Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 629: : Seize the house? Lin Xiao who is dead but not stiff
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 629: : Seize the house? Lin Xiao who is dead but not stiff

"Starlight Mirror!" (PS: Starlight Mirror: The mirror formed by the rays of stars has the reverse power [The mirror absorbs energy and bounces back with a double effect [Currently it can only absorb physical attacks and magic attacks], one day once!)
The shining starlight quickly gathered, forming a transparent energy mirror in front of Qin Luosheng.
next moment.
The exploded ghost face annihilation shock wave rushed in, carrying an aura of destruction, and hit the starlight spiritual mirror in front of Qin Luosheng heavily!
The space was distorted, and the energy trembled suddenly.
A shock wave that was stronger than Naha Tianyidao just now, if it weren\'t for the protection of the enchantment, it might be able to collapse the entire Demon King Hall instead of just cutting off a wall.
It was such a domineering energy, but it was absorbed by the spiritual mirror that was not half finger-wide and seemed to shatter at the touch of a touch.
A whirlpool appeared.
A vortex appeared in the starlight mirror, and the speed of rotation continued to increase.
Seeing this scene, Lin Xiao immediately killed.
This is his ultimate trick. A shock wave with extreme darkness and explosive destruction, combining a lot of energies, and if it explodes with full force, it can even destroy an army of 10,000 people in one blow.
Why was it absorbed by a mirror and didn\'t even splash any water?
After a battle of hanging and beating, he collected information, comprehensively sorted out, and finally calculated the weird ability of the kid in front of him, and activated the final ability when he was most interested.
Open the enchantment to block everything, avoid the weird method of avoiding oneself from all directions, dominating the sky with a knife, and by the way, also lock the space, completely making Qin Luo ascend into a turtle in the urn, and there is no escape.
Activate all the energy and perform the ultimate trick, so that the skills that are enough to turn the Demon King\'s Palace into a ruin can be successfully displayed.
This time, not only was it possible to kill the nasty little demon and temporarily hide his secrets, but also to destroy this area by the way, erasing all clues, and let the people sent by the Gongsun family return without success. His breathing space.
Why is there always an accident when he counts out his agency?
What kind of mirror can actually withstand the energy that he squeezed out all the energy, and the power of the ghost face is released, which can be called the energy impact that destroys the world?
No one answered Lin Xiao\'s question.
Qin Luosheng, the only one who could answer, was concentrating at this moment, focusing on manipulating the Starlight Spirit Mirror, preventing the powerful energy absorbed in the lock from overflowing, let alone letting it run away and burst.
"Lin Xiao, your attack, I will pay you back now!"
A few seconds later, Qin Luosheng finally stabilized. Looking at Lin Xiao who was already weakly kneeling on the ground at this moment, he did not hesitate to take advantage of the energy absorbed in the Starlight Spirit Mirror before it had time to riot, and aimed the mirror at Lin Xiao. , Yelled: "Reverse!"
In an instant.
The whirlpool in the Starlight Spirit Mirror spit out, a blast of energy that was larger and tyrannical than the shock wave released by Lin Xiao just now, reversed it, and slammed straight toward Lin Xiao\'s face.
"Do not!"
Lin Xiao shouted desperately.
A wave of mountains shook, double happiness shock wave, instantly flooded Lin Xiao\'s body, and the remaining power broke through the weak magic space barrier, and then rammed into the back of the Demon King Palace, where it passed, annihilated Cong Cong, nothing can stop it for a moment.
Hall of the Demon King.
This place full of sin and blood was destroyed in the hands of its creator, the Great Demon King Lin Xiao.
Seeing Lin Xiaofei\'s annihilation, Qin Luosheng breathed a sigh of relief.
This trip to the magic palace was finally a complete success.
Do not.
The system prompt did not sound.
Qin Luosheng was alert. At this moment, a clear voice rang in his ears. Turning his head to look around, he happened to see an evil ghost mask falling on the ground.
That is?
"call out"
Without waiting for Qin Luosheng\'s brain to start thinking, the evil ghost mask that hadn\'t stopped on the ground galloped and flew towards him suddenly.
Unexpectedly, Qin Luosheng was put on the face of the evil ghost mask and pressed it firmly on his cheek.
A gloomy laughter sounded, and the voice sounded somewhat similar to Lin Xiao, but it was not just Lin Xiao, "The road is a foot high, and the devil is a foot high. Little devil, you still fell into my hands after all."
"Lin Xiao, are you still alive?"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth, resentful.
"No, I\'m already dead."
Lin Xiao said in a very bitter tone: "Thanks to you, the body is annihilated, and the soul is broken. If it were not for the special power of the ghost face, the remaining remnants of the soul would reside in the body of the ghost-ghost face. In the middle, I completely disappeared into this beautiful world."
"What the **** do you want to do?"
Qin Luo couldn\'t help but force, trying to remove the evil ghost mask clinging to his face, but no matter how he moved it, no matter what method he used, the thing seemed to grow on his face, completely useless.
"What are you doing?"
Lin Xiao sneered: "You ruined everything about me, even my body is gone. What do you say I want to do?"
Qin Luosheng was shocked.
"From now on, your physical body will belong to me. Once I have completed the seizure and swallowed your soul, everything you have will belong to me. Hahaha...It\'s really an inexhaustible road! "
Lin Xiao laughed and said: "With your physical body as a cover, I don\'t have to hide in Tibet, and I can return to the human world with integrity. Besides, you have so many strange and mysterious powers at such an age, for sure. There are so many secrets that you may not know yourself, but as expected, they are definitely not mortals.
"Don\'t worry, from now on, yours will be mine. I will use your body well to do some earth-shattering things. With my wisdom and talent, I can control your body and ability in a very short time. Within a period of time, you can develop your potential extremely effectively. In time, let alone subvert the Taring Kingdom, even destroy the human race, conquer the demon world, and stand on the top of all races. It is a blessing in disguise, a blessing in disguise!"
Qin Luosheng suddenly felt cold.
Sure enough, the way of heaven is reincarnation.
Earlier, he used the ability of [Ghost Face] to control Yi Ping\'s body, poison Lin Xiao, and kill him.
Retribution is coming.
Lin Xiao used the devilish ghost face to inhabit his body again, trying to take him away.
"Little devil, die, obediently become my nourishment, with my soul, lead you, let us fight against all races and become the co-lord of all races. Isn\'t it beautiful?"