Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 627: : Legend, the terrible ghost face Mo Teng
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 627: : Legend, the terrible ghost face Mo Teng

"Don\'t be delusional!-the blood is boiling, explode to me!"
Seeing that Lin Xiao wanted to use his trump card at the bottom of the box, Qin Luosheng did not hesitate to take the initiative.
His attack just now was not a random attack, but was distributed as regularly as possible on the entire body, prioritizing the overall layout, and then considering the depth of the wound.
The surface of Lin Xiao\'s body was basically wounds, with blood gurgling.
Following Qin Luosheng\'s manipulation, the blood in Lin Xiao\'s body seemed to be pulled, boiled and rolled, bursting out of the blood vessels, and was pulled out along the wounds on the surface of the body.
"My blood!"
Lin Xiao looked dull as his blood was draining.
"Ghost face magic, speed up the integration!"
Feeling the rapid decline of his own vitality, Lin Xiao also panicked.
If in the end the strength is not brought into play, and you just belch like this, then who can you talk to?
Keep dropping!
When Lin Xiao\'s life was only 1% left, when Lin Xiao\'s life was about to end, a sudden change occurred.
An extremely strong power of darkness emerged from nowhere, and quickly enveloped Lin Xiao\'s body, not only isolated from Qin Luosheng\'s blood control, but also repaired Lin Xiao\'s injury in a single encounter.
"Fuck, it\'s just a little bit short!"
Qin Luo jumped with anger.
"What a fascinating power!"
Lin Xiao raised his head, his face was obsessed. It was originally just a few lines, which looked like a ghost\'s face. At this moment, it was completely occupied by the lines and completely transformed into the appearance of a ghost.
Detection technique!
[Big DevilGhost Face MotengLin Xiao (Legendary BOSS)]
Level: 42
Health value: 12000000
Magic value: 3500000
Physical attack: 280000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 80,000
Magic defense: 35000
Speed: 12000
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The Great Demon KingGhost Face Moteng Lin Xiao, originally the commander of the 2nd Legion guarding Mufeng City in Taling Nation, ran away in fear because the undead lich swept in with the power to destroy the seventeen cities. Cover the deeds of deserters, eliminate traces of escape routes, slaughter countless villages and cities, and finally escape into the dark abyss domain, devouring the power of ghosts and demons. Because of avoiding many enemies from chasing and killing, they live in the Demon Kings Palace, set up heavy defenses, and use Broadsword, with the power of a clone, the strength is unfathomable!
Qin Luosheng:...
Legendary BOSS!
This **** has really evolved into a legendary BOSS!
And it is a real legend, not a half-step legend.
"Ding, the effect of your snake pace is over!"
"Ding, the effect of your violent blood spell is over!"
"Ding, the effect of your brave heart is over!"
"Ding, your Sirius effect is over!"
"Ding, your leopard burst effect is over!"
House seemingly endless rain.
at this time.
Amplification skills with a duration of 1 minute, all effects are over.
Qin Luosheng\'s attributes plummeted.
With the indestructible fighting spirit, the boiling of blood, the existence of the sacred flame and the burning of dragon blood, he still has the power to fight.
Facing the weakened Lin Xiao just now, there is no need to let the wind fall.
Lin Xiao, who is now legendary, is somewhat powerless!
"Boy, are you ready for death?"
Lin Xiao, or a ghostly face, after feeling his own strength, turned his head to look at Qin Luosheng, and smiled in vain.
"Welcome to death?"
Qin Luosheng also laughed, "Who should welcome death in the end is not certain!"
"Oh? So confident?"
Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly: "Although I don\'t know if you really have a hole card, or you are bluffing. However, no matter what, you can\'t beat me now!"
"Then try it!"
Qin Luosheng waved his hand, with the golden sword aura attached to the sacred blow, attacked again and slashed towards Lin Xiao.
"It\'s useless!"
However, this was not detrimental in the first few seconds. The sword energy that Lin Xiao could not take care of by himself was completely useless at this moment. It was actually held in his hand easily by Lin Xiao, and it was directly crushed by slight force.
"Is this the complete legendary BOSS?"
Qin Luosheng took a deep breath, and had an intuitive understanding of the legendary level, "I can\'t afford it, I can\'t afford it!"
"What other means, let\'s use them together!"
With a wave of his hand, Lin Xiao threw away the pieces of the annihilated Sacred Flame Sword Qi. He looked like Yue Zhiyuan. It seemed that he thought he had a chance to win. At this moment, he wanted a cat play mouse without a hurry, in return for being caught. The hatred of abuse.
"In that case, then I\'m not welcome!"
Qin Luosheng narrowed his eyes, snapped his fingers, and uttered a word in his mouth: "Blast!"
Qin Luosheng\'s weird behavior naturally surprised Lin Xiao, and at the same time he was secretly vigilant.
Even if he wanted to play with cats and mice, he also understood that the man in front of him was not a mouse in the traditional sense, with strange abilities emerging in an endless stream. If he didn\'t pay attention, even with his current strength, there was a high chance of a car overturned.
As Qin Luosheng snapped his fingers, a weird voice suddenly came from Lin Xiao\'s body.
In an instant.
Lin Xiao, who was still smug just now, looked like Long Aotian, his expression changed drastically.
"what have you done?"
Covering his stomach, Lin Xiao roared in Li Neilun.
"what did I do?"
Qin Luosheng smiled freely, raised his right hand, and said [Panlong Lishui], and said: "I didn\'t do anything? When I stormed you just now, in addition to causing as many wounds as possible on your body, it is convenient to control the blood. In addition to the lore, you dug a hole along the way, and injected [Lishui] into your body along the attack, nothing more!"
Lin Xiao was shocked: "You said Lishui? Is it one of the ten legendary strange waters?"
"As expected to be the second prince, he is really knowledgeable!"
Qin Luosheng patted his palms lightly, and exclaimed, "Yes, it\'s the Lishui you said! How about it? It doesn\'t live up to the name of the top ten strange waters, right?"
"It\'s really mean!"
Lin Xiao roared.
"Tsk tusk, when you say this from your mouth, it seems a bit different!"
Qin Luosheng replied, "What is meant by being insatiable and deceitful, what is meant by omnipotence, ... these, it seems that I don\'t need me to teach you? Lin Xiao-the commander of the army!"
Lin Xiao: "..."
"Do you only have this little cleverness?"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t refute, and Lin Xiao became furious, and said, "If it\'s just that, then I would be too disappointed. You just cut me so many swords, now, dare you to take me?"
"Don\'t dare!"
Qin Luosheng said straightforwardly.
Lin Xiao:? ? ?