Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Chapter 592: : Blood Sword Differentiation·Sword Slash Endless Three Thousands
Opening Awakening Super God Talent
Author :Dust Edge Darkness
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Chapter 592: : Blood Sword Differentiation·Sword Slash Endless Three Thousands

"What the **** is this tm!"
Qin Luo ascended to the sky and sighed.
Finally, Li Zhan was scrapped. Unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, offensive and defensive transposition, he changed from the dominant side to the disadvantaged side.
Who is going to make sense?
"Fortunately, I kept a mindful eye and kept the gaze of the **** of death and Longwei. There was no immediate use to weaken the fierce battle. I was afraid that this product would have some insidious tricks, as expected."
Qin Luosheng\'s face was gloomy, "It\'s difficult now, the domain is not ordinary. Being in it, not to mention letting the owner of the domain knead, but it will also be greatly restricted, and it is difficult to turn around."
How about a quick fight?
As soon as this idea came up, it was immediately rejected by Qin Luo.
A quick fight, the success rate is too low.
To achieve the goal, the gazes of Longwei and Death must be used together.
The domains are all standard equipment, and the resurrection is basically there.
Even if the blow succeeded, but Li Zhan was resurrected, and everything started again.
By the time.
In the face of a heyday posture, and even a fierce battle of even higher strengths, after opening his cards, what will he win?
It is better to be steady.
not to mention.
Now, there is no time for despair.
"Boy, a little skill."
Li Zhan looked at Qin Luosheng with a sullen face. The crippled right hand and the blind left eye were in the domain, and he had spent energy to recover.
That\'s right.
It\'s so arrogant.
It\'s so unsolvable.
It\'s so disgusting.
Although there are many magical uses in the field, life and death are also possible, but they must also follow the law of conservation, and the amount of energy that needs to be done is correspondingly large.
Li Zhan is an epic powerhouse.
The recovery is not just a small trauma.
and so--
After some preparations, even though his aura remained the same, even stronger than before, in the domain, his whole body was like a bloodthirsty sword, sharp and difficult to handle, but Qin Luosheng still noticed it, and his aura was fading a lot!
"Little, help me feint!"
Qin Luosheng looked stern, and after calling Xiaoxiao aloud, he did not retreat but moved forward, and killed the fierce battle that opened the domain.
It has been included in the field. It is foolish to delay time.
Taking advantage of the current peak of the conventional increase, when Li Zhan has just recovered from his injuries with the help of the domain and is languishing and weak, when not attacking at this time, when will he wait?
"court death!"
Xuemang flashed in Li Zhan\'s eyes, obviously irritated by Qin Luosheng\'s act of ignoring him.
My tm has opened the field, do you still dare to charge into the battle?
Isn\'t Lao Tzu in his eyes?
"Sword energy!"
Slashed down with a sword, the vigorous golden sword aura, which opened ten meters away, had already volatilized out, swiftly rushing towards thunder, and slashed towards it like a dragon.
"this is"
Li Zhan\'s discoloration instantly changed.
Although this was not the first time he had eaten Qin Luosheng\'s slash, it was indeed the first time he saw him in a sober state.
Even if the slash had not yet landed on him, he could fully feel the powerful power contained in the golden sword aura, especially the frightening sacred aura that made him shiver.
"Boy, who are you on earth?"
At a distance of more than ten meters, Li Zhan naturally avoided it easily, watching the sword aura passing by, and feeling the breath that made him terrified and his heartbeat at close range, he yelled violently.
The one who answered him was Qin Luosheng, who had already entered the state, with the dense sword air that was constantly slashing out.
Shengyan, attack distance +5 meters!
Sword Qi aspect, attack distance +2 meters!
This is routine.
When the Last Standwas turned on, the Hundred Wars Blood Soldiers of the Gorefiend BUFF were obtained, and the attack distance had reached 17 meters! (Fight against the water +10 meters)
Even though the last battle has a huge side effect, that is, under this effect, you can\'t use skills and can only rely on flat cutting.
But does Qin Luosheng care?
What skills do you need for the 17-meter super-distance sword energy?
His skills, Shadow Slash, Shadow Strike, Shadow Sting, etc., are all effective at close range!
And now.
In other people\'s realm, isn\'t it a close-up search for death?
Just like the goddess of ice and snow (evil), relying on the endless surging long-range sword air pressure.
It\'s not the goddess of ice and snow (evil). He doesn\'t have an endless ice wall as a shield. Faced with so many sword qi attacks, he can\'t avoid them all if he has the ability.
That\'s it.
Under the four times the damage of the holy flame, plus 80% of the additional damage of the [Invocation of Life], it is almost five times the damage.
It doesn\'t need too much, as long as ten hits can hit one or two, then it is a profit.
Under Qin Luosheng\'s sword-qi "rain" fierce attack, a small flank assisted attack, and the pressure was so severe that he couldn\'t lift his head, let alone counterattack, even evasion was very difficult.
As time goes by, Li Zhan is attacked more and more, so he will become more and more powerless.
after all.
These attacks are all with sacred flames, and he specifically restrains his existence of this dark attribute, and it will be corroded if he is infected. Not only will the damage be great, but the pain will double, and it will be miserable.
The pain doubled, that\'s no joke.
In a high-intensity battle, as long as there is a slight pain in the nerves, it will affect it, causing a chain reaction, feedback to the body, causing slowness, etc., one step wrong, wrong step, so you will be hit by the enemy , It is difficult to turn over.
Li Zhan is facing such a situation at this moment.
He also understands.
But understand it, it can\'t be reversed at all!
"Blood Sword DifferentiationSword Slash Endless Three Thousands!"
As the body suffers more and more injuries, and the health value has fallen below half, Li Zhan finally couldnt help it. He carried Qin Luoshengs attack, condensed energy, and activated the blood demon sword domain. The ability is also health value. Skills exploded in the 50% stage.
Sword Slash endless three thousand guests?
What an arrogant name!
Qin Luosheng, who had been vigilant, was naturally prepared for the first time.
How can it be prepared?
There is nothing to hide in the realm of others.
But by the way.
This violent move was ruthless, absolute, and shameless.
One sword, ten thousand swords!
This is not because Qin Luoshengs attack speed is too fast, one sword after another, sword aura is continuous, as if it is infinite sword aura, but it is really a real instant that countless sword auras are swept past, almost the entire field. The scope is all included.
"Summon Bone Giant!"
Faced with such a brutal and overwhelming attack, Qin Luosheng didn\'t even think about it. The [Death Skeleton] in his hand flashed, and in an instant, a huge skeletal giant fell and stood in front of Qin Luosheng.

PS: Recently, some brothers said that the protagonists attributes are abnormal. It is true. There is no outline in this book. In addition, I dont have more time for codewords and no more time to conceive the plot. It is impossible to add further, hope for understanding.
The setting of this book is invincible, but considering that many brothers are not comfortable with it, I will adjust it appropriately. Of course, the main line will not change.
After the end of the magic palace plot, the next plot will rectify the attributes of the protagonist.
Everyone may wish to guess how to rectify.
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