Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 594: : Revive, strengthen the epic sword slave battle
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 594: : Revive, strengthen the epic sword slave battle

Bloodstains were revealed, and the blood was gurgling.
With a sword cut through his throat, Qin Luosheng, who was a lore, fell on the cold ground.
After a sword.
Forcibly launching such a fierce battle of terrifying sword skills, the body that was already injured, consumed severe energy, and could no longer support him. With a muffled sound, he threw the sword to the ground, half-kneeled, and barely supported his body. under.
Following Qin Luosheng\'s death, the Blood Demon Sword Domain that had been forcibly maintained also collapsed, splitting into countless pieces like a broken mirror, and then turned into pure energy, slowly disappearing into the air.
"It\'s a terrifying sword!"
Just as Li Zhan was about to drag his weak body, let the blood sword in his hand **** up Qin Luosheng\'s blood to nourish his body and recover a little bit. However, a familiar voice suddenly sounded, making him shocked.
"Ding, the blessing of the goddess of life has worked, and you are resurrected!"
Stroking the [Life\'s Prayer] on the neck, feeling the rich life force released by it, Qin Luosheng, who was in the evil field, warmed his cold body a bit.
"What a nightmare encounter!"
Getting up from the ground, Qin Luosheng touched his neck, recalling the feeling of just waiting for death, his expression was very complicated.
"It seems that this game is too real and flawed."
After swallowing, Qin Luosheng pressed his chest, which was undulating strongly, so that his heart would not beat so violently.
present day.
I was taught another lesson.
Experienced an unprecedented feeling.
One kind-
Hopelessness waiting for death!
It\'s so uncomfortable!
There is...
The kind of throat pierced by a sharp blade, you want to speak but you can\'t even say a word, you can only make an unconscious "hoho" sound, that kind of feeling is hard to tell, but it really makes people tremble!
Spit out a heavy breath.
Qin Luosheng calmed down a bit.
This is not the first time he has "dead"!
This time, he was the most impressed and the one that scared him the most.
"You\'re not dead? Impossible, it\'s impossible!"
Qin Luosheng was panicked, and the fierce battle on the side was similar.
Two great sword skills.
One group attack, one single kill!
This is a unique skill that I am proud of, but I never thought that it was broken one after another and it was useless.
The mentality collapsed!
"Are you a man or a ghost?"
Roar fiercely.
"Are people or ghosts?"
Qin Luosheng calmed down, looked at the fierce self-doubt, and sneered: "I didn\'t expect to hear this from your mouth. It seems that I will avoid this time and resurrect this time. It\'s quite traumatic!"
Explaining his ability to the enemy would be utterly stupid.
Qin Luosheng is not a character in a certain comic. Before going to the fight, he has to reveal his fruiting ability.
and so--
He went straight to it!
Taking advantage of this moment, the fierce battle was weak to the extreme, and he attacked wildly.
In the past, I was forced to go under the Blood Demon Sword Realm. I didnt dare to fight at close range with the sword-wielding Li Zhan, but now its different. Li Zhan was abandoned in a short time and the domain was gone. A peach blossom is a waste of time.
Long-range slash, easy to dodge.
Even the Jianfeng at this close range can touch the body, is this easy to hide?
With Qin Luosheng\'s explosive power and speed of attack, even in the heyday of the fierce war, as long as there is no domain to cause trouble, it will not be good, not to mention that he is basically unable to fight back in his current state.
twenty two%!
A slash.
Li Zhan\'s health plummeted.
Even though the total HP is as high as 380W+, every 1% is 38W+, which is very thick, but under the rapid attack of Qin Luosheng\'s Shuangjianliu, it drops one by one.
The health value dropped below 20%.
See here.
Qin Luosheng moved his fingers.
I wanted to use the gaze of the **** of death or dragon power, any one, weaken all attributes by 20%, and kill it in seconds.
Seeing that Li Zhan had become a target at this moment, his body was extremely weak and he didn\'t have the slightest strength to fight back, so he forcibly endured it.
Anyway, he is in control of the initiative now. As long as this guy is going to run away, he can activate the weakening skill at any time and destroy it, it doesn\'t matter.
A few seconds passed again.
Li Zhan\'s health dropped below 10%, reaching the most dangerous tipping point.
Qin Luosheng\'s whole body was tense, and his eyes were tightly locked to Li Zhan. Whenever there was a slight movement of this guy, he did not hesitate to kill him instantly.
Nothing happened.
Perhaps it was because I used the domain for a long time, and under the endless sword aura bombardment, I forcibly resisted for several seconds. During the period, I used two great sword skills. As a result, Li Zhanzhen was completely burnt out, even the 10% critical point. It broke out, and was already unable to use it.
One sword after another!
Qin Luosheng remained vigilant. The more he went to the back, the closer Li Zhan was to death, the more he concentrated.
Until Li Zhan was hacked to death, there was no accident.
It seems.
This product is really drained.
As expected.
When Li Zhan\'s health was emptied, his lifeless body suddenly burst out with scarlet blood.
"Sure enough!"
Qin Luosheng sighed heavily, and said with a pained expression: "I\'m really a dog. The resurrection skills are really bad. Is it a standard feature?"
[Seven Demon Kings-Blood Demon Fighting SwordLi Zhan [Sword Slave] (Enhanced Epic BOSS)]
Level: 40
Health value: 5000000
Magic value: 300000
Physical attack: 80,000
Magic attack: 0
Physical defense: 0
Magic defense: 0
Speed: 10000
skill:? ? ?
Introduction: The Seven Demon KingsBlood Demon Fighting SwordLi Zhan, originally guarded the Second Legion of Mufeng City in the Taring Kingdom, the legion commander Lin Xiao\'s personal army commander, because the undead lich swept through with the power of destroying the seventeen cities Coming, fleeing in fear, in order to conceal the deeds of deserters, eliminate the traces of escape routes, slaughter countless villages and cities, and finally escaped into the dark abyss domain, bloodthirsty, bloodthirsty, slaughtered thousands of people, with his essence and blood At the front end of the Demon King\'s Hall, guard the base camp for Lin Xiao!
Seeing the resurrected Li Zhan attribute, Qin Luosheng almost didn\'t bite off his tongue.
From epic boss to enhanced epic, understandable.
The HP changed from 350W+ to 500W+, which is barely understandable.
Can you explain the dog system.
What happens if the physical attack has more than doubled?
An epic BOSS, physical attacks up to 80,000 points?
When faced with the legendary ice and snow goddess, it was almost like this, right?
Fortunately, the dog system has some conscience.
Even though the fierce battle has become a so-called sword slave, the strength has greatly increased, but there are gains and losses, gaining powerful strength, but also losing the power of defense. Double defense directly becomes a duck egg, which is not equal to every attack. Are they all penetrating damage that ignores defense?
There are flaws to use!
There is hope!