Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 609: : Fragment of the Law of Swallowing (Part 1)
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 609: : Fragment of the Law of Swallowing (Part 1)

So this is the real strength?
Qin Luosheng squinted his eyes.
Seeing that Yi Ping\'s strength at the moment, who had recovered her body, had evolved to an epic level, her expression was a little excited.
Strengthening the golden BOSS, really can\'t raise any interest, it is completely tortured.
Only an epic can be regarded as a treasure.
The epic boss who was slaughtered for the first time, with his lucky value, can almost be regarded as 100% capable of bursting out epic equipment. After being sublimated by the starlight miracle, he directly stepped into the legend and promoted to the current first step.
If he can really explode the equipment he needs from Yi Ping and Lin Xiao, Qin Luosheng can also take advantage of a little time to strengthen it by +10 to replace his current configuration.
Legends and epics, although they are not like epics and gold, the gap is completely the difference in levels, but the attributes are indeed much stronger, which is what he needs now.
"Boy, die!"
The huge vine swung along with Yi Ping\'s anger, wild flogging came over, the strong wind roared, and the sound of breaking through the sky violently, Qin Luosheng had no doubt that even his current attributes would have been drawn. A whip will be flew away on the spot, and will be hit hard.
"too slow!"
In Qin Luosheng\'s eyes, this speed is tantamount to slow motion.
"Turning into the body of the man-eating flower monster, your strength has increased a lot!"
Qin Luosheng showed a strong vitality, it was the "ice muscle" that instantly restored his full state to its peak, and even the toxins he had been smoking were all eliminated.
"Jade bone!"
With glazed jade bones and icy muscle veins, Qin Luosheng turned into an innocuous body as if he had cultivated into a land **** at the moment, his body shining with radiance, and a rich fragrance emanating from his body.
"There is only one minute of immune toxin time, but it is enough to clean up you!"
No more scented toxins that corrode the body invaded, Qin Luosheng took back the garbage equipment he had spent a lot of money in in an instant, replaced it with his own set of enhanced +10 equipment, and his attributes greatly increased.
"Long Wei!"
"Reaper\'s gaze!"
Shot is to weaken the skill.
I\'ve been faintly forbearing, just knowing that these demon kings are more refined than the other, and they have the body that swallows foreign beasts, which is equivalent to having two lives. Now it works, just right.
"Damn kid, what did you do?"
In a flash, his body functions dropped by nearly half, and Yi Ping was shocked and angry, "Who are you?"
"You are not qualified to know."
Qin Luosheng\'s eyes were indifferent, he stepped heavily on his foot and moved up with his sword, aiming at Yi Ping, who was already rooted underground at this moment and could no longer move.
Yi Ping was shaking all over, swinging with double whips.
The vine twisted like a snake coming out of a hole, violently attacking, and with the shaking, things like pollen flew out of the body, swelling in the air, and turning into terrifying spore bombs.
"One way, do you want to deal with me twice?"
One sword slashed wildly, and the sharp sword energy turned into dragon-shaped energy, forming three golden, red, and blue dragons in the air, entangled together, turned into big waves, and "slapped" forward fiercely.
"Dragon Soul Impact!"
In an instant.
The broad three-color impact burst rushing forward in the direction guided by Qin Luosheng, exploding all the finely divided spores and annihilating the bombs. The high temperature melted, and even a small amount of poison powder did not float out, completely disappearing invisible.
Not only that.
With an effective distance of 30 meters, the spore bombs were eliminated effortlessly, and the remaining power remained undiminished. Heavy shocks hit Yi Ping who was unable to move.
How terrible is [Panlong Lishui] that has reached the level of mythology and strengthened by +10 to the ultimate level?
This original trick, after two evolutions, absorbed the fire dragon soul and the dragon kings golden dragon soul, from a single-color shock wave to a three-color three-element mixed shock wave.
To some extent, these three-element fusion magic is no less inferior to the curse.
Only the straight line impact and effective distance limit [Dragon Soul Impact], nothing more.
Single-wheel power.
It is no different from a small forbidden curse!
Yi Ping yelled, she yelled, screamed sharply, screamed miserably, screamed angrily,...
The energy dissipated.
What caught Qin Luosheng\'s eyes was a tattered man-eating flower monster.
Under the shock wave\'s 1000% intensity damage, it directly annihilated 28% of Yi Ping\'s health, breaking a million!
Not only that.
Dragon Soul Impact also comes with crippling, shock, and fear effects, a mythical weapon against epic bosses, and because Yi Ping is a dark creature, the trigger rate has been greatly increased.
His body was in tatters, and there was a missing piece at the right shoulder, which was bombed to pieces.
"This is really miserable!"
Qin Luosheng sighed.
If it were to be an ordinary person, this body was completely beaten, and it was not dead and was seriously injured to an extremely serious degree, at least it was no longer capable of fighting.
Yi Ping is no longer a human being, but a man-eating flower demon.
Even though it was affected, the vines on those hands still waved vigorously, very powerfully.
"Shadow Ghost Building!"
Qin Luosheng\'s body trembled, instantly changing from one body to eight, and the body with seven ghost clones, together rushed towards Yi Ping.
The sound of the avatar being shattered constantly sounded, just less than five or six meters, the seven avatars did not fall, all of them were knocked out by Yi Ping\'s rapid vine whipping.
This is enough.
The sacrifice of the clone bought Qin Luosheng time and allowed him to step into Yi Ping\'s ten meters away.
"Quickly cut!"
Yi Ping was originally an archer, but now even if he has restored the body of the piranha, it hasn\'t changed much in essence, because the piranha is a flower rooted in the ground, unable to move, and the attack method is not only devouring power. , Can cause instant killing effect, only that extremely terrifying vine double whip.
Haven\'t eaten pork and seen a pig run?
Qin Luosheng naturally knew the weakness of the whip.
Like a long spear, one inch long and one inch strong, can stop the enemy from outside, and will bully enemies with short weapons, such as swords, daggers, and finger tigers, to death.
How strong is naturally lacking.
As long as you get close, to be precise, after being close to your body, not only will the weapon superiority not be displayed, but it will become a constraint and restrain your own hands and feet.
With the instant cut close, Qin Luosheng instantly used the flight ability of the aura cloak. At an absolute speed, his body surrounded the body of the man-eating flower demon that was more than ten meters high, constantly moving left and right, flying up and down, very flexible, no matter how easy it is How furious Ping was, and what tricks he used, after all, he couldn\'t touch one of his hairs.