Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 593: :Blood Demon Sword Realm · Slashing the Sky
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 593: :Blood Demon Sword Realm · Slashing the Sky

Hh hhhh...
The tyrannical and numerous **** sword auras invaded frantically, even though the [Death Skeleton] was strengthened by the dragon forge, the summoned bone giants were also stronger, but they could not resist so many sword aura explosions.
Qin Luosheng did not use it as a shield to summon the bone giant, but
"Shadow Escape!"
The body turned into a shadow, and escaped into the shadow of the bone giant, completely avoiding this fierce battle.
"so close!"
Seeing that the skeletal giant was pierced by Wanjian, he did not hold on for a second, and was violently killed to death, Qin Luosheng couldn\'t help but sweat.
"Sure enough, the epic bosses are monsters, especially the best among them. They understand the field, even the epic of the law, and it is the existence that players can hardly rival."
Qin Luosheng speculated about the strength of Li Zhan\'s skill, his face looked very ugly.
The attack intensity is high, the attack range is wide, plus the domain blessing, the domain is blocked, can\'t hide, can\'t run away, can only resist hard.
This is simply a BUG!
Unless he uses shadows to evade like this, or has absolute defense, or has resurrection skills.
With one move, whether it was a group of five or a mercenary group, the entire army was properly destroyed.
When the endless **** sword aura disappeared, that piece looked absolutely king-level, but in fact its strength was only a bronze bone giant. After being chopped down to the point where there was no bone residue left, the smoke and dust dispersed. I thought it was no surprise. Zhan, watching Qin Luosheng\'s figure appear, broke the defense on the spot, screamed.
"Nothing is impossible, your attack is over, next, it\'s my turn to perform!"
Qin Luosheng didn\'t talk nonsense.
Time is limited!
If the effect of the augmentation skills ends, the situation that was originally a disadvantage due to the domain will be completely overturned and will never be able to turn over again.
Zhan Zhan Zhan Zhan...
have nothing to say.
Cut it and it\'s over.
Countless golden sword auras hurried again.
Perfectly reproduce the behavior just now.
Li Zhan was immediately stunned.
"I do not believe!"
A lore that was slashed out of the power of the original source, and he didn\'t even hurt a single hair of the family, and Li Zhan completely doubted whether he had fallen into the illusion.
The Qin Luosheng in front of him might be called illusion, and his vision was psychedelic.
How can the feeling of cutting on oneself and the pain in the bone marrow be faked?
"Don\'t struggle!"
Seeing the furious and incompetent battle, Qin Luosheng sneered: "Even if you have all the abilities and versatility, but after all, you are just a mortal without unlimited energy. I don\'t believe it. You can use the same trick just now. !"
Qin Luosheng, who used the detection technique to observe the state of the fierce battle attribute, not to mention knowing the current battle situation, but the panel attribute can be seen intuitively as long as the eyes are not blind.
Originally, as a pure physics swordsman, his magic value would not be too much.
Ordinary attacks do not use mana.
Open the domain and use the strong sword skills just now, it will consume mana.
Domains are continuous skills, some are similar to holy flames, requiring a steady supply of mana or energy to keep them running.
And the blood sword splitting and sword slashing endless three thousand guests, this move is the same as [Forbidden CurseIce and Fire Double Dragon Dance], a move explodes and consumes a lot of mana.
Li Zhan continued to explode, and there were two consecutive attacks. Even though the mana was still remaining, there was really not much.
Roughly estimated, if the existence of the domain is not maintained, there will be almost two outbreaks, which exactly fits the BOSS outbreak phase stipulated by the system of 30% health and 10% health!
One sword!
One sword!
Another sword!
Just using the great sword skill, Li Zhan\'s body was worn down badly, and he was no longer as flexible as before. Qin Luosheng\'s original sword energy of one or two in ten was increased, and his hit rate became three or four in ten!
With an efficient attack frequency, Li Zhan\'s few health points, and a crazy drop!
In just a few seconds, his health dropped below 40%.
"Hold it!"
Seeing this limit, Qin Luosheng was about to move.
It happens to be the stare of Death deliberately left behind and Longwei, the spike point of these two weakening skills!
Qin Luosheng still resisted the temptation of this instant.
Since the epic bosses that have been killed, there hasn\'t been one without the resurrection skills, none at all.
I was deceived once, it is excusable!
Being fooled twice is a lesson!
But there are only three things!
Not to mention.
More than three times?
Pigs can remember!
"Little devil, I must kill you and let the magic sword drain your blood!"
After a few more seconds passed, Qin Luosheng\'s ruthless "sword bombardment" was overwhelmed, and he fought unspeakably. After being tortured, his health finally dropped to 30%!
A word roared.
Qin Luosheng suddenly tightened all over.
Even if there is no detection technique to accurately locate the health value, but every time the BOSS bursts, there will be a sentence or two. What is it, all the BOSS are gentlemen, for fear that the player does not know that something is going to happen, and they have to say some "language" Omen", reminder?
"Blood Demon Sword DomainSky Slashing Jedi Art!"
Li Zhan exploded vigorously, and directly shattered Qin Luosheng\'s countless sword qi with brute force, blocking him from a five-meter radius around him.
"What a strong momentum!"
Seeing his body bend slightly and leaning forward, his right foot straddled out in a horse shape, and with the sword into its sheath, maintaining a special posture, Qin Luosheng was cold, and he felt as if he was being stared at by some wild beast.
This posture?
A lingering sense of death lingered, the sharp breath pierced Qin Luosheng\'s whole body pain, especially in the neck area, and a coolness rose inexplicably, as if he had been locked in, and the next moment would be advantageous. , Cut down like that.
"call out"
Extremely effective!
This was the fighting method that Qin Luosheng once understood in the battle, and now, in Li Zhan, it is perfectly interpreted. It is obviously more proficient than his jerky first look at the door, at least the level of entering the room.
Lightning figure!
There is no half-point extra action attack!
It\'s just the most common slash, not even the slightest flamboyant!
This is the speed, efficiency and minimalism three in one!
"What a fast sword!"
Qin Luoshengs pupils widened, before he even had time to react, or that he could react, but his body couldnt keep up with his brain, unable to make effective movements to resist and evade the sword, so he could only watch Li Zhan from him. Passing by, watching the evil blood sword slash across his neck.
"Ding, you are dead!"
There are no accidents.
Under the profound sword of the blood demon swordsman\'s fierce battle, Qin Luosheng was cut to death in an instant.