Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 604: : Horrible mutant piranha
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 604: : Horrible mutant piranha

[Mutated Piranha (Golden BOSS)]
Level: 40
Health value: 500000
Magic value: 0
Physical attack: 8000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 100
Magic defense: 100
Speed: 0
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The alien species of piranha, irrigated by the blood of the piranha demon Yiping, mutates and has extremely terrifying abilities. It is planted in an endless sea of ??flowers, concealing itself, acting as an embellishment of the Demon Kings Palace, and when the enemy comes. After committing it, it can turn into a piranha, devour invaders, and guard the Demon King\'s Palace!
Qin Luosheng:...
I fuck!
Golden boss?
This is too HIGH, right?
This attribute!
It\'s so spicy!
tm can this be called a golden boss? Or a level 40 golden boss?
Don\'t say too far.
The Lieutenant Demon Palace in front was crying in the toilet.
Shame and company!
"Is this a compensation from the system?"
Qin Luosheng thought to himself: "That\'s right, this endless sea of ??flowers is inherently cheating. First, it will be psychedelic, and then weaken all attributes. If the guardian monster inside is also very strong, it is simply incomprehensible!"
"If the devil\'s palace is just the location of the mission, it\'s like the Moon Temple. The only mission, if you complete it, it will be gone. That\'s plausible. But here is a wild copy, as long as the player can enter. Setting such a no solution Place, that\'s pure brain pumping."
Long Wei!
Even though the piranha is not a dark creature, and death\'s gaze has no effect on it, this kind of rooster attribute, even if Qin Luosheng is in a state of being cut off at the moment, it can be killed without any effort.
Piranha\'s attack methods are very limited. Apart from swallowing, there are only two hand-like vines whipping on the body, nothing else, weak and pitiful.
This cargo has great limitations!
after all.
In essence, the piranha is also a flower, growing in the ground and unable to move at all.
In this way.
The piranha had completely become Qin Luosheng\'s living target, and there was no way to fight back.
How weak is 500,000 health and 100 defense?
One sword, two swords!
Kill directly!
Looking at the piranha on the scene, Qin Luosheng\'s mouth twitched, and the third sword he had already raised could no longer be cut out, "That\'s it? It\'s the shame of the golden boss!"
Tucao returns to Tucao.
Qin Luosheng was still very happy, so he ran over and picked up the spoils exploded by the piranha.
Poor strength is not a problem, just burst well.
Compared with the powerful Captain Demon Palace, the spoils given by the piranha are no difference.
This can ruin Qin Luo\'s promotion of beauty.
God closes a door and opens a window for you.
The endless sea of ??flowers is scary, but the rewards are also really rich.
Piranha is a welfare, making up for the difficult welfare of the endless sea of ??flowers.
As long as the player is strong, they can receive this benefit.
Level 40 BOSS, golden grade, but weak in attributes, not to mention that he is a threat, even an ordinary second-rate player, can easily single out and win.
After a quick cleanup, Qin Luosheng immediately stepped onto Bingbing\'s back and moved on without daring to delay at all. After all, he was still in the sea of ??flowers, constantly being eroded by his body and reducing all his attributes.
I was originally worried about traps in the sea of ??flowers. Now it seems that it is true. The traps are real. But this trap is really rubbish. What can the waste piranha do at the moment of the sneak attack?
Forty minutes later.
"Ding, your current stat has fallen to 10%, and you are about to enter a weak state!"
A prompt message came from the battle log.
"Is it time?"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t start the space jump according to the plan just made, go back to take a rest, and do it again, but
"Ice muscle!"
In an instant.
Health and mana are restored to full state, and defense power is increased by 100%!
But these are not important, what is important is that all abnormal states are cleared.
After inhaling the poison of flower fragrance for more than half an hour, he finally reduced his attributes to a precarious point. However, Qin Luo gained a skill, directly filled it up, and returned to its peak.
The cannibal flower demon cried in the toilet instantly.
The traps carefully laid, but they were so recklessly played with...
"Keep going!"
Succeeding his life, Qin Luosheng rode Bingbing on the road again.
With the bottom of the ice muscle pocket, the jade bone trump card (ignoring toxins below the epic level), plus the brave badge, this endless sea of ??flowers like a dead Jedi, Qin Luosheng can declare that he has conquered this place.
"It\'s kind of interesting, is it true that the more to the back, the more violent the toxin?"
Qin Luosheng, who had been paying attention to his own state, immediately noticed something wrong.
Going through the front section and entering the middle section, it is obvious that the attributes decline much faster.
Not only is the fragrance of flowers floating into the nose much stronger, but also the frequency and number of piranhas appearing correspondingly.
"It seems that it\'s really not that simple."
Qin Luosheng smiled faintly, not particularly concerned about it.
The four major resistance equipment plus Dan medicine as the basis, the two major skills rescue, the resurrection ability to cover the bottom, no matter how bad, you can use space to jump and escape,...
Can\'t get past the mere sea of ??flowers?
Qin Luosheng entered the back stage of Huahai.
From the first nearly ten seconds, the attribute was reduced by 1%, and now, it is reduced by 1% in 1 second, which is a tenfold increase.
"It seems that I am too optimistic."
Qin Luosheng was also frightened. At this speed, at a critical point of 10%, it would not work in ninety seconds. It was terrible.
"However, it should not be far from the end, work harder!"
How could Qin Luosheng give up when he was all here?
"Shoo, hoo..."
Now the enemy is not only time, but also-more dense cannibals.
Numerous air-breaking sounds sounded. It was the sound of a giant flower plant that swelled enough to swallow a person from the harmless little flowers of humans and animals.
Qin Luosheng, who has activated the Holy Flame skill, is changing the special effect of "Panlong Lishui" to "Dragon Fire". Basically, as long as he triggers a critical strike, he can shoot one piranha.
after all.
As a flower, the nemesis of the piranha is fire!
The fire damage bonus is very high.
"Ding, you are swallowed by the piranha, and the instant kill effect is triggered. You are dead!"
Qin Luosheng:? ? ?
"Ding, the blessing of the goddess of life has worked, and you are resurrected!"
Qin Luosheng, who was resurrected again, had a black question mark on his face, hacked the remaining few piranhas to death, and then ignored the starlight and opened the battle log directly.
After reading the records, Qin Luosheng\'s face was full of green.
No wonder cannibal flowers are so rubbish.
That attribute is not as good as ordinary silver BOSS of the same level.
Originally thought it was the conscience discovery of the dog system, in order to compensate for the high difficulty of the endless sea of ??flowers, now that I want to come, I want to slap myself.
When is the dog system reliable?
There is no most pit, only more pits.
Only you can\'t think of it, you can\'t do it without him.
This piranha, that\'s it.
The vine whipping attack is naturally the most common attack, without any special effects, but as a piranha, the dog system gave it an extremely terrifying special ability-swallow!