Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 630: : Legendary mark, the lord of the stars sublimated again
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 630: : Legendary mark, the lord of the stars sublimated again

"Ding, congratulations on successfully killing level 42 legendary BOSS: Big Demon KingGhost Face Moteng Lin Xiao, gaining 3200W+ experience and 5000 prestige points!"
what\'s the situation?
Seeing the devilish face that fell from his cheeks, fell to the ground, and then turned into a blue smoke to dissipate, and the familiar system prompt came from his ear, Qin Luosheng looked dazed.
In the end what happened?
I still remember being entangled by the ghost face just now, Lin Xiao\'s remnant soul, with the help of the devilish ghost face, invaded his own sea of ??consciousness, and then it was gone.
Memories are blank!
Know what happened in the sea?
Why did Lin Xiao, who was invincible, die?
How did the ghost face of Moteng break?
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t figure it out at all.
"Could it be you?"
Looking down at the backs of the left and right hands, the birthmarks of the sun and moon that have not moved since awakening the Lord of the Stars are shining and Qin Luosheng suddenly realized.
do not care!
There are too many secrets, I don\'t know anything, I don\'t know anything, I think so much, I will know what I should know, no matter what the secret, if you keep going, you can definitely find it, now, I can\'t be anxious.
"Ding, congratulations on your successful killing of the Legendary BOSS: The Great Demon KingGimian Moteng Lin Xiao. Since you are the first to kill the Legendary BOSS alone, the system will make an announcement. Will the ID be revealed?"
What I haven\'t heard for a long time rang in my ears again.
Qin Luosheng was suddenly excited.
I think that when I was in Novice Village, I was on World TV from time to time, especially this World TV that killed the BOSS alone, more often.
I walked out of the Novice Village and entered the real big stage, but it was a lot of "low-key" on the World Channel!
of course.
These fictitious names are nothing, and they are not very important.
What Qin Luosheng values ??is the upgrade of talent!
Every time you kill a boss of a grade alone, the corresponding mark will be exploded. This is the only item for the promotion of talent, at least so far.
This is the master of the stars with the sss talent. From only one "starlight miracle" to LV5, he has awakened four BUG-level skills, all thanks to the imprint of killing the BOSS.
just now.
The perfect counter-killing of Lin Xiao\'s "Starlight Mirror" is the ability to awaken by killing the epic boss.
God knows.
How rich is the legacy of Lin Xiao, a good buddy after his death?
This is not.
Just the first reward given by the system to kill the legendary BOSS, allowing the Lord of the Stars to rise to LV6, and awakening a BUG skill [Legendary Mark], already made Qin Luosheng a little wet.
Choose to confirm without hesitation.
"Ding, a player from the Huaxia Theater "Cry Soul" kills the 42nd-level legendary BOSS for the first time: The Great DevilGhost Face MotengLin Xiao, as the first player to kill the legendary BOSS alone, will receive a reward: random equipment*1, Special props*1, random skill book for this job*1, random scroll*1, 30,000 prestige points, honor value +300 in Huaxia Theater! Hereby announce!"
Three consecutive deafening reminders sounded through the entire world of Destiny!
The destiny world is boiling again.
Bronze, silver, gold, epic, legend!
The first kills of these five grades of BOSS were all rounded up by Huaxia, and all rounded up by Weeping Souls.
How can you not be angry?
How can we not be surprised?
Especially this time there was an additional honor of the battle zone, which was no longer a one-man show for a player in the crying soul, and it also made the Huaxia battle zone a big show in the world.
Huaxia players, and You Rongyan.
But players in other war zones are not so beautiful!
But what can be done?
Except for the crazy sour water, who hates iron and insults the strong in their own war zone, MLGBD, don\'t live up to it!
You can\'t grab someone once or twice. Why have you never gotten up before? Is tm a leader?
Just show off in their own war zone and eat up the best quality resources, but they don\'t use any JB eggs.
Instead of occupying the pit and not shit, it is better to abdicate and let the virtuous, give up the best leveling ground, the best staffing, equipment potion skill book, etc., and give it to the capable people.
"Sure enough, the special item for the reward is the imprint that will last forever!"
Qin Luosheng didnt have time to pay attention to the various condemnations of other theaters and the singing and dancing of the Huaxia Theater. After the system rewards were received, he immediately opened his backpack. Inside, he saw the familiar outline, but it was shining with unfamiliar Guanghua. Imprint.
[Legend Mark] A special item, a part of the forbidden treasure of the goddess of fate, will be rewarded to the first warrior who killed the legendary BOSS alone!
That\'s right.
that\'s it!
Don\'t hesitate to use it for the Lord of Stars.
"Ding, due to the influence of unknown power, your talent is further awakened!"
The imprint melted instantly and turned into pure energy, which was absorbed by the sun and moon birthmarks on both hands, and then the talent was awakened and sublimated again.
Open it quickly
[Lord of the Stars (sss super **** level talent) LV6] Starlight is added to oneself, and it will not be destroyed and won the blessings and blessings of the stars.
[Passive effect] The charm value is always MAX, each time you upgrade, you will get five times the free attribute points, health value +32000, mana value +32000, attack power +200%, crit rate +60%, dodge rate +60%, speed +50%.
[Active effect] 1-Starlight miracle: the light of the stars has the miraculous power of sublimation [each target can only be sublimated once, valid below the legendary level];
2-Starlight Retrospect: The light of the stars has the power to retrospect time [use for a single target, it can be retrospected, once a day];
3Starlight Blessing: The blessings of the stars have the ultimate power of perfect sublimation [use for a single target, it can be sublimated to the extreme, once a day];
4-Protoss Empowerment: The Stars can give their own abilities to all things [the power that can give the target (the current weapon part,? Part) Protoss, effective below the legendary level];
5Starlight Mirror: The phantom mirror formed by the rays of stars has the reverse power [the mirror absorbs energy and bounces back with a double effect [currently can only absorb physical attacks and magical attacks], once a day];
6Star God forbidden: The light of the Star God has the power of forbidden forbidden [can apply absolute forbidden magic effect to a single target, the duration is subject to talent level*10 seconds (valid below legendary level)]!
[Innate Supernatural Powers] 1-Three-color Divine Light: supernatural powers awakened by absorbing lower metal energy, passive effect: holding metal weapons, attack power +50%, being attacked by metal weapons, weakening its attack by 50%.
Active effect: Release the three-color light, and cause X (X is the character\'s attack power * talent level) physical damage to X (X is the vertical character level, horizontal talent level * number of job transfers) for a duration of X ( X is the talent level*10) seconds, cooling time: 6 hours!
Release the tri-color light to form a three-color energy shield of gold, silver and copper. The size of the shield is X (X is talent level * number of job transfers) meters, and X (X is character defense power * talent level) points of physical magic defense are added. ! Duration X (X is talent level * 10) seconds, cooling time: 6 hours!