Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 599: : Brutal Blood Demon Sword
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 599: : Brutal Blood Demon Sword

"Ding, Blood Demon Sword signed a special contract with you, do you agree?"
With Qin Luosheng\'s confirmation, an invisible force haunted Qin Luosheng and the Blood Demon Sword.
That is--
The power of contract!
"call out"
After signing the contract, the Blood Demon Sword followed the conditions of the contract, came flying fast, fell into the hands of Qin Luosheng, reduced its sharpness and aura, and was no longer an enemy of him, "I won\'t recognize you as the master!"
"Since it should be!" Qin Luosheng nodded, and did not insist on this.
Blood Demon Sword.
It was just that he was on a whim and wanted to subdue it.
more importantly--
It is just a tool to deal with Long Yuan.
When the decisive battle with Longyuan is over, it doesn\'t matter where the Blood Demon Sword will go.
of course.
The contract still has to be abided by, otherwise, if you are punished by countermeasures, the situation will be very unsightly.
Say it again.
The Blood Demon Sword is a powerful demon sword. Even if it is used, it will be intolerable by those so-called righteous ways, but Qin Luosheng is not a pedantic person. As an open-minded player, he doesn\'t care about it at all.
Strength is only divided into strength and weakness, not good and evil.
What about the magic sword?
As long as I use it to do good deeds, not to kill the innocent, not to bully the weak, but to fight for justice, kill the invaders and destroy the demons, is it still a magic sword?
"This guy is still a bit young!"
Stroking the sword\'s edge with a special scarlet pattern on the Devil Sword, feeling the strong pulse of energy, Qin Luosheng was quite satisfied.
at the same time.
Also secretly happy.
In his hands, this silly blood demon sword, never want to escape.
Even if you encounter a blood demon in the future?
During this blank time, I don\'t believe it anymore, and I can\'t do a sword?
Perhaps the blood demon sword\'s feelings for the blood demon cannot be destroyed.
But as the new "master", won\'t I cultivate feelings?
not to mention.
The contract stipulated that after encountering the blood demon, let it be free.
It\'s just that the bloodletting magic sword is free.
It is free, but it does not mean that it will return to the embrace of the blood demon.
The old master and the new master exist at the same time.
How to choose it?
It must be the blood demon without hesitation now.
Then that may not be the case.
The final evolution may become the battle between the two masters.
At that time.
Wouldn\'t it be over if the blood demon was killed?
The Blood Demon is gone, so the Blood Demon Sword can\'t be returned to his own hands?
"Come on, let me see how powerful the blood demon headed by the dignified seven demon envoys, the blood demon sword that swallows billions of creatures, is!"
With excitement, Qin Luosheng opened the attribute bar of the Blood Demon Sword.
[Blood Demon Sword (Loss of Origin, Incomplete Energy)]
Type: One-handed sword
Grade: Legend
demand:? ? ?
Binder: Weeping Soul!
Lasting: 100/100
Effect: Attack +10000, Strength +500
Features: non-tradable, non-stolen, non-drop, non-discard
Special effect: [Bloodbiting] Blood sucking +30%!
Special effect: [Blood Slave] Every time a monster is killed, there is a 50% chance that it will be converted into a blood slave and fight for you! (This effect has no effect on BOSS. The blood slaves can exist for up to 10 minutes and the number is up to 10)
Special effects: [Blood Demon] Wounds caused by the attack of the Blood Demon Sword cannot be healed, and the bleeding effect is 5 times that of normal. At the same time, the target will be blood poisoned and infected with blood, and the regular recovery cannot take effect!
Incidental skills: [Blood Drinking Energy, Blood Boiling] Feed the Blood Demon Sword with X% of its own health to obtain X% of the blood-sucking effect. At the same time, the effect of the special effect [Blood Demon] doubles, and its own attack power is +200%! Duration: five minutes, cooling time: 24 hours! (Note: After use, you will get "Remaining Blood" DEBUFF, and your health will be reduced to 1 point for 1 hour)
Incidental skills: [Blood Demon Coming, I Only Exalted] Take your own X ranks as sacrifices, incarnate as a Blood Demon, and get double X* multiple of the current number of job transfers. All attributes are increased, and the effect of the special effect [Blood Demon] is ten times! duration:? ? ? (Consumption of 1% of one\'s total health per second) Cooling time: 30 days! (Note: After using this skill, the Blood Demon Sword will be banned within 30 days and cannot be used)
Introduction: Blood Demon Sword, said to be the weapon of the arrogant demon, the head of the Seven Demon Clan, the blood demon weapon, extracted from the abyssal sea of ??blood lava iron, supplemented by the essence of ninety-nine and eighty-one strong men of different races The blood and soul, plus the blood of millions of creatures, have been soaked for a hundred years, and after completely absorbing the resentment and evil of the sea of ??blood, it took ten years to forge the supreme demon soldier. When attacking the Destiny Continent, the Gorefiend destroyed hundreds of nations and thousands of races, invincible and invincible. Because it draws the blood of hundreds of millions of creatures, and suffers from heaven, its strength is greatly reduced and its origin is missing. After the defeat of the Demon Clan, the blood demon broke his arm and fled back to the demon world, and the whereabouts of the blood demon sword was also unknown.
Qin Luosheng:? ? ? ?
I fuck!
Is this Blood Demon Sword so gripping?
I tm cracked!
I am sorry.
I am too visionary!
I only thought it was a relatively tyrannical magic sword. I never thought that bronze, no, should be the king of gold.
Isn\'t it incredible?
This stuff.
If it were in its peak state, it might be stronger than the magic weapon in the hands of the blood demon, the superior of the magic envoy, the three major demon kings.
"Unexpectedly, you still have such a terrible heel!"
Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help sighing.
"That is!"
The Blood Demon Sword replied: "If the deity had not suffered from Heaven\'s jealousy and hurt the origin, Lord Blood Demon could even go further and change the Three Demon Kings to the Four Demon Kings!"
"is it?"
Qin Luosheng gritted his teeth and said: "Then can you explain why I can\'t use you now?"
"..." The Blood Demon Sword suddenly shut up, and after a while he said weakly: "No way, why did you just force me to use [Blood Demon Comes, Only Me]? After this skill is activated, I need It takes a month to regain strength!"
Qin Luosheng\'s forehead burst with blue veins: "Is it my fault for co-authoring?"
The Blood Demon Sword suddenly dimmed.
This guy.
Are you afraid of hiding? ? ?
"What the **** did I do?"
Qin Luo ascended to the sky and sighed.
It took so many salivas to subdue the Blood Demon Sword, to use it against Long Yuan, and to increase his chances of winning.
But what is it now?
The ____ does not work?
What was I doing just now?
Is it a waste of time?
"Forget it, even though the Blood Demon Sword cannot be used in the final battle three days later, this thing is really powerful. It is the same legend, but this attribute completely exceeds the Liangyi Dao Sword, and it has 30% blood-sucking ability. It can be replaced. [Hundred Wars and Blood Soldiers], together with [Panlong Lishui], become the main weapon!"
Putting the Blood Demon Sword aside, Qin Luosheng quickly picked up the spoils exploded by Li Zhan. After such a long delay, it would be refreshed by the system after a slow step.