Thunder Union into the water again and again. The strength and reputation were much worse than before.
He is very clear.
This is his last chance.
If it fails again this time, then not only his father will be completely disappointed, but the shareholders who hold shares in the Thunder Union will also be completely unable to bear it. At that time, it will not be a question of whether he can keep it, and whether his father can continue to serve. As the chairman of the board, whether his Lei family can continue to control the right to speak and shake the foundation.
"The mouth is quite poisonous, but I don\'t know, will you be poisoned later!"
Thunder mad little sneer.
"Oh, that\'s interesting!"
Qin Luosheng was a little surprised, "I really don\'t know, where did your courage come from? Is it because you have thousands of rotten fish and shrimps?"
"Just call it!"
Shao Ting Kuang snorted coldly and said, "Wait a minute, when you cry!"
So sure?
Qin Luosheng felt something was wrong!
"Even if Thunderclap is a bit irritable, he is not a fool. I have fought so many times. I\'ve just been on World TV again and got the world\'s first kill of a legendary BOSS. What confidence does he have and dare to challenge me? "
Without waiting for Qin Luosheng to figure out the joints, the thunderous young man who hated him deeply, could not bear it for a second, waved his hand and shouted: "The action begins!"
As Lei Ting Kuang Shao walked out from behind a dozen people in hooded shirts, their hands were closed, and Qin Luosheng instantly felt something different under his feet, and the violent energy surged out, shook him back again and again.
"Ding, you are trapped in the magic sealing formation, sealing all energy!"
"Ding, you are trapped in the space lock formation and cannot use any space abilities!"
"Ding, you are trapped in the barrier of death, and the resurrection point is forcibly changed to the current position!"
"Ding, you are trapped in the bloodline forbidden formation, you can\'t use any bloodline power!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
What the **** is this?
Did I misheard me tm?
Seeing that all the formations are in effect, Soul Cry has become a bird with wings hard to fly. Young Thunder Crazed finally couldn\'t help laughing out loud, "Soul Cry, call again, call again! Today, I will impose you on me. The humiliation on you will be returned to you ten times a hundred times!"
Qin Luosheng\'s face was gloomy and did not reply, but asked in a cold voice: "Where is Mengwa Dad? Where are Yatu and Qingsi?"
"You say them!"
He seems to think that the winning ticket is in his hands. The Thunderman is no longer so restless. The prey and the hunter are exchanged, and he has changed from a mouse to a cat. He also likes to play with the prey in order to satisfy his tortured hatred at the beginning, "Atu and Qingsi They are doing missions on a hidden map in Shui Yao City! As for the cute baby dad, you must know your sobbing ingenuity, right?"
"Is this guy a spy for your Thunder Guild?"
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes became extremely cold.
He hates deception.
I hate betrayal even more!
That guy, Mengwa\'s dad, has both of them.
Still use the name of his goddess Qingsi to cheat him, this hatred, don\'t take an oath!
"No, no, I don\'t have that ability!"
The thunder mad shook his finger jokingly, and said coldly: "Is it an elite member of the front line of Artoo, if they can\'t pass the review, how can they be able to join? I just made a little condition. Let him do me a small favor!"
"Sorry, boss!"
Mengwa\'s dad appeared, walked out from behind a group of hooded people, and stood beside the thunder mad boy. He said with shame and helplessness: "My daughter has leukemia and needs bone marrow transplantation. Only Lei Shao can help me!"

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