Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 624: : Do your best to beat Lin Xiao (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 624: : Do your best to beat Lin Xiao (Part 1)

"you guess!"
Qin Luosheng smiled, and then, his fighting spirit burst forth all over.
"Indestructible fighting spirit!"
"Blood boiling!"
"Dragon\'s blood burns!"
Go all out and spare no effort.
The three ultimate amplifying skills, except that the duration of the blood boiling is only five minutes, which is slightly shorter, the Dragon Blood Burning is 30 minutes and half an hour, indestructible warfare, unlimited, until you can\'t hold it mentally and physically, or The fighting spirit is annihilated.
"Now, are you as stable as you were just now?"
Feeling the extremely strong power in his body, Qin Luosheng looked at Lin Xiao, who was already dignified to the extreme, and squinted his eyes and smiled: "I have never used this power from the beginning to the end. I fought hard all the way, and it is reserved for you. !"
"Really?" Lin Xiao took a deep breath, "Then I am really honored!"
"Don\'t be honored!" Qin Luo raised the sword suddenly rushed, "After all, I have to thank you for giving me such a big gift! Your black box is invaluable!"
"The arrogant kid, the tone is quite big!" Lin Xiao held the nine-ring machete and waited attentively, "Wait until you win! The victory declaration, don\'t send it too early."
Qin Luosheng didn\'t reply, but slashed with a sword energy.
The golden sword aura collided with the nine-ring machete in Lin Xiao\'s hand, and a fierce and crisp sound rang out.
"The knife is good!"
Qin Luosheng suppressed his body, and the [Panlong Lishui] in his hand made close contact with Lin Xiao\'s nine-ring machete.
"The same goes for your sword!"
Facing Qin Luo\'s ascendant and heavy attack at this moment, Lin Xiao\'s expression remained unchanged.
"You are strong, really strong!"
The sword in his hand kept colliding with the knife in Lin Xiao\'s hand. Qin Luosheng felt the tremendous strength, and while surprised in his heart, he was also very impressed.
"It\'s not too late for you to surrender and join me now!"
Hearing Qin Luosheng\'s praise, Lin Xiao was calm, but joked.
"Don\'t make this kind of joke!" Qin Luosheng said: "Sure enough, dealing with a strong man like you is really hard for me. Since I have used external forces to temporarily improve my ability, it is the same! "
Qin Luosheng was not numbing Lin Xiao by telling lies, but the truth.
With his current ability, he greatly surpassed Lin Xiao, it can be said that in addition to the blood value, the others are fully crushed.
Why is the war still deadlocked?
Gai is because Lin Xiao\'s combat ability is really terrifying.
Every time he attacked, he could always expect the enemy to be the first, and he blocked the attack with his nine-ring machete, which was not ordinary at first sight, and held Qin Luosheng\'s [Panlong Lishui] and [Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers]!
Even if Shuangjianliu is taking advantage, there will always be times when Lin Xiao can\'t worry about it. After all, he only has a knife, but this is not the ending Qin Luosheng wants.
Such a slow progress, two or three seconds can really form an effective attack, it is too unfavorable.
To know.
This is a situation with full firepower, time is limited!
If you drag on with Lin Xiao like this, you will definitely lose.
"My ability has come to an end, even if it has surpassed you, you still can\'t help it."
Qin Luosheng said helplessly.
"Now I believe what you said!" Lin Xiao said: "I believe you are just a lone ranger, a mercenary. Your fighting ability is so bad, it doesn\'t look like a genius cultivated by those secret families and peerless sects. What a pity! What a pity!"
What a pity?
It\'s a pity that Bai was blind with such a strong explosive ability!
What an unimaginable explosive ability to be able to change from being a rookie to being able to fight against Lin Xiao in an instant, and even suppress it vaguely?
It happened to be obtained by a rotten talent in combat, who didn\'t know how to fight at all. It was only obtained by an idiot who was just blind J2 fighting. It was a violent thing.
"People want to grow up. I used to be more unbearable than I am now!"
For Lin Xiaos unconcealed contempt for Chi Guoguo, Qin Luosheng was not angry, but just laughed at himself: Theres no way. I was born in a wild road like me, and I didnt have the teaching of a famous teacher. It\'s not easy!-But well, actual combat is the best teacher. No, even if there is no one to guide, I still rely on my own exploration and have the ability to fight against you, even if most of it is ability Brought by rolling."
Lin Xiao didn\'t say a word, just bored his head to resist and fight back.
This tm is so irritating!
Shrimp pork heart?
Laozi worked hard, diligent and conscientious, using the identity of the prince, blessed by nature, everything is the best since childhood, using the best materials, receiving the best teachings, learning the best techniques,... Today, he has fallen into the evil spirit\'s outside world, and after taking shortcuts, he has the combat effectiveness he has now.
And what about this young man in front of him?
Nothing, but can suppress Lao Tzu fight?
God of dog R, you tm are blind!
"I don\'t have the ability to continue to improve myself, but I want to end the battle quickly, you say, what should I do?"
Lin Xiao\'s heart tightened, his body straightened, and he was secretly vigilant.
If it was just now, he didn\'t stop there.
But now, he has seen the weirdness and horror of Qin Luosheng, from a cat to a Tyrannosaurus rex, his combat power exploded exponentially, and he didn\'t want to capsize in the gutter.
"Don\'t be so nervous!"
Seeing Lin Xiao\'s reaction, Qin Luosheng narrowed his eyes slightly, and a "kind" smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. He said extremely Versailles: "No matter how vigilant you are and how you protect it, it won\'t help. Next, I will take over the battlefield! "
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
One face to face.
Under the surging power of the **** of death, Lin Xiao had no power to resist and was directly deprived of 20% of his full attributes!
"what have you done?"
Lin Xiao trembled all over, and instantly felt that his abilities in all aspects were less than one-fifth, and trembled all over: "What kind of ability is this? It\'s such a terrifying suppression, I can\'t even think of resistance at all!"
"When you go to hell, you will know who this power belongs to!"
Qin Luosheng said blankly, this is not a lie to deceive people. Going to **** and going to the underworld, isn\'t it the place of the **** of death? At that time, this guy will definitely be able to feel the power of the same ancestor of the death god, and will naturally understand it.
"Hmph, even if I weaken my strength, it is impossible to kill me in a short time!"
Even though he lost one-fifth of his strength, Lin Xiao still showed no signs of weakness. One handle was swung into the wind, and the nine golden rings made a crisp sound with the dance, "Just increase your weird power. After the effect is delayed, your death date is here!"